Magento Follow Up Extension

Follow Up Email

Trigger messages have proven to be a reliable tool of email marketing with a very high rate of response and conversion. Follow Up Email can bring up to 40% of the total income that you receive through the email distribution.

Compatible with:

Community - 1.9.3
Enterprise -
Follow Up Email is rated 5 out of 5 based on 80 user reviews
80 reviews
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Top 5 Reasons to choose Magento Follow Up Email by Mirasvit

  • Powerful and flexible email editor

    Editing without limitations. You can include to email any block, text, order information, coupon etc

  • Analytics & insights

    Not just clicks. Our extension can track number of readers, clicks, placed orders and new reviews.

  • Flexible Rules

    Send emails only to relevant customers. You can send emails depending on purchased products, customer group, order attributes.

  • Easy to get started

    Get set up within minutes and start making your customers happy.

  • A cost-effective solution

    There are no annual or monthly fees, just purchase and use.

Some companies do not want to annoy their customers, and so distribute mailings once a month. Some companies would like to send emails to the customers much more often, but they do not have the resources to prepare high-quality emails weekly. With this extension, you will not lose the huge potential of email marketing.

The extension allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • to remind the customer of an abandoned cart
  • to cross-sell based on the shopping cart or previous sales
  • to remind yourself of old customers who have not visited your site for a long time
  • to offer a discount (coupon code)
  • to remind customers to re-order (for example, if you sell consumables)
  • to wish them a birthday or other celebration
  • to automate emails with tracking information, after a change of order status New
  • to maintain good a relationship with customers, to increase their loyalty
  • to turn potential customers into buyers

Upon the occurrence of an event (making order, change of order status, abandoned cart, etc.), the extension automatically generates a chain of emails to be sent to the customer during a certain period, thereby reminding the customer of your store, their order, cart, bought products, etc. Before sending the letter, the extension analyzes the previous activity of the customer based on rules (opening letters, go to the link, making orders, number of reviews). Depending on this criteria, it can change the message chain.

Improve Conversation Rate

  • Track and send emails to visitors who abandon a checkout

    Extension tracks all shopping carts and can send follow-ups to customers or unregistered visitors who abandoned their shopping carts.

    Extension automatically captures (using ajax) a customer's name and email address on all store pages (checkout, newsletter, registration form etc)

  • Restore a customer's shopping cart just by one click with a direct link in the email

  • Auto-login customers by clicking on any link in an email

Sell more and build customer loyalty

  • Ask review

    After some time, the extension can automatically send ask review emails after purchase.

    Additionally you can configure mail-chain with few messages, if a customer does not place a review after the first email.

  • A winback message

    After some time, the extension can send a winback message to customers who did not visit the store.

  • A product recommendation

    Extension can send product recommendation emails based on previous customer purchases.

  • Wish customers a Happy Birthday

  • Ability to integrate coupons in email

    You can specify what shipping rule relates with email and the extension will automatically generate a unique coupon code for each email with the ability to set up an expiration date fro the coupon

Analyze the efficiency and improve your emails

With Follow-Up Email, you can easily track your email marketing performance and improve it.

  • Performance statistics for email marketing Must Have

    • Track number of placed orders or reviews by clicking on the emailed link
    • Track number of visits by clicking on the emailed link
    • Track number of readers (visitors who open emails)
  • Ability to integrate Google Analytics tracking

  • Detailed statistics by each company / trigger

For Administrators

  • Extended set of events

    Email chain can be triggered and cancelled by one of these events:

    • Customer

      • Customer Logged In
      • New customer signup
      • Customer birthday
      • Customer activity
      • Customer subscribed to newsletter
    • Order

      • Order obtained new status
      • Order obtained '###' status
    • Shopping cart

      • Abandoned Shopping Cart
      • Product price was changed
    • Wishlist
      • Product was added to Wishlist
      • Wishlist shared

    additionally you can add your own events without changing the extension

  • Flexible rules and conditions

    Ability to specify additional rules for the start and stop of a trigger:

    magento email extension

    • Customer
      • Group
      • Lifetime sales
      • Number of reviews
      • Number of orders
      • Subscription status
    • Shopping cart
      • Total quantity of products
      • Total count of products
      • Subtotal
      • Product(s)
      • Category of products
    • Order
      • Total quantity of products
      • Total count of products
      • Grand Total
      • Product(s)
      • Category of products
  • Intuitive email builder

    Extension provides wysiwyg email editor. Also, the extension includes a few common magento email templates.

