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Make a search in your Magento admin much more useful with the new Magento 2 Backend Search module. It is capable of finding almost every type of content that is available within your Magento admin. Install this module and experience a fast and seamless search for data in your Magento admin panel. Orders, customers, products, blogs – everything is just a few clicks away.

  • Increase store admins' productivity with immediate search results.
  • Enjoy an uninterrupted workflow since related information is displayed within the search window.
  • Any section of your Magento admin is just one search away.
Compatible with:
2.4.* - 2.4.6
2.4.* - 2.4.7
Magento Cloud


The search in Magento admin requires you to know what you are looking for and where to look for it. Finding specific business data may take a lot of time to shuffle through the Magento database tables.


With our module, you can just start typing, and it will immediately show you relevant results from the first letter. Search for any order, product, invoice, or customer takes no longer than a few seconds.

How our Backend Search for Magento 2 tool can elevate your store?

Improve Clarity of Work

With all search results organized and laid out in front of you all at once, finding necessary information and relations across data becomes easy.

Optimize Workflow

There is no need for separate Magento 2 backend product search and customer search with all data in one place, and there will be fewer mishaps.

Save Time and Effort

Saving some time when there is a need for separate data types searches across the backend improves the productivity of personnel in the long run.

No need to exactly remember order numbers and customer names

Our search solution works in situations where the default Magento admin search fails. For example, you may need to find an order, but you remember its number partially. The default Magento admin search fails to deliver relevant results.

Default Magento admin search

Default Magento admin search struggles with finding relevant results with incomplete order number. You need to know the exact order number to get a relevant result.

default magento backend search

Magento admin search by Mirasvit

Our search solution for Magento admin does not require you to type in the exact piece of information. It works perfectly for incomplete data pieces, and the search is carried out instantly.

enhanced magento backend search

Find what you need from the first character

Our Magento backend search solution helps you to find what you need as soon as you start typing. In contrast to the default Magento backend search there is no pause in displaying search results.

Results are refined immediately with each new character added.

Default Magento admin search

Default Magento admin search require some time to find relevant results as it relies on the MYSQL Search engine. At the end of the day, all these pauses add up and consume a significant amount of time wasted on waiting.

default magento backend search

Magento admin search by Mirasvit

Our solution uses Elasticsearch engine, which works much faster than Magento default MYSQL Search engine. Elasticsearch delivers results instantly. This greatly increases the work productivity of the store staff.

enhanced magento backend search

See related information without leaving search

Get related information without leaving the search window. It saves a lot of time by eliminating the necessity to jump from one admin page to another just to see some additional info that is related to the search query.

For example, it becomes easy to see details on orders and invoices for the specific customer. You do not have to jump to respective sections of your admin, as it happens with the default Magento backend search.

enhanced magento backend search

Most content types at your fingertips

With our advanced Magento admin search, you can quickly find almost any piece of information available through your store admin panel. The module searches through:

  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Credit memos
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Pages
  • Blog posts
  • Helpdesk tickets
  • Menu (navigation)
  • Configuration pages
  • Order Comments
  • Customers/Orders Addresses

No workflow interruption for search

enhanced magento backend search

Jump to search even without taking your hands off the keyboard.

With the shortcuts, you can quickly call the search window, find what you need, and navigate through the related info without interrupting your workflow. Simply press a shortcut to hide the search window and continue your work from where it was paused.

Just install and use

The Backend Search module starts working immediately after installation and it has been preconfigured in a best way possible.

It requires no effort from you; simply start searching in your Magento admin to see the benefits yourself.

Lifetime access to source code
Access to free support and updates for 1 year
Updates and support prolongation - $90

Pay today $149 for the first year.

Then $90 for updates and support services per year.

Cancel anytime.

30 days money back guarantee
See it in action!
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wrc Verified Buyer
From Istanbul, Turkey
Using the module for 15 days
First extensions are always here!
Searching in the admin area is always difficult. But this extension eliminates all the difficulties. It's a really well thought out extension.
Magento 2 store owners should definitely purchase this extension and see the convenience it provides!
Thank you so much! Love Mirasvit :)
Also installed:
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From United States
I didn't know how comfortable it could be until I tried it
The built-in Magento search is so ugly and slow that I never used it, always relying on filters. However, after trying Mirasvit search backend, I realized how important this feature is and how much it speeds up my work:
working in the chat – searching for customer orders – is now fast
with tickets - I quickly find required information
searching for products - super fast.

I recommend it to everyone.
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Frequently asked questions
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When searching by customers, which fields are used for the search?

For customers, the search is conducted using all the main attributes (name, email), as well as fields from related addresses (location, company name, zip code, etc.).

In addition, for a customer, you can obtain a list of placed orders, associated tickets, products, and so on.

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Can I search by comments in orders?

Yes, we automatically index comments associated with orders, which allows you to find orders based on the text in the comments and navigate to them.

Version 0.0.14May 24, 2024
Product search adjustments for Magento EE
Version 0.0.13Apr 16, 2024
Fixed query error on cron run
Version 0.0.12Apr 4, 2024
Issue with indexation
Version 0.0.11Mar 25, 2024
Compatibility with Elasticsearch 8
Version 0.0.10Dec 26, 2023
Updated product attributes indexation logic
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Risk-free Investment

30-days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our Magento 2 Backend Search extension performance for any reason, we provide a full refund.

Constant improvements and upgrades

We constantly add new features to all our modules, and are always interested in hearing your opinion and implementing your suggested features in our future developments.

Comprehensive Documentation

We provide an expanded user guide for every aspect of our Magento 2 Backend Search extension, so you can find answers for all your burning questions.

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You can customize Magento 2 Backend Search extension according to your needs and requirements.

Usability and Performance

The Module is easy to install and upgrade, just follow our step-by-step user guide.

Ready for Magento Cloud

No core modifications. The Magento 2 Backend Search extension has been tested in a Magento Cloud environment and is fully compatible with it.