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Showcase attractive banners to your site visitors on every page you want. By using these banners, you can inform them about sales, discounts, and other special conditions that are up for grabs in your store. Inspire them to make an impulsive purchase, convert your store's visitors to customers, and increase your order price.

  • show banners on category or product pages, and the cart
  • use a lot of settings to manage banners displaying rules
  • use images, text or combined banners
  • set any position for every banner
  • use triggers to display your banners in a particular situation
Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.7
2.3.* - 2.4.7
Magento Cloud

Business Value

Realize the full potential of your web pages' real estate!

  • Opportunity: Banners on e-commerce sites are a robust tool for catching potential users' attention, directing them to the "right page" and giving a cost-effective boost to your sales.
  • Problem: Unfortunately, the default Magento 2 functionality doesn't allow store owners to shows banners based on unique conditions and collect the analytics data necessary for making the right decisions.
  • Solution: Our Banner module aims to help merchants level up their stores, and dramatically expand their default functionality. The real estate of a store's web pages gets used more effectively, boosting products' and services' promotions in your store.

Boost sales with banners

Promote products and services by placing them wherever you thinks is best

promo banners for magento 2 enterprise

The magento banner extension is a powerful tool that can help you to attract customers and boost sales by increasing the effectiveness of your store pages.

Our magento banner module achieves this with several key features that it provides to your store:

  • Place your banner at any spot on a page
  • Show a banner depending on the user group, search queries, or shopping cart items
  • Set the time range for every banner (dates and time)
  • Select the available pages, products, or product categories for every banner
  • Analyze and improve the effectiveness of marketing by evaluating the analytics reports

Every banner can be perfect

Use different types of banners available to make the most appropriate banners for your store


Sometimes graphic banners work better, sometimes it's text banner that catches most attention.

Use graphic and text as a separate banners or consolidate them so as to craft a perfect poster for your particular needs.

Our Magento slider module allows you to combine different types of content with the simple user interface of default Magento content editor. Feel free to try out creative ideas with magento 2 banner extension.

See the success of Magento 2 Banner Slider

Get actual information on the effectiveness of your banners


Discover how well your banner campaigns are working by analyzing their CTR (Click-Through-Rate) with built-in analytics.

Our module provides an indicator that shows how many unique customers have seen your banner, and how many of them clicked on it. The analytics is updated almost in real time so you can get the latest data.

Most effective banner placement

Choose any position for your banner that suits it best

category banner in magento

It's essential to place a Magento 2 promo banner in the "right place" to catch as many customers' attention as possible.

Fortunately, the magento product banners module has a variety of options for placing banners.

Our Magento image slider extension allows you to create additional placeholders so you can put banners in almost any place of your store. It proposes dozens of locations for poster placing.

With this module, customers can see promo banners even before they log in to their account - it will be displayed in the login form. Alternatively, you can place banners on the logout page, or on the account password recovery form. That's in addition to such common places for banners as shopping cart, shop's home page, catalog category, etc.

Try different places for the same banners, and you may notice a tremendous difference. Check the results in our Magento Banner Slider Demo.

Control banner time

Define the time range for your banners to be actively displayed


It is essential that you start and finish your promo campaign on time.

Using our magento 2 banners module, you can easily control the time period when posters are actively displayed for shoppers.

Just set a time frame on the magento banner manager page and you can be sure that everything works as expected.

Control who sees your banners

Set up the banner visibility to get the most of your promo campaign

magento enterprise banners

Enhance the effectiveness of your promo campaign by carefully controlling the banner audience.

Show magento banners only to those customers who may find their proposition valuable.

Use the option to select store views and customer groups to control the visibility of banners in your store.

Conduct promo campaigns for different regions and store languages with the help of this functionality.

Display mode for every banner

Chose the most suitable presentation style for every banner


You can choose an individual display mode for every banner to present them in a form that makes the most effect. Choose from two different options:

  • Rotator
  • Pop-up

In the Rotator mode, the banner ads that are seen by users are shown randomly when a page is loaded. Each time the site is visited or refreshed, a different banner ad will appear.

In Pop-up mode, the banner is displayed on top of site content after page loading. It attracts maximum attention and requires users to click the close button to dismiss it.

In this example, the images for two display modes are visible. The free shipping banner is displayed as a rotator, and the watch banner is a pop-up.

Most important banners go first

Decide what customers should see first and show banners according to their priorities


You can decide which banner customers will see first in a situation when several promo posters have claim for an identical spot and time.

The Magento 2 Banner Slider module allows you to set a priority for every banner, which it uses in selecting which promo poster should be displayed ahead of others if one or more banners meet the identical requirements.

Add Magento 2 Banner Slider to the homepage and any other page


You are free to place banners anywhere on the webpages of your store and on any webpage.

Just create a placeholder with corresponding placing and assign a banner to it.