  • Ability to import templates from MailChimp to Magento Follow Up Email extension

  • Ability to set the trigger’s period of activity

    magento send follow up

  • Ability to specify a delay in sending mails to days, hours, or minutes

  • Ability to specify different coupons for different items of the chain

  • Ability to display additional Related Products, Associated Products, Upsells of Products

  • Ability to view the sent mails

  • Ability to view the queue of mails to be send

  • Ability to generate email for past events

  • Ability to specify a SMTP server to send mails

  • Sandbox mode

    If sandbox mode is enabled, all mails are sent to the test email

Additional Features

  • Direct link to unsubscribe inside the email
  • Direct link to view the email inside the browser (not display correctly? View in browser)
  • Rapidly going from the mail to the store with automatic authorization




  • fix error with event 'email click' when email chain associated with event no longer exists




  • do not use short array syntax
  • Correctly filter customer reviews
  • Error loading 'log/visitor' model


  • Cancel emails whose email chain was removed from trigger
  • Compatibility with default Magento queue system




  • Check payment method existence before using it
  • Solve error 'Call to a member function getFullActionName() on a non object' caused by 3rd party modules


  • Show more information about email queue cancellation event
  • Edit/view actions for trigger/email queue grids
  • Edit action for Email Template grid


  • information about new methods




  • Problem with validation logic of 'different' condition




  • New condition: Recipient has pending emails in email queue related with specific triggers


  • more info on the 403 error when previewing/saving email templates


  • Ability to validated concrete number of matched products in 'different' condition
  • Ability to compare attribute values for matched items only with compare condition
  • Check if Mage Newsletter is active before using it
  • Use only confirmed customers for test emails
  • Throw exception if email chain does not exist anymore for email in queue
  • display correct product image type




  • remove short array syntax




  • Properly display scheduled and sent at dates at queue view


  • Display links for email queue details




  • Compatibility with the versions before introducing ability to send emails every X period (affects since 1.1.28)




  • Ability to send emails every X days/weeks/months/years
  • New event 'New shipment created'




  • Method 'getSubscribeUrl' - used to subscribe customer back to trigger's emails


  • Unsubscribed customers documentation




  • Condition to compare product attribute values for different products in cart/order




  • Update documentation
  • Troubleshoot: information about solving possible conflict between 3rd party extensions


  • Ability to validate review rating
  • Send emails by scheduled order
  • New condition to validate Gift Registry existence




  • Ability to validate concrete number of products in order/cart


  • Error while filter templates at the grid of Email Templates




  • compatibility with Magento versions less than 1.9.x (affects since 1.0.13)


  • Exclude the active shopping carts that already have associated orders




  • New condition 'Shipping Amount' for rules of a trigger




  • Fix issue for the event 'RMA created'




  • Default value for method 'getCustomerName' - 'Customer'




  • Ability to specify target URL to the method 'unsubscribe' as the parameter




  • Update docs




  • New rule condition 'Is order placed from admin panel'




  • Fix error of displaying preview for email designs




  • Show design title at the email template grid




  • Compatibility with Magento email interface (affects from 1.1.12)




  • Information about the event log


  • New email template method 'getReorderUrl()'




  • Check availability of the payment method before adding 'payment_html' variable (affects since 1.0.13)
  • Add email tracker only to email designs of type HTML (affects all)


  • Explain global methods associated with store


  • Sort trigger's email chains by delay
  • Condition to validate product QTY in cart/order




