Shipping Price Rules for Magento 2

This extension allows you to create flexible shipping rules based on the shopping cart and shipping address. Change the default shipping fees according to your business requirements.

Get optimally flexible shipping rates by applying custom conditions. Set individual shipping rules for stores and customer groups.

Increase customers' loyalty by fairly adjusting shipping costs on their orders.

  • Offer shipping discounts based on order attributes
  • Set shipping rates per product and per order
  • Adjust shipping prices for stores and customer groups
  • Provide best shipping rates for customers in designated areas
  • Set shipping rate as percentage of the order price
  • Set min and max financial thresholds when applying shipping rules
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Feature Highlights

Business Value

Increase customers' loyalty with cost-effective shipment rates for their orders

Problem: The default Magento 2 provides a fixed list of shipping rates, which leads to undesirable shipping fees for customers.

Opportunity: Using flexible shipping rules, offer customers optimal shipping rates based on their order or location. This can increase their intent to buy from you in future.

Solution: The Shipping Rules extension is a reliable way to get flexible shipping rules in your store. The shipping fee for each order will be calculated automatically based on the purchased items, shipping location, day of the week and many other conditions.

Maximum Flexibility

The Shipping Rules extension is guaranteed to perfectly fit your needs. You can set as many rules as you deem necessary. Customize every rule to gain optimal shipment fees for your store and your customers.

The versatility of this module allows you to create shipping rules that correspond with your business demands. The appropriate shipping rule for the order will be automatically applied when a customer adds items to the cart, or changes his or her address or shipment method.

Increase customers loyalty with fair shipping rates

  • Customers can get optimal shipping fees. Make visitors more interested in buying from you by providing them with fair shipping rates.
  • Adjust shipping costs to particular situations.
  • Choose how and when to apply shipping methods and shipping fees.
shipping rule in action in cart
applying shipping area rule

Be flexible when shipping in different regions

  • Control the shipping fees for each location where your customers are based.
  • Set individual shipping rates for available shipping carriers
  • Add or subtract fees based on customers' locations.

Get the full control on available shipping carriers

Create shipping rules for the designated shipping carriers and their shipping methods. You can specify multiple carriers and methods per rule.

Get the ability to correct shipping fees based on:

  • Ordered items and their quantity
  • Cart total price
  • Customer group
  • Chosen shipping address
shipping method

Promote sales by activating a custom shipping rate for a specific date or time. You can set one or multiple days per rule. Set the exact time of rule activity to suit your business needs with greater flexibility. Combine it with other conditions to achieve more profitability.


Spend less time creating identical shipping rules for deliveries to different locations. Group a number of geographical shipping zones as one. Include or exclude certain local regions.

Easy creation of shipping rules is made with the Shipping Area parameter, which simplifies your routine by serving as a template for conditions.

Make each shipping area more detailed by including countries, states, regions, cities, zip codes, etc. Set individual shipping rates for remote geographical shipping areas.

  • Update default rates for shipping methods
  • Apply shipping rates to selected shipping carriers
  • Set rules based on product attribute combination
  • Add rules based on product sub-selection
  • Set shipping rates by a time frame
  • Set execution priorities for rules
  • Stop further rules processing when a designated rule is active
  • Use extra conditions:
    • Day of the week
    • Time of the day
    • Shipping Area
  • Define the visibility of shipping rates
  • Apply rules for the groups of customers
  • Fee Calculation
    • Re-calculate shipping fee
    • Add extra fee
    • Subtract extra fee
  • Configure rules based on cart attributes:
    • Subtotal
    • Subtotal excluding tax
    • Total items quantity
    • Total order weight
    • Payment method
    • Shipping method
    • Shipping postcode
    • Shipping region
    • Shipping state/province
    • Shipping country
    • Rate types
      • Fixed rate per order
      • Rate per product
      • Rate per unit of weight
      • Percent of the product price
      • Percent of the base rate
    • Set min and max thresholds for the shipping rate application
    • Create condition templates with a Shipping Area option
Install Shipping Rules and offer the best shipping rates for orders to boost your sales!
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