Promotional Offers

Promotional Offers

A good promotional offer increases the sales of an online store significantly. Therefore many try to hold promotional offers, special offers, sales, best deals as often as possible. It is very important to convey to the customer the terms of your offer, to show what products are involved in it, to clearly define the duration of the offer. Namely these tasks can be solved with this extension.

Compatible with:

Community - 1.9.3
Enterprise -
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7 reviews
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  • Main Features

  • Unlimited number of offers

    You can create an unlimited number of offers. Each offer has the brief and full description, the image, the start time and the end time, the price rule associated with the offer.

  • Automatic start and end of special prices, discounts, conditions linked with the offer

    The offer can be linked to the existing Catalog Price Rule. At the start of the offer, the rule linked to it will be activated automatically. At the end of the offer, the rule will be automatically deactivated.

  • List of offers and offer page with promotional products

    The buyer can view the list of current offers and conditions of each offer, together with products participating in it.

  • Promotional badge

    Next to each product participating in the offer, the special badge displays. The badge may be text (for example, Special Offer!) or image.

  • Countdown timer

    For any offer, you can enable the timer that will count down the time until the end of the offer. The timer will motivate the buyer to make the decision to purchase as quickly as possible.

  • Coming and past offers

    You can display the list of past and the list of future offers.

  • Share buttons of social networks

    You can include the share buttons of social networks in the list of offers, on the page of the offer and on the page of the product. It will allow the users to share the information on your offer with his friends.

  • Support of multistore views and customer groups

    You can show different offers for different customer groups and in different stores.

  • Wide options to configure

    In the module settings, you can specify how to name the offers in your store. For example, Special offer, Sale, Daily Deal, Promotion, etc. You can enable only the extension features that you need now and disable the ones that you are not currently using.




  • Usability improvements introduced




  • Stability enhancements


  • Extension's documentation reworked




  • Setup scripts patched




  • Added posibility to define priority for promotional offers.
  • Validator improvement




  • Fixed time displayed for upcoming promotional offers




  • Fixed visibility restriction issue of the offers shown for different user groups on product page




  • Fixed an issue with cart price rules
  • Fixed an issue with labels position
  • Fixed an issue with customer groups
  • Fixed an issue with FIND IN SET and delete product on offers tab
  • PO-2 -- fixed an issue incorrect timer and wrong url redirect (if use http and https)
  • PO-3 -- fixed an error in admin panel, fixed empty action page in frontend (magento ver,


  • Compatibility improvements for FPC
  • PO-5 -- admin routing patch. Compatibility with SUPEE-6788.




  • Fixed an issue with cache
  • Fixed an issue with translations
  • Fixed an issue with logging errors after saving action
  • Fixed an issue with not saving meta tags
  • Fixed an issue with 1213 deadlock
  • Fixed an issue with months in timer


  • Added ability to use products list related with current theme



  • Initial release
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  1. Good addon        Magento 1

    Good reminder for customers to buy more.

    By PRIMOZ on August 17, 2017 Verified Purchase
  2. Great extension        Magento 1

    A great extension that needed some modifications to work properly because of another extension that made some changes. They made the modifications for me so the extension worked well. Great company, great support!

    By Emile on June 22, 2017 Verified Purchase
  3. Great Extension and Excellent Support        Magento 1

    We were surprised at the affect the timer has on getting people to make a decision and make the purchase. We had our largest total one day sales in 10 years the second time we used this extension. We have had a couple of issues with the Labels showing on category pages but Mirasvit tech support is second to none. They are quick to reply and fix the problem. We highly recommend this Promotional Extension.

    By Richard on June 18, 2017 Verified Purchase
  4. Exellent product and support        Magento 1

    Recently I purchased this extension and everything works as expected. Additionally I asked for a "small" customization and they helped me very fast and in a very professional way.


    By Albert on December 17, 2015 Verified Purchase
  5. Recommend it!        Magento 1

    I was looking for a similar module, and is very glad to have found it at mirasvit ! a special thanks for their help in setting up !

    By Vadim on August 18, 2015 Verified Purchase
  6. Perfect Extension        Magento 1

    Thanks to the support of mirasvit

    By Benjamines on June 26, 2015 Verified Purchase
  7. Great Extension        Magento 1

    Was easy to install ,there where a couple small problems that support fixed right away. This works very well, and does every function as listed. Great extension.

    By Paul Hopkins on December 26, 2013

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