  • Round downward the condition 'Last order was ago, days'




  • Fix error for test emails
  • Incompatibility with Magento v. 1.8.x and below (affects since 1.0.13)
  • Cannot deselect cancellation event




  • New rule 'Customer: Has 'Ready to go' email in the mail queue for this trigger'




  • Update to 'No activity some time' sample trigger
  • Information about the event 'Order obtained new status'


  • Set correct quote ID for test email




  • How to import MailChimp Designs
  • Additional info on the cross-sells products


  • #30 New event 'New Gift Registry created' integration with Mirasvit Gift Registry extension
  • #31 Support of transactional variables within template engine of our extension
  • Ability to use AheadWorks Autorelated products as the source of cross-sells with 'order-related' events




  • Correct validation of custom product attributes for rules (affects all)
  • Properly generate email queue for the 'email-related' events (affects all)
  • #27 - Fixed issue with image links at the emails when path used for the Base Url (affects from 1.0.37)
  • Display date with the timezone offset at the mail log view (affects all)


  • method to get product price including tax from order/shopping cart
  • Use of method 'getReviewUrl' to redirect customer directly to the product review page


  • default value for methods 'getFirstname()' and 'getLastname()'




  • Update images
  • Additional information about the events
  • Information about manual email generation
  • Method to retrieve all order tracking numbers


  • Method to retrieve coupon expiry date




  • Fix problem with the event 'Payment Transaction Failed' (affects from 1.0.37)




  • Emulate store view for emails opened from admin panel




  • Correctly display email queue page in admin panel, footer broken (affects all)




  • Event validation


  • Save every click-through associated with the follow up email
  • Support default transactional variables for earlier versions of Magento




  • Use default store ID for customers created from admin panel
  • Apply default Magento 'disable email communication' setting


  • Code refactoring
  • Ability to choose email schedule strategy for manual email generation




  • Correctly display page when viewing emails in system mail log


  • Hide not available events for used environment
  • New event 'Failed Payment' triggered when payment fails
  • Retrieve images using file path




  • Properly show new arrival products
  • Filter random arguments for test emails by store


  • Sort cross-sell products randomly
  • Method to retrieve favicon icon
  • Methods for retrieving customer's first/last name




  • Display email template subject as the title for the email
  • #20 PHP7 error due to using deprecated modifier in the preg_replace function


  • Group of Billing address conditions for trigger rules




  • Correctly select collection of active triggers (affects from 1.0.22)
  • Validate order conditions properly (affects all)


  • Default value for method 'getCustomerName' if customer's name empty;
  • Performance improving for generating order-related events;
  • Ability to generate trigger email queue using shell script
  • Adjust height and width of the email preview at the email queue




  • #14 - New rule "Last order date was ago, days" with ability to use number of days




  • #4 Fix problem of double registration of order-related events triggered by order comment


  • Validate extension's CRC values




  • #12 New event 'Customer account update'
  • Action for removing emails from queue




  • bugfix: Fix time range for event 'Customer Activity'




  • Added additional email selector to capture script




  • Generate unique coupon code per email queue




  • New order condition: 'Invoice created'




  • New order conditions: 'Shipment created', 'Shipment has tracking information'




  • Improvement for the condition "contains"
  • New condition for validating the recipient email




  • New rule condition 'Product stock quantity'




  • TES-36 - New events associated with review




  • TES-92 - Use store view settings to configure SMTP


  • TES-89 - Cross-sell source 'New Arrival Products'




  • Fixed an issue with trigger sandbox empty email




  • TES-88 - Fix issues related with tracking events 'Customer: Change group', 'Wishlist shared', 'Newsletter'


  • Description for email redirection




  • TES-85 Cross-sell source 'IWD Auto Related Products'




  • Fixed an issue with email observer




  • Do not display Magento debug info in the email templates
  • TES-78 Process only events associated with trigger
  • New rule condition 'Order: status'




  • Description for customer methods 'getPrimaryShippingAddress'/'getPrimaryBilliningAddress'




