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Product Labels

The customer's understanding of certain product features can be a decisive factor when choosing a product to purchase. Therefore, it is important to convey to the buyer the key characteristics of the product, discounts, and promotional actions. The extension allows you to easily create an unlimited number of labels for products, to create texts using a pattern, and to control linking the labels to products on the basis of values of attributes or on the basis of rules.

Product Labels

Key options

  • Two types of labels: on the basis of attributes, on the basis of rules
    You have unlimited options for linking the labels to products on the basis of values of attributes or on the basis of rules (for example, to show the logo "Intel inside" for all products that have the attribute processor as "Intel" or to show the message "Free Shipping" for all products with a price greater than $100 from a certain category)
  • Enhanced interface of the rule management
    In addition to Magento's standard conditions of rules, the extension adds a number of conditions necessary for convenient label management
    • new product (created N days ago)
    • discount – you can enter the threshold of a minimum / maximum discount for the product necessary for the label appearance
    • number of products at the store – allows you to display the label only for the goods running out of stock
    • product type
  • Unlimited number of labels and location places
    You can easily create an unlimited number of places for label location on the product page, in the list of products, in the related products, upselling, cross-sales blocks.
  • Opportunity to manage the label position
    You can easily change the position of each label on the product page. 9 positions are available by default: top-left, top-center, top-right, middle-left, middle-center, middle-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, bottom-right
  • Opportunity to set different images for the different pages of the catalog
    You can easily appoint different images for the category page, for the product page and associated blocks (related products, compare products etc)
  • Texts created using a pattern
    The extension allows you to create the label texts using a pattern. For example, “Discount [var_dsc]%!”. Available variables:
    • [var_dsc] discount
    • [var_qty] number at the store
    • [var_price] price
    • [product_<attribute_code>] product attribute value
    • [category] parent category name
  • Opportunity to indicate the link for each label
  • Opportunity to indicate the label displaying date for promotional or season labels
    You can indicate the range of dates, when the label should be displayed
  • Quick interface of linking labels to the attribute values
    You can easily download the images for all attribute options on one page without long page reloading
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  1. найбільш кастомізований екстеншн на цю тему, що я бачив
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    найбільш кастомізований екстеншн на цю тему, що я бачив. Єдиний мінус - після кожного оновлення правила, щоб лейба показувалась правильно, треба оновлювати Full Page Cache.
    By Vadym on
  2. Better than other extensions
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    It is good to be able to provide a url link to the label.
    By sh on
  3. i love you
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    I am using the mirasvit 11 module
    I am very satisfied with all
    Absolutely must
    By turgay on
  4. It runs as expected
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    We installed and configured our theme to fit the features of the extension. We need to add a small code to our customized theme and now we see all the stockers in the product grid and product page. Very easy to implement.
    By Carlos on
  5. Great extension
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Great extension - a must have for any site. I had a bit of a installation issue but, as always, the support at Mirasvit quickly responded and solved the problem.
    By Emile on
  6. Speeding up
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    This module really helps us a lot. It speeds up our website and increases the conversion rate at the same time. We love their follow up. Very good.
    By Francis on
  7. Excellent Product Labels!!!
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Module Product Labels very well programmed and easy to set up, Developers and Mirasvit support are very competent. We are Customer Mirasvit from 2 years ago. Congratulations, Mirasvit is excellent.
    By Paulo on
  8. Best Product Labels extension
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    This is the most flexible Product Label extension that I've found. Mirasvit offers great support with any issue also!
    By TLW on
  9. Very good Extension
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Simple and smart. Deliver the job done.
    By Paulo on
  10. Simple Extension with powerful features
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    You will be surprised with what simple labels can do to your sales. The lables can be created with some very useful and powerful rules. We are extremely satisfied with Mirasvit.
    By SHARAD on
  11. Nifty little extension
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    Just what we were looking for. It does the job as it says at the tin.

    Setting up and make it to work was very easy. Just what we needed.

    Now we can show various labels on our site with the help of this extension!
    By MA on
  12. Value for money
    Overall Satisfaction
    100 %
    I researched a lot to get label modules from different websites. Mirasvit has a good label module working. some hiccups initially which was resolved quickly by mirasvit guys. as always great support guys. Kudos to you. I will buy more modules from you.
    By Abhijeet on

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