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In-store promotions in Magento are an important tool for increasing sales. They catch users’ attention, motivate them to buy otherwise unnoticed goods, and purchase more items in one order.

Magento 2 Shopping Cart Rules extension gives you several types of new special promotion rules and shopping cart conditions. It also has a smart notification system for possible discounts.

  • Motivate customers with 14 new promotion rules
  • Utilize an extended list of attributes as shopping rule conditions
  • Highlight discount promotions in Magento with flexible notifications
  • Apply discount coupons for specific products and prices
  • Decrease the cart abandonment rate
Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.7
2.3.* - 2.4.7
Magento Cloud
  • Offering your customers a unique discount effectively increases the average order value and motivates them to make future purchases in your store.
  • Providing additional discounts to your customers during their purchasing process can significantly reduce your abandoned cart rate and greatly increase your store's sales volume.
  • An intelligent and organized motivation policy will influence customers' choice of discount opportunities and advantages on the cart or checkout pages through a discount notification system.

Magento Promotion Through Shopping Cart Rules

The shopping cart rules extension implements 14 brand new shopping cart rules that cover most discount scenarios, offering high flexibility:

📍 Fixed Discount

  • Fixed discount for Most Expensive product
  • Buy product X, get $ discount for product Y
  • For each $X spend, give $Y discount
  • Fixed Discount for Cheapest products by step
  • Discount for Most Cheapest product

📍 Percent Discount

  • Buy product X, get % discount for product Y
  • Discount for Most Expensive product
  • Discount for Most Cheapest product
  • Discount for All except Most Expensive product
  • Discount for Cheapest products by step

📍 Fixed Price New

  • Fixed Price for All Products
  • Fixed Price for Cheapest Product
  • Fixed Price for Cheapest product by step
  • Buy product X, get product Y for fixed price
magento 2 buy x get y

Buy Product X, get Product Y with a discount

Consider one of the most effective and highly requested promo rules: a customer buys Product X and receives Product Y either for free or with a discount (fixed or %), depending on your store's settings.

For example, offer customers accessories (a case, headphones) with a discount if they buy a new phone. Alternatively, propose a customer to buy a phone and receive a case for free.

This rule, available in our Magento Discount Extension, can promote highly marginal or unpopular product sales

Get $Y discount for each $X spent

The simplest type of promo rule is this: the more products you add to your cart, the greater the discount you receive

Give your customer a $10 discount for every $100 in the Magento add to cart. Set some distinct conditions to trigger discount applications (e.g., a required product category or the minimal cart amount).

This Magento shopping cart rule type brings more transparency to operations. It shows a positive impact on the final cart price, thus decreasing the abandoned cart rate.

Get $Y discount for the Cheapest (or Most Expensive) product in the cart

It's a simple and effective rule type for a wide range of products in which a customer receives a discount for the cheapest (or the most expensive) product in the cart.

These special promotions for Magento motivate customers to add a second product to the cart, increasing the average order value

Get $Y discount for each N products in the cart

Customers receive a discount for every fixed number of products added to the cart.

This rule can significantly increase the average order value.

Promotions Through Shopping Cart Conditions

The Magento 2 Advanced Promotions extension adds new sets of shopping cart conditions based on:

  • Customers' attributes (Name, Gender, etc.)
  • Customers' purchase history (Total number of orders, Total sales amount)

Using these conditions, you can fine-tune your promotional campaigns. For example, offer discounts on birthdays.

Also, the extension adds additional attributes for cart items:

  • Has Special Price - discount doesn't apply to products with special prices
  • Is Discounted - additional discounts don't apply to already discounted items (by another shopping cart Magento rule)

Custom Magento 2 Special Promotions Coupon Message

magento 2 custom coupon message

The Magento 2 Advanced Promotions extension can enter a custom error message for each coupon.

Say you create a coupon that can only apply to NIKE products priced at $100 & up. You may add the custom error message for it:"This coupon is only valid for NIKE products priced at $100 or more".

Through these messages, customers will be quickly notified of what is wrong and how to use the coupon. This way, you can ensure users’ understanding and compliance.

Promotions Notification System

magento 2 buy x get y

It is really important to inform your clients about probable discounts and their related conditions. You can do this with our Promotional Magento Discount Coupon extension.

We have created a special notification system that explains to your customers what they need to do to receive a discount. Without such knowledge, your promotions may be useless.

You can create text or image banners describing the promo and rules in our extension. It allows you to manage where and when this notification shows to a customer.

For example, you can show the message "Add one more item to the cart and get an additional 5% discount" if the customer already has two products in their cart. Alternatively, "Get a $10 discount for every $100 spent" can be used if the shopping cart amount is less than $100.