  • New method for adding product to cart 'getAddToCartUrl'
  • ADVR-110 Ability to convert extension's email templates to transactional emails


  • Support of extension's methods within transactional emails




  • Typo in method name 'getFormattedPrice'


  • TES-84 Performance improvements




  • TES-83 Manage customers subscription


  • TES-82 Set variables for transactional email templates




  • Ignore 'is missed' when sending email queue manually




  • Fix using helper from advn (affects from 1.0.2)




  • Use original recipient email for unsubscribing and validation




  • Use Magento response for output
  • Set higher priority for test email




  • TES-62 Issue with the tracking image in Gmail




  • Public visibility for callback method
  • TES-79 Fix small incompatibilities with Magento ver. (affects all)




  • Fix short array syntax issue (affects from 1.0.5)
  • TES-77 Fix issue with the shipping rules for the trigger




  • TES-74 New customer event 'Subscription status change'


  • Updated user manual




  • Added FAQ section




  • TES-72 Set email queue status to 'Error' if its content contains PHP erros


  • System config was renamed
  • Use less than instead of greater than
  • Cron job name should be unique
  • TES-75 - Fixed problem of outputting images


  • Information about event Abandoned Shopping Cart
  • Information about retrieving order tracking number in the email template


  • TES-76 Note for using shopping cart price rules




  • TES-73 - Additional information on the email template methods
  • Info about trigger testing and coupons


  • Save all recipient emails to SMTP mail model
  • Better performance for the event order_status and manual generation of the email queue

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  1. Work Great        Magento 1

    Work Great but a little note: This module is not compatible with Quoting System. If you are using 3rd party quote system, the customer might get extra discount after quote.

    By Steven on September 11, 2017 Verified Purchase
  2. works great        Magento 1

    works great

    By Brandon on July 31, 2017 Verified Purchase
  3. Exactly functional        Magento 1

    The module works perfectly and has met all my expectations generating smart emails with very positive results!

    By Joao on June 7, 2017 Verified Purchase
  4. Never been easier to make more money        Magento 1

    First of all i want to say we have been trying 2 other extensions for this, but none of them performed like this one.

    We used the extensions for 2 things:

    To remind customers that we are taking good care of their abandoned carts and the items are waiting go home with them.

    Second we use it to remind the customers to come back, with even a coupon code with x% off or a free shipping coupon. It brings back customers. The price is ridiculously low compared that you are getting a "abandoned cart" and "follow up" extension in ONE extension.

    By Gzim on May 24, 2017 Verified Purchase
  5. Good option in emails        Magento 1

    A very useful extension for sending emails of important events that become a sale more.

    The support of mirasvit is very good and attentive, they help you at all times with doubts and to solve the problems

    By Fashoop on May 10, 2017 Verified Purchase
  6. the Best extension        Magento 1

    easy to instacll it

    By Chris on April 12, 2017 Verified Purchase
  7. Best marketing tool        Magento 1

    Since we added the module to our shop the number of client reviews increased by 200%, we have used similar solutions, but no one has the value of this one.

    Keep the good work!!

    By Alex on April 3, 2017 Verified Purchase
  8. Very useful        Magento 1

    I recommend it. Really easy to use and the support time was very kind and helpful.

    By Esteban on March 22, 2017 Verified Purchase
  9. 8 for extension, 9 for professional support, missing 1 pls strive for perfection ;)        Magento 1

    8 for extension, 9 for professional support, missing 1 please always strive for perfection ;)

    Extenstion bought:
    Full Page Cache 10/10 (load time from 14 sec to 5 sec)
    Follow Up Email 8/10
    Reward Points 8/10
    Help Desk 8/10
    Product Questions 7/10
    Sphinx Search Ultimate 9/10
    Product Labels 7/10

    By Mario on January 31, 2017 Verified Purchase
  10. Awesome extension.        Magento 1

    I love it and my customers too.
    The Mirasvit support was great as always.
    I feel stupid that I didn´t buy this extension before, it saves so much time and money.

