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Store Credit & Refund for Magento 2

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Compatible with: Community: 2.0-2.2.*
Enterprise: 2.0-2.2.*

Store Credit & Refund Extension covers and automates most of your store activities, related to Credits and Refunds to customers. This simple, but incredibly powerful solution allows you to get more loyal and satisfied clients. Turn returns and exchanges into Credits and save your time and money!

Simply the most powerful solution for Credits & Refunds!

Store Credit & Refund Extension gives you an opportunity to make your customers more satisfied, and, therefore, receive more orders in your online shop.

Our solution lets you convert customer returns into store Credits. For example, a customer wants to return the items he/she bought and receive money back. This process can take some time: your employee should spend some time to register the refund, then a customer should wait for some (usually undefined) time to get their money back, pay transaction commission, etc. So, everybody loses in this situation. But time is money!

Use Magento 2 Store Credit & Refund Extension and open a Credit program for your store! With our solution you get an option to turn all returns or exchanges into Credits within seconds and save your company money.

For example, your customer wants money refunded and you are able to deposit that money into the customer’s account from your store! Fast, easy, brilliant! Satisfied customer may use their credit to pay for the next purchase.

One of the most outstanding extension features is that you can give the customer any amount of Credit (as a gift, for example), and he/she can use all credit at one time. So, if a client makes a purchase for $100 and they have $100 Credit they, therefore, are able to use their credit to pay for the order! All credits will be debited in just one click!

Launch Credit programs for your online shop using Store Credit & Refund Extension!

10 advantages you get with Store Credit&Refund

  • Launch Credit programs for your store and make your store stand out among competitors.
  • Save your time and money by skipping several steps in the process of money refund.
  • Convert returns into new purchase processes using our solution.
  • Get an intuitive customer interface and a simple interface for administration.
  • Create custom Credits manually.
  • Keep returning customers satisfied with our extension by saving their time and money.
  • Showing care for your customers by saving their time.
  • Use the extension during an exchange process. Customers can pay the price difference using their credit account in your store.
  • Appreciate your customers giving by them thank-you Credits.
  • Give your customers the freedom to manage their returns and exchanges using our extensions RMA + Store Credit & Refund!

Feature Highlights

Transparent History for Customers

Your customer can check their Credit Transactions history in the Store Credit menu in their personal account.

Every transaction, either debit or credit is displayed with short comments to remind them of details.

Customers also can receive email notification about credit transactions, in case they subscribe.

magento 2 customer balance

Easy way to use Store Credits

Every customer can use credits to pay for purchases.

If a customer has some credit in their Store Credit account, the credit amount can be taken off during checkout. All the customer needs to do is just click “Use Store Credit”! The full amount of credit will be debited at once. Therefore, the Total of the current purchase will be reduced (including all taxes and shipping fees).

magento 2 store credit
magento 2 order credit

Simple credits managing interface

You can reward, appreciate or even offer an apology to your customers using our Store Credit & Refund solutions.

A simple back-end interface allows you to manually add new credit transactions whenever you need it.

For example, you created a lottery or contest in your store. So, there are some winners which you have to reward. Simply add a new transaction in the back-end and give the winners their gift certificates represented in credits.

Satisfied customers bring more sales!

Send Credits to a Friend

Store Credit & Refund solution allows your customers to send any amount of credit he/she owns to a friend. Another client-oriented feature.

All your client needs to do is to fill out the simple form with 3 obligatory fields:

  • friend’s email address
  • amount of credit to share with their friend (can not exceed the amount on the account)
  • a short message to let a friend know the purpose of those credits
magento 2 credit to friend

Refund Credits in Credit Memo

Store Credit & Refund Extension allows you (as a store administrator) to set the amount of credit to refund to Store Credit right in the Credit Memo.

For example, a customer made a purchase for $500. Then, he/she wanted to return all items and get their money back. Our solution provides you with the option of a partial refund to Store Credit: creating a Credit Memo you can refund the desired amount to the customer’s store credit, if you agreed so.

Besides, it is very convenient to discuss any transaction changes in the interface of our extension's RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) or Helpdesk.

magento 2 refund to credit

Add Funds to Store Credit

The Store Credit & Refund extension allows your customers to add funds to their Store Credit Account.

This awesome feature lets your store's returning clients save their time and money by purchasing Credit ahead.

For example, a customer purchases some Credit. Then they search for some items in your store, but then decide to come back a bit later to order. But! They already have money for their future order in the Store Credit. So the next time, this customer saves some time during checkout using the Credits directly from their account.

Take care of your customers and save their time and money with Store Credit!

Flexibility with managing options

Store Credit & Refund Extension gives you a set of flexible options for editing every customer’s card.

For example, you can:

  • add credits for certain users
  • view customer balance and transactions of each customer
  • turn email notifications about credit balance changing on
  • use credit while creating an order in the administration panel
  • add credit while creating a credit memo in the administration panel

Drive more sales with our solution!

Integration with Mulwi Search

You can search data from all sources, but staying in one place Mulwi collect data from all your data sources (e.g. Magento, Asana, Github, Zendesk) and just provide you with it in the single access point.

From now on, it does not matter what information is and where it is located, you can always find it in one place.

Install Store Credit&Refund extension and save time and money for your customers!

Here is what Store Credit & Refund solution customers say:

"Great extension that fills a gap in Magento's CE functionality."

"..missing in Magento CE that kept it from being perfect - with the Store Credit Extension it really is. Thank you guys!"

"great extension that covers a lot of scenarios. Had some compatibility issue with Rewards extension. Support team was able to resolve it quickly. The extension is very easy to use"

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