Motivate customers to buy more from you with Promotions and Extended Shopping Cart Rules for Magento 2!
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dennis Verified Buyer
From Seongnam-si, South Korea
Using the module for 4 months
Must Have Extension
It is possible to implement promotional policies with various conditions. An essential must-have extension for marketing.
Also installed:
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Ronny Verified Buyer
From Oldenzaal, Netherlands
Using the module for over 3 years
just that little bit extra
This gives you just that bit extra to configure your cart price rules.
Also installed:
Reward Points,  Google PageSpeed Optimizer,  Google Tag Manager
InkStoreUSA Verified Buyer
From Cliffside Park, United States
Using the module for over 2 years
Customers love promotions
We all know customer love promotions. Showing relevant promotions on critical areas is key to sale. Without this extension, it could be challenging, specially if you dont have a developer. You can apply hundreds of different promotion with this extension, and you can easily place them anywhere you want. Of course you can use use attributes to customize your rules
Also installed:
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jihad Verified Buyer
From Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Using the module for almost 1 year
Powerful Roles
it did all my shopping roles i needed for accurate conditions and to exclude products with special prices from coupons
Also installed:
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cangura Verified Buyer
From Ljubljana, Slovenia
Using the module for 2 months
a great way to configure upsells & more
A great choice if you wish to enchance shoppers experience and create appealing and innovative upsells
Also installed:
Reward Points,  Advanced SEO Suite,  Follow Up Email,  Mass Product Actions,  Layered Navigation
Manual & Support
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Frequently asked questions
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What is the purpose of the Manage Coupon Codes section in the Extended Shopping Cart Rules extension and how is it used?

When configuring new magento shopping cart price rules, a configuration section with the name Manage Coupon Codes becomes visible. This section has a button for code generation and several fields:

  • Coupon Qty
  • Code Length
  • Code Format
  • Code Prefix
  • Code Suffix
  • Dash Every X Characters

The peculiarity of the Manage Coupon Codes section is that none of the fields or buttons are active for user input. The way this section is presented is meant solely for the compliance with the Magento coupon workflow since our magento promotions extension and magento cart extension uses the default Magento coupons.

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Is it possible to configure a rule for a scenario in which customer puts items A+B into the cart, and in that case, product B is proposed for free?

The flexibility our Extended Shopping Cart Rules extension provides allows you to create a versatile promo campaign for customers by proposing free or discounted products when a cart meets specific conditions. Using our module, it is possible to easily create a rule for any of such popular scenarios as:

  • the cart includes one product from category A and one product from category B, in which case the product B is proposed for free
  • the shopping cart includes two products from category A and the same quantity of products from Category B then all B should be discounted
  • the cart includes several products from categories A and B, and that should lead to one product of the category B to be proposed as free or discounted, and other items from category B should have normal price
  • add several different products from one category to the cart and get a discount on the highest priced item

Our extension has some limitations that should be mentioned. It can't provide a discount for the final product; it is only possible to provide a discount on the cheapest or most expensive product. The price rule can be applied only to a specified category. And the module can't divide products in the cart to apply a discount only for the products that are purchased at the full price and have no additional discounts.

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Can the Extended Shopping Cart Rules be used in tandem without giving additional discounts on already discounted items from other rules?

Our extension extends and modifies default magento shopping cart rules, but can't change their logic. To avoid conflicts with applying rules, the module offers to specify a priority level for each rule. Based on this priority, a store can choose which rule will run first and stop the execution of other rules.

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Can the Extended Shopping Cart Rules Generate provide the functionality of coupon codes generation for a customer's first order?

Using our extension, a Magento store can create a promo campaign for users who make their first order in the shop. In order to generate discount coupons on a first order, it is necessary to set conditions that check the total order quantity for a user and provide coupons for users that have not yet made any purchases.

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Can a promo discount be offered for the newsletter signup?

With the help of the Extended Shopping Cart Rules module, a store can easily create a promotional discount for a newsletter signup. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Create a new email trigger and set the event to check subscriptions
  • Create a default coupon in the "Cart Price Rules" section with specified discount that meets the conditions for providing the discount
  • Edit the email and choose which coupon should be used.
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Is the extension fully adapted for progressive web apps (PWA)?

Our Extended Shopping Cart Rules module is loosely suited for usage with progressive web apps. The module will use default GraphQl, but in order to use it, it's necessary to manually write React components for it. Additionally, the module doesn't support GraphQL for Product labels right now and doesn't have the React components.

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Can this extension make certain products or vendors ship for free?

Currently available versions of Extended Shopping Cart Rules module do not provide a functionality for assigning discounts to the shipping prices. In order to gain flexibility on shipping prices, use the extension Shipping Price Rules for Magento 2. This extension allows you to offer shipping discounts based on order attributes and to set shipping rates per product and per order. Alternatively, a Shipping Table Rates extension may be used to gain flexible policy of table rates for shipping.

Version 1.3.2Jun 12, 2024
Fixed the issue with incorrect discount applied if more than one rule of one type is applicable for the cart (Buy product X Get $ discount for product Y, Buy product X Get % discount for product Y, Buy product X Get product Y for fixed price, Fixed Price for All Products)
Version 1.3.1Mar 11, 2024
Fixed the issue with coupon messages (PHP8)
Version 1.3.0Feb 15, 2024
Fixed the issue with 'Maximum Qty to Apply' for rules 'Buy product X Get ... discount for product Y'
New Rule - Fixed discount for Most Expensive product
New Rule - Fixed discount for Most Cheapest product
New Rule - Fixed Price for All Products
New Rule - Fixed Price for Cheapest product by step
New Rule - Fixed Price for Cheapest Product
New Rule - Buy product X Get product Y for fixed price
Version 1.2.8Oct 6, 2023
New Rule - Fixed Discount for Cheapest products by step
Version 1.2.7Mar 22, 2023
Fixed the issue with the rule 'For each spend, give discount'
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