    By Roman on January 31, 2017 Verified Purchase
  11. Incredible        Magento 1

    Incredible. Tried 3 different extensions similar to this. Non of them worked also technical support was terrible but this one was easy to set up didn`t even contact to tech support. Amazing extension.
    Thank you guys.

    By Erkan on January 19, 2017 Verified Purchase
  12. I love it        Magento 1

    This is a very good extension, I recommand it !

    By Thomas on January 16, 2017 Verified Purchase
  13. A Great Extension        Magento 1

    We have been using this extension for a long time and it has definitely helped our business.

    By Craig on January 11, 2017 Verified Purchase
  14. Great extension with many features        Magento 1

    Great extension with many features

    By Eliyahu on January 8, 2017 Verified Purchase
  15. Great extension with many features        Magento 1

    Great extension with many features

    By Eliyahu on January 8, 2017 Verified Purchase
  16. Works great        Magento 1

    Exactly what we needed! The support team is great and very friendly staff members. The extension works out of the box.

    By Kacih on December 28, 2016 Verified Purchase
  17. Better than others email marketing provider        Magento 1

    The best feature is :
    You keep your data and you can do what you want with. You don't need to pay every month.
    Thumb up.

    By Xavier on December 22, 2016 Verified Purchase
  18. I love this :)        Magento 1

    It's great extension which give me many capabilities in selling and sending email to my clients.
    The technical support is great, quickly resolve my problems.

    By Marek on November 28, 2016 Verified Purchase
  19. Email follow-up        Magento 1

    Another solid Extension by Mirasvit! Very pleased with their work and support. Great company to work with.

    By Winston on November 15, 2016 Verified Purchase
  20. Great module for automating email        Magento 1

    The visual editor is fantastic. nothing like it in other modules. Works very well..

    By Sergei on October 20, 2016 Verified Purchase
  21. 1 people found this review helpful
    Better than competition        Magento 1

    Marvelous extension! It's working just one week and our shop and already paid for itself. The abandoned cart future worked just few hours after turning it on. Catching customer's e-mail address from any field in the shop is also perfect solution.

    By Matt on October 15, 2016 Verified Purchase
  22. Decrease my bounce        Magento 1

    Really helps by automatizing the following up emails and decreases the soft bounce from some e-mails servers

    By Eduardo on September 21, 2016 Verified Purchase
  23. The best        Magento 1

    Woow. The best. Increase sales and reviews.

    By Cledson on September 17, 2016 Verified Purchase
  24. Excellent Follow Up Emails!!!        Magento 1

    Hello visitors, give up searching for Supplier of Email Management module, this module Mirasvit is the best available for Magento. After we tried several others, we stopped at Mirasvit no doubt this is the best and most complete module for this purpose available for Magento. We are Customer Mirasvit from 2 years ago. Congratulations, Mirasvit is excellent.

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    Great extension! Very happy with our choice!

    By Alex on August 19, 2016 Verified Purchase
  26. Amazing, this extension pays for itself.        Magento 1

    This extension is great. If you are looking for a way to save time not having to message you site visitors after they complete actions on your site (like signing up for a newsletter, adding items to their cart, or requesting reviews), then you need this extension.
    In one month this extension paid for itself.
    The shopping cart reminder feature is something no online store can live without, and it can be set to send out as many emails as you want.
    Could be the most useful magento extension we have added to our store.

    By Michael on August 18, 2016 Verified Purchase
  27. A MUST HAVE for all Magento store owner.        Magento 1

    Since I run a rental online store, I need user to upload their required document to their account. And my life will be easier if this extension can helps me to remind me if a customer upload their data! This is not their standard feature. So I asked their support Alexey Varlamov about the possibility to create a trigger relating to this needs. Before 24 hours, He sent me an update include a file that they created a new function based on my needs! Now I have trigger Customer Account Update in my store! This is above my expectation!

