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Advanced Product Feeds

Compatible with: Community: 1.4.1 - 1.9.3
Enterprise: 1.10 - 1.14.2

Publication of your products in the comparison shopping engines will allow you to attract more new buyers to your store. This extension allows you to automatically generate a feed with products for all common comparison shopping engines (Google Product Search,,,, etc.).

Feed is a file containing key information about all the products in your store. It uploads the information to the price comparison engines and the price comparison engines display your products in a lists of offers to purchase. How relevant your deal will be presented on the price comparison engines, will depend on how correctly the feed is created.

The Advanced Product Feeds extension has more than 20 configurations ready to create a product feed for all key price comparison engines. It will allow you to begin representing your products on price comparison engines very quickly.

The advanced feed manager supports various formats, has large-scale opportunities for filtering the uploaded products, and supports the creation of dynamic attributes and category mapping.

Generation of feeds occurs very quickly. At that, a generation process is divided into few smaller processes. Due to that generation of feeds, even 200000 products will be done without any problems.

Key features

magento product feed

  • More than 20 ready configurations for all popular price comparison engines

  • Convenient and flexible mechanism for filtering products (filters based on attributes and performance filters)

  • Supporting formats: csv, txt, xml, zip

  • Email notifications

  • Comprehensive Analytics

  • Support multiple stores and multiple languages

Feed Management

  • Opportunity to create feeds for any price comparison engine

  • Opportunity to export different data and prices for each feed or store

  • Opportunity to access a feed file by a permanent link

  • Supports Google Analytics

    Uses a campaign tracking code to tag the destination URL of each product. This way, traffic from a comparison engine will be reported in the "Traffic Sources > Campaigns" report

  • Email notifications

    Ability to notify through email about generation status (success or fail), number of exported products and time of generation

    magento feed manager

  • Powerful filters

    Ability to use case conditions and assign few filters to one feed. Filtering allowed by:

    • any attribute value
    • price
    • stock status / quantity
    • category
    • attribute set
    • product type
    • any attribute value of parent product New
  • Comprehensive Analytics

    Number of clicks, revenue, conversation rate per each magento data feed

  • Dynamic Attributes

    Dynamic Attributes allows you to use your own conditions to define or change the exported value

  • Convenient interface for mapping the attributes, with an opportunity to indicate the type of displayed values

  • Category Mapping Must Have

    Easy to use interface allows you to tie current category taxonomy with the taxonomy of any price comparison engine

  • Export only new products

    Ability to export products that are not included in a previous feed

  • Performance filters

    • by number of clicks
    • by number of orders
    • by revenue
    • by conversation rate (%)

Managing generation and submission

  • Opportunity to automatically generate the feeds according to schedule

  • Opportunity to automatically upload the feeds according to schedule

  • Opportunity to send the feeds through FTP/SFTP

  • Opportunity to enable / disable the passive mode


  • Pre-installed templates:

    • Google Shopping
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • The Find
    • Commission Junction (
    • Facebook
    • Twenga
    • Vergelijk (
    • Beslist (
    • Kieskeurig (
    • HotLine (
    • Yandex.Market (
  • Opportunity to import / export templates

  • Opportunity to export reviews (Google Merchant Review Feeds) New
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Dec 13, 2017


  • compatibility with Magento (#22)


Dec 12, 2017


  • fixed an issue with the loading "Abort" button on the feed edit page (#21)
  • fixed an issue with the products duplicating in the feed export (#20)


Jun 29, 2017


  • Filter conditions to check whether a product attribute value is assigned or not


May 10, 2017


  • Solve conflict with Aitoc Aitquantitymanager


Feb 08, 2017


  • added Facebook Dynamic Ads templates, updates templates list


  • Fixed an issue with incorrect displaying buttons at feed field mappings and dynamic attributes


Dec 28, 2016


  • added ability to export disabled products when Flat Catalog is Enabled


Dec 26, 2016


  • #6 - Solve the 'new year' problem associated with the generation of the product feeds by cron


Oct 20, 2016


  • ability to export and import dynamic attributes


Oct 11, 2016


  • added new filter conditions: Product Id, Final Price, Weight, Minimum and Maximum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart


Jun 15, 2016


Fixed deprecated method of setting translations


Jun 03, 2016


  • New templates: google dynamic display ads, google shopping csv template


May 30, 2016


  • Fixed second header error while creating new templates


  • Updated templates list table, patterns list, info about second field


  • Added new templates


Apr 27, 2016


  • Ability to add second header at csv and txt format feeds


  • Convert 'emalloc' value to readable form


Apr 21, 2016


  • APF-77 Profiler for generating the product feeds
  • APF-76 Ability to set number of products per iteration


Apr 01, 2016


  • Pattern min_price for grouped products
  • Disable ability to change feed and template type after creation


Feb 26, 2016


  • Fixed an issue with printing ids array at the mappings pattern
  • Fixed an issue of the filter incorrect product collection
  • Fixed an issue with feed generation url (if backend domain not equal store view domain)


Feb 15, 2016


  • Improved generation process performance


  • Minor bug fixes


Feb 11, 2016


  • APF-72 Suffix '|salable_grouped' for exporting values of active products which are in stock
  • Ability to filter products by total sales
  • Admin routing patch. Compatibility with SUPEE-6788.
  • Fallback pattern
  • Generate test product feed for particular product
  • Ability to filter products by parent product attributes
  • Disable feed logs
  • Ability to retrieve the average rating for the particular product review


  • Allow test generation by IDs for product reviews
  • Fixed an issue with wrong json encode at csv mapping
  • Issue with double quotes in the Csv and Txt format templates
  • Typo bug in Performance filter

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