Use conditions so that the promo poster will be displayed at the right time and for the particular customers who may be interested in the proposition.

In some instances, it is necessary to give a promo for some specific items, i.e., some particular shipping rules. Why not use pages like contacts, about us, or delivery page?

Additionally, you can use a search query to display banners. This option is useful for showing individual banners to those customers who use a particular search query. At first, specify the terms on the admin panel, and the module will show the selected banners on a page with the search results.

Attract customers' attention and boost your sales with Promo Banners for Magento 2!
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Josh Verified Buyer
From Durban, South Africa
Using the module for over 3 years
Good module
This module does what it says and the code is very clean.
Also installed:
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Erkan Verified Buyer
From Istanbul, Turkey
Using the module for over 1 month
Nice extension
I didn't give 5 stars because it have to have delay option.
Also installed:
Improved Sorting,  Sphinx Search Ultimate,  Google Tag Manager,  Reward Points
Erkan Verified Buyer
From Istanbul, Turkey
Using the module for over 1 month
Nice extension
I didn't give 5 stars because it have to have delay option.
Also installed:
Improved Sorting,  Sphinx Search Ultimate,  Google Tag Manager,  Reward Points
Hilary Verified Buyer
From Central, Hong Kong
Using the module for almost 2 years
Flexible product but need more placeholder.
Promo Banner is flexible to schedule banner on or off. Very flexible to add your own placeholder (position).
It would be great if it can builtin more placeholder instead of need customer to add by themselves.
Not every user have experience to add placeholder by their own.
It's even better if scheduler add date of time instead of date only.
Also installed:
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hans Verified Buyer
From Solingen, Germany
Using the module for 7 months
very cool magento 2 module
we have used 3 modules from mirasvit, everything is fine, product and service
Also installed:
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Manual & Support
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Frequently asked questions
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Is is possible to use HTML when configuring a banner?

The extension Promo Banners supports a variety of content for banners, and it allows you to style this content with HTML.

In order to customize the banner with HTML or CSS, simply hide the default Magento editor and activate the direct code editing by clicking "Show/Hide Editor".

Improve banner visual output by adding any HTML lines you consider necessary. Activate the editor to preview the result.

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Is it possible to show a banner on a product pages of specific category?

Our Promo Banners module provides a flexible system for displaying banners with specific conditions. It is possible to show the banner on product pages in a given category by using the "Conditions" tab of the module settings. For this type of banner, simply create a condition "Category is one of" and then specify the IDs of the categories where this banner should be displayed.

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>Is it possible to add a banner to a mini cart?

The mini cart is a pop-up menu that displays a summary of items in the cart, which appears when a shopper clicks the Cart link that is located at the top of the page.

It is possible to add a banner to mini cart without the Promo Banners extension. To achieve this goal, use Extended Shopping Cart Rules for Magento 2 module.

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Does the Promo Banners module support responsive webpages (say desktop, tablet and mobile)?

The approach of a responsive web design allows a website to automatically adjust its content for different screen sizes, like desktop and mobile devices. Default Magento design theme uses a mobile first responsive design approach, which is mostly ensured by means of CSS and JavaScript.

Promo Banners can support responsive design themes. Each time the banner is created, the image/html and code/etc should be set at the banner "Content" field. All HTML and CSS code of the responsive pages of your stores should be configured in this Content field.

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Does Promo Banners support GraphQl queries?

Our extension is fully configured to work through GraphQl query language. By default, the GraphQl functionality is disabled in this extension. In order to enable use of GraphQl, you are required to install an additional extension. This additional GraphQl extension is available free of charge to existing users of the Promo Banners module.

When using GraphQl with Promo Banners, it is necessary to create an individual placeholder for each banner. GraphQl returns query exclusively for one banner in the placeholder. This can cause an incorrect output when several banners are assigned to one placeholder.

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Can Promo Banners be integrated with the GeoIP extension?

Your Magento store can become even more personalized by showing customers the information related to their geographical location. Using GeoIP module, a shop can automatically switch its currency, language, design theme, etc. based on the country the visitor is from.

Integrating GeoIP and Promo Banners can bring significant benefits to a store's promo banner campaigns. Our development team is working on implementing such integration. However, currently these two modules can not be integrated.

Version 1.1.16May 15, 2024
Fixed the issue with category chooser (product's attribute) in banner rules
Version 1.1.15May 10, 2024
Compatibility with Mirasvit_Gdpr 1.4.*
Version 1.1.14Apr 19, 2024
Fixed the compatibility issue with PHP7 (since 1.1.13)
Version 1.1.13Apr 15, 2024
Ability to disable collecting banners' impressions and clicks
Version 1.1.12Mar 7, 2024
Console command to cleanup/restore layout updates for banners' placeholders
Fixed the issue with category rule in banner conditions
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