    By Budiono on August 1, 2016 Verified Purchase
  28. Good product        Magento 1

    Liked it very much

    By Vinay on June 29, 2016 Verified Purchase
  29. Great extension!        Magento 1

    Great extension and super Support. I love this company and his extensions.

    By Gökhan on June 25, 2016 Verified Purchase
  30. Great Product        Magento 1

    Great product and company will use again.

    By Shabaka on June 2, 2016 Verified Purchase
  31. Can't get better        Magento 1

    Mirasvit is been the best extension provider for us. They give amazing support. We have no easily setup automated marketing mails to our customers based on their behavior.

    By Sudheer on May 5, 2016 Verified Purchase
  32. Exactly what we were looking for.        Magento 1

    We like the way the email templates are so easy to set up. Once you have your design layout set (you can use the one supplied and drop in your logo). It is just a matter of creating the email and triggers. More importantly is the trust we have with the developer. They are quick to reply to questions (considering the time zone difference) and willing to assist. We also just bought Sphinx Search Ultimate.

    By Axtore on May 2, 2016 Verified Purchase
  33. This is a MUST HAVE!        Magento 1

    This is definitely a must have for EVERY Magento store. It builds customer relationships on top of the email, getting back customers who haven't visited in a while, reminding them of their abandoned cart / orders, asking for reviews or feedback, all in an automatic way. With one-time setup, I can see this extensions brings more value than any other extensions combined!

    By Yang on April 17, 2016 Verified Purchase
  34. Great for collecting reviews        Magento 1

    We used this extension to collect reviews from customers shortly after dispatch of their order. It works really well and is easy to configure. Just a bit of styling of the email template and we were able to retrospectively send emails to all customers who had placed an order in the last 6 months. The default email template linked to the product page but Mirasvit change the code for us so that we could direct customers to the product review page. I would definitely recommend this extension.

    By Mark on March 7, 2016 Verified Purchase
  35. Amazing features        Magento 1

    Great extension with amazing features. We can create truly awesome emails to send to our customers.

    By Nick on February 9, 2016 Verified Purchase
  36. Awesome, really generates more sales        Magento 1

    Works exactly as advertised, easy to install

    By Raymond on January 29, 2016 Verified Purchase
  37. Great Extension        Magento 1

    It saved so much time for us and brought more sales.

    By Joseph on December 21, 2015 Verified Purchase
  38. Excellent!        Magento 1

    Great concept from Mirasvit! I love the cart restore button which auto logs in the customer with his cart items populated. Thank you!

    By Hashid on November 12, 2015 Verified Purchase
  39. Works great        Magento 1

    Just with the abandoned cart option alone, this extension proved it's worth. I love the extensive trigger options and the wysiwyg way you can design your emails in the back-end of Magento. Highly recommended!

    By Bojan on November 12, 2015 Verified Purchase
  40. Great extension        Magento 1

    Great and easy to use extension.

    By Ivan on October 30, 2015 Verified Purchase
  41. Great        Magento 1

    If you have the time and patience to set up the proper follow up emails, you will get an unbelievable ROI.
    We did it and the response and increase in sales has been amazing.
    Great job by Mirasvit once again!

    By Haim on October 7, 2015 Verified Purchase
  42. Fantastic job!        Magento 1

    Really really great extension! The best for us!

    By Filipe on October 7, 2015 Verified Purchase
  43. Very useful        Magento 1

    This extension grabs the name and email of customers, so you can send the abandoned cart emails to customers who stop the checkout process and don't create an account.

    By Tatsuro on October 2, 2015 Verified Purchase
  44. Great Extension        Magento 1

    I already installed and I will absolutely recommend this extension.
    This will increase your seals if you do a good job with your email follow up promotion.

    By Miguel on September 18, 2015 Verified Purchase
  45. Great ROI        Magento 1

    This module had an ROI of approx. 2 days in our shop - thank you very much for this great piece of software!

    By Christoph on September 16, 2015 Verified Purchase
  46. Increase your sales and client loyalty        Magento 1

    Thanks Mirasvit for this great module! With this solution, we have received a few additional sales for a short time, this investment quickly pays for itself.

