Backend Search for Magento 2

Get ready for the new Magento 2 Backend Search feature – an efficient tool for optimizing any search on your website. With the addition of this module, you can experience a fast and seamless search for data in your Magento store. Orders, customers, products, blogs – everything you cataloged is just a few clicks away.

  • Fasten data access for personnel via an advanced Elasticsearch backend search technology.
  • Exchange different search types for one robust unified solution to save resources and time.
  • Combine search in backend with other extensions to create a flexible and reliable workspace.

Working with the default backend in Magento can be tedious because users, tickets, attributes, etc., have different types. Admins must shuffle through layers of website data to search for different items, which often creates confusion and stalls workflow.


With our module for search in Magento 2 backend, you can streamline and simplify searching for any item from your website. User profiles, orders, products, invoices – all data can be monitored through one ultimate search extension built on Elasticsearch base.

How our Backend Search for Magento 2 tool can elevate your store?

enhance work transparency

Improve Clarity of Work

With all search results organized and laid out in front of you all at once, finding necessary information and relations across data becomes easy.

improve search effectiveness

Optimize Workflow

There is no need for separate Magento 2 backend product search and customer search – with all data in one place, there will be fewer mishaps.

better time managment

Save Time and Effort

Saving some time when there is a need for separate data types searches across the backend improves the productivity of personnel in the long run.

Discover the effectiveness of backend search with our Magento 2 module

Our revolutionary tool visibly improves the backend management process and enhances any Magento store's performance. It goes beyond the technical aspect – for example, a unified Magento 2 backend order search can speed up the return or per-order process. Not to mention the increased search speed via direct work with the Elasticsearch engine.

No Search Speed Limitations

Backend search powered directly by Elasticsearch technology shows the remarkable speed of operations. It is true even for unified search across all store information, regardless of quantity.

All Information in One Place

Gone is the need for separate Magento 2 backend customer search. Now user profiles, their orders, related posts, and even support tickets are found through one query just in a few clicks.

Customizable Search Filters

If all information related to the inquiry is too much – you can use filters to separate data. You can see how filters apply instantly without needing to redo the entire search from scratch.

Support for Custom Data Types

If you don't need Magento 2 backend posts search but require finding a specific menu – our extension can help with that. Search is not limited to default types and is highly customizable.

Key features of the Backend Search for Magento 2 extension

  • All-in-one Search Tool. No more separate Magento 2 backend invoice search bars or different searches for orders. With our module, everything is compounded in one place.
  • Fast and Precise Search. With the advanced implementation of Elasticsearch technology, all inquiries are handled in seconds. Our module provides less waiting and more results.
  • Easy-to-find Data Relations. The backend search extension will lay out all found data in one list. Seeing different information types together can help create connections between them.
  • Flexible Filter Support. Set search filters like Magento 2 backend attribute search or customer profiles search. With this powerful tool separating your data stream becomes easy.
  • Improved Admin Workflow. A fast and simple search through the store's backend can improve the quality of work. Less time spent managing menus – more time for meaningful work.
  • Search Across Time. Backend Search for Magento 2 provides information not only on currently active data but also for closed orders, given invoices, and out-of-stock items.
  • No Data Type Limitation. Our module is created to support any important data type in Magento stores. It includes even menus, attributes, and custom-made formats.
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