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Every store drives additional sales with promotions and discounts. The Product Labels extension is the perfect solution for highlighting promoted items using bright images and making them more visible and attractive for your customers. Our extension is the cutting-edge marketing solution for your online store!

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Simple and Flexible Must-Have Store Marketing Solution!

Product Labels simplifies the visual arrangement of Sales, Discounts, and Promotion processes in your online store. Using different images for labels, it's easy to highlight certain items.

Despite its simplicity, this extension is a powerful and flexible marketing tool for your shop.

Cover all sales events in your store with a customized product label for Magento 2.

  • clearance sales
  • sell-off
  • bargain sale
  • seasonal sales
  • daily specials, etc.

Inform your customers of your special terms and conditions

  • free shipping;
  • gifts
  • bestsellers
  • top items, etc.

Product Labels allow you to control all promotion activities and drive more sales towards your online store!

8 Advantages You Can Get With Product Labels

Run all promotion campaigns easily

Notify your customers about sales and special offers

Create an unlimited number of labels

Create any type and amount of placeholders

Easily manage your Brand's appearance in your store

Create flexible rules for your campaigns

Take control of your online store's visual identity

Ehance sales in your store by using the extension

Highlight Products For Your Customers

Product Labels allow you to announce any special promotion in any format you wish.

You can place labels both on a product list and on a product page.

Our Magento 2 product tag extension allows you to show the label in any image position (right, left, etc.).

For example, you could promote:

  • free shipping
  • gift item
  • new arrivals
  • specialties, etc.

Choose an eye-catching label appearance and highlight the featured products to get more orders for your store with Product labels!

Feature Sale Or Bestsellers Section

Product Labels allows you to highlight any available discount by using any customized images.

You may specify different images and slogans for each promotion campaign.

For example, our solution allows you to define a special label for each brand in your store.

Or, for instance, you could specify the different images for discounts and downloadable items. You can create a Magento 2 product stickers in your store.

Product Labels help you build your store's visual identity!

Install Product Labels extension and increase your store's order numbers!

Create Flexible Rules For Managing Promotions

Product Labels allows you to manage all your promotional activities easily using flexible rules.

Rules are implemented to identify the conditions in running each campaign. If these conditions are met, the appropriate label will be shown for the defined items.

Rule managing interface is quite clear and easy to understand within seconds. You can manage Rule status and enable or disable it at any time. Also, you can choose customer groups for each rule.

For example, you want to give a 20% discount on all Pants to those visitors who have not yet logged in. It could prompt them to log in or sign up and, in turn, get you more registered users!

Every rule should have a set of conditions to be met for it to be applied. You can set several conditions or just one. Above all, they should comply with your store's campaigns.

Finally, you can manage the pricing structure rules:

  • set the application type (percentage of the original price or fixed amount discount, etc.)
  • define the discount amount
  • enable or disable subproduct discounts.

The Product Labels extension allows you to create flexible catalog price rules and earn you more orders by applying them!

Flexible Labels Managing Interface

Product Labels' backend interface is flexible enough to let you easily manage all labels.

You can create labels with two different relation types:

  • attribute
  • rule.

For instance, you can create a rule-based label to promote a discount for Bags.

Step 1. Set sale activity dates and Store views that you need to apply a new label.

Step 2. Specify the products for applying a discount (Bags, in our example): you may set their category in the Conditions tab.

You will be able to see the number of products and your conditions applied below, on the same tab.

Step 3. You will be prompted to select an image, position, and description for your Bags sale discount label.

You can use different images for the labels on the product list and the product page.

As a result, you get the Bags sale set up in 3 easy steps!

Magento 2 product labels extension also allows you to manage your store's brand promotion quickly and easily!

For example, you can create an Attribute relation label, meant to promote a certain discount on all Brand X items and relate it to Brand X attribute.

Then specify the images for the product list and product page views in a Gallery (you may use different ones for this purpose, but it would be a great idea to use Brand X logotype in our example) As a result, you get product pages with Brand X logo or the discount label you specified in a Gallery for this Attribute.

This application can be extremely useful if you have a large number of various brands. In particular, you can save a lot of time using Attribute relation type labels!

Create And Organize Placeholders Easily

Product Labels allow you to create and manage placeholders quickly and easily.

Placeholders are supposed to specify the place to hold the label.

You may set their properties according to your store image:

  • allow or disallow positioning (for example, all labels in your store are at the upper left corner of all product images, which is set as a strict rule. In this case, you should disable the positioning option)
  • enable and disable label images for product pages and the product list view.

Use the appropriate placeholder for each newly created label to comply with the current campaign purposes.

The Product Labels extension helps you keep your store's identity relevant!

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Need some adjustments
Maarten Verified Buyer
Hmm, not 100% bugfree, but saves a lot of time to build it myself.
Also installed: RMA,  Sphinx Search Ultimate,  Advanced Reports,  Advanced SEO Suite,  Google PageSpeed Optimizer
The best product label module for Magento
Jacob Verified Buyer
This is the best product label module I have tried. It is easy to use and powerful. From Sales to Out of stock notifications, this module makes it easy to add labels to products. They can also be shown on a variety of pages.

Also installed: Elastic Search Ultimate,  Layered Navigation,  Advanced Reports,  Google PageSpeed Optimizer,  Product Finder,  Push Notifications
Ahmed Verified Buyer
Suitable for its price
Also installed: Improved Sorting,  Automatic Related Products,  Advanced SEO Suite,  Mass Product Actions,  Custom Form Builder ,  RMA,  Follow Up Email and 10 more
A lot of options
Louis Verified Buyer
In the beginning not very clear not to use, but afterwards it was clear and it has a lot of options.
Also installed: Google Tag Manager,  Follow Up Email,  Advanced SEO Suite,  Layered Navigation,  Elastic Search Ultimate,  Improved Sorting,  Product Attachments and 7 more
Work ok, but ...
Exist error in Magento 2.4.5 php 8.1
main.CRITICAL: Deprecated Functionality: preg_split(): Passing null to parameter #3 ($limit) of type int is deprecated in app/code/Mirasvit/CatalogLabel/Model/Label/Rule/Condition/Product.php on line 690
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Version 2.2.1Sep 7, 2023
Added the ability to set the date format for the "Date" and "Date and Time" attribute types
Fixed the issue with the "Active From" and "Active To" label settings
Version 2.2.0Aug 8, 2023
Fixed the issue with conditions by tier price
Version 2.1.9Jul 31, 2023
Fixed the issue with reindexing labels on Magento EE (giftcard products)
Version 2.1.8Jul 11, 2023
Fixed the issue with saving labels (PHP8)
Version 2.1.7Jul 6, 2023
Changed the type of the column 'style' in the table 'mst_productlabel_label_display' to allow saving large CSS
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