    By Vadim on August 18, 2015 Verified Purchase
  47. great extension        Magento 1

    does what it say it does!

    By Ghio on August 17, 2015 Verified Purchase
  48. formally known as the email trigger suite!!        Magento 1

    EXCELLENT auto email responses

    By Yakesh on August 14, 2015 Verified Purchase
  49. Great Extension, Great support.        Magento 1

    Just updated the extension. It turned out that there are a lot of core improvements since the previous version that I had, because of that I lost my settings. MIrasvit support was great again and helped me recover my setup quickly. Keep the good work.

    By Svilen on August 14, 2015 Verified Purchase
  50. Good extension        Magento 1

    It gives us an opportunity to create another touch point with customer.

    By Jeff on August 12, 2015 Verified Purchase
  51. Nothing short of amazing        Magento 1

    Great extension. Love you guys at Mirasvit for providing this!

    By Boluwatife on August 11, 2015 Verified Purchase
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    Very complete and smart setup of FUE. Good work. and

    By SN on July 31, 2015 Verified Purchase
  53. Mirasvit is great!!        Magento 1

    We are always so glad to see the name Mirasvit when we are looking for extensions. It is a pleasure to work with their friendly support. Any problems which occure are quickly solved. Their extensions always over-exceed our expectations but are not overloaded with useless features.

    The Magento Core team could learn a lot from this extension! The Analytics-tracking feature and Email Trigger work perfectly!
    When creating E-Mail templates you can view changes instantly, this eases the annoying process of designing an Email. Additionally you can directly write PHP code in the template allowing you to send dynamic emails.

    Our customer is happy, we're happy, everything is great!

    Thank you!!!!

    By Peter Yost on July 28, 2015 Verified Purchase
  54. Good product        Magento 1

    This product has helped to automate several of events which is helping us to increase the conversions and as well increasing the returning customers rate

    By Mallesh on July 21, 2015 Verified Purchase
  55. Needed this!        Magento 1

    Needed something like this, which will send follow up emails. After installation there were some problems but mirasvit fixed them promptly.

    We gave an idea to include a new feature, after implementing that it will be even better!

    By MA on July 21, 2015 Verified Purchase
  56. Very useful        Magento 1

    We just started to use it and it looks very promising. Very useful extension!

    By Matej on July 17, 2015 Verified Purchase
  57. Third time purchasing module        Magento 1

    As headline said this is the third time I'm purchasing this module and reason is that it works great and it boost our sales.

    By Anže on July 16, 2015 Verified Purchase
  58. Great Extension        Magento 1

    The followup email extension works well and without any issues. The only feature I would like to see added is an option to set a trigger to not repeat for the same customer over a set period of time. Otherwise customers can end up queuing multiple abandoned cart emails.

    By Neal on July 4, 2015 Verified Purchase
  59. Great Tool        Magento 1

    This extension works amazingly well. So far, we have only sent a few test emails, but everything works flawlessly and as expected. We found the extension configuration to be mostly intuitive and setting up a few triggered emails was easy.
    I can see this as an excellent tool for driving customers back to your store.

    By Altdev on June 26, 2015 Verified Purchase
  60. Solid and stable extension        Magento 1

    We have this extension now already for 1 years on our site and it has been working excellent and without any issues

    By László on June 19, 2015 Verified Purchase
  61. Great way to retain customers and gain lost orders        Magento 1

    We use this extension to retain our customers, get reviews, and convince potential clients to order.

    By David on June 12, 2015 Verified Purchase
  62. Great Extension!        Magento 1

    This extension works as expected. Great costumer support.

    By Albert on May 6, 2015 Verified Purchase
  63. Enterprise Features for Community Edition        Magento 1

    This extension brings Enterprise features to your Community Edition. Congratulate your customers to their birthday, requests product reviews, take care of your customers with follow up emails. Everything is well thought, good organized and easy to use because Mirasvit knows how to do it.

    By Sven on May 5, 2015 Verified Purchase
  64. Great module for great price        Magento 1

    I highly recommend buying this module because it is working really great.

    By Nastja on April 8, 2015 Verified Purchase
  65. Great extension        Magento 1

    Really good quality follow up email extension. Easy to use and reliable. And as always flawless support from Mirasvit team.

    By Robert on March 28, 2015 Verified Purchase
  66. Works perfectly        Magento 1

    Even the installation of version 1.0.1 was not straight forwards, , the support provided by Mirasvit was just perfect. All issues solved quickly and the extension works without any issues.

    By Agnieszka on March 9, 2015 Verified Purchase
  67. Fantastic!        Magento 1

    A must have extension. Saves alot of work! Support is excelent and fast. Recommended.

    By Xander on March 5, 2015
  68. 1 people found this review helpful
    Extension really very useful and that works very well.        Magento 1

    Extension really very useful and that works very well.
    We are very happy to have purchased. Technical support is excellent.

    By Pietro on February 23, 2015 Verified Purchase
  69. Very nice        Magento 1

    I have installed this module for a client. It's very well put together and works great. There where some issues but the Mirasvit team fixed them in no-time.

    By JGH on February 19, 2015 Verified Purchase
  70. Just what i wanted        Magento 1

    excellent product!

    By George on January 27, 2015 Verified Purchase
  71. best follow up extension you can buy        Magento 1

    I have already bought 2 other follow up extensions from other developers.
    both also have after bugfix try from support does not work with 1.8.1 on my custom store.
    the developer of this plugin here were the only ones who could fix me all magento conflicts with other extensions. Support time is shorter than 24 hours.
    Thanks again to Alexander :)

    By Imbait on October 23, 2014
  72. Absolutly great support team!!        Magento 1

    Miravist team is fantastic! Really! Their support is very professional and helpful! I had a special need with this extension, and they help me perfectly!
    And they send you an email with all the detailed changes!

    One word: PERFECT

    By Filipe on October 16, 2014
  73. excellent        Magento 1

    I bought 6 modules mirasvit is absolutely no problem, all is working great, very clean code

    By Turgay on September 4, 2014 Verified Purchase
  74. Love the flexibility        Magento 1

    This extension provides exactly what we needed. It is easy to setup an email trigger and to customize your designs. I really like it.

    By Daniel on April 14, 2014
  75. 4 people found this review helpful
    Great product with huge potential        Magento 1

    I love the product, the support team is quick and extremely effecient.

    The product could provide more default event criteria which can allow for a wider amount of triggered campaigns. While saying that with what is there you can do quite a lot, this a definite MUST HAVE for any sort business type big or small.

    Would be useful if we could have input on the development roadmap.

    Good job guys

    By Lance on January 29, 2014 Verified Purchase
  76. Nice Extension        Magento 1

    I'm using Magento C 1.8. It looks great! and provides nice support.

    By Dotsquaresltd on January 22, 2014
  77. весьма неплохо        Magento 1

    в события, отменяющие цепочку писем, неплохо было бы добавить "оставление отзыва". если человек отреагирует на первое письмо, второе и третье будут сильно раздражать.
    и ещё неплохо было бы добавить к условиям запуска наличие среди покупок клиента определенного товара (или одного из группы товаров).

    By Vadym on January 12, 2014
  78. Very professional support        Magento 1

    the support is very good, we had an issue wi the tools, and immediately they remotely connected and resolve the issue...

    By Romain on October 3, 2013 Verified Purchase
  79. Very interested        Magento 1

    Looks similar to other I have seen. ;)

    But I must say some of the elements really sound interesting. And to date we have only had good and fast support from Mirasvit.

    By Snh on September 8, 2013
  80. 2 people found this review helpful
    Perfect!        Magento 1

    The extension works very well, the support is great!
    Solves all the problems of Magento's email!

    By Bruno on August 26, 2013 Verified Purchase

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