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Speed up the search process on your online store with our Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro! Our extension allows you to perform fast and precise predictions in completing a word or a phrase for your customer while searching for a product. Turn your store visitors' shopping activities into a pleasant experience - suggest to them the most appropriate options for their online purchase with our Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro!

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Feature Highlights

Fast And Predictive Store Search Solution!

The faster a customer interacts with your online store via the search form, the more purchases you stand to get from the search results!

Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro is the perfect solution in completing any search queries and suggesting appropriate product options. The extension suggests the rest of the word that the customer is typing in the search string.

Furthermore, our solution solves the issue of your store's customers typing speed and suggests queries or results as they type the desired query on the search field.

Also, the backend interface is clear and intuitive. You may manage all of the extension settings in one screen.

Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro to help your customers on:

  • spell the items rightly
  • find the product they came for, quickly and comfortably
  • complete their thought

Since more than 15% of all online store visitors use the search box, as they know what exactly they are looking for, our solution is a must-have for your shop. That 15% of prospect customers care most likely about bringing in about 50% of all your orders on average!

Use the Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro to help you improve your store's customer experience and get more sales!

10 Advantages You Get With Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro

  • Autocompletes the search item after 3 (or more) symbols are entered
  • Speeds up the interaction between your store and a customer
  • Helps customers to spell the items right
  • Allows the customer to find the products quickly and conveniently
  • Lets your customer complete their thought in a split second
  • Lets you enhance your customers shopping experience
  • Allows you to manage the searchable content and how the results should look like
  • Provides you with a clear and intuitive backend settings
  • Helps you enhance more sales in your online store
  • Increases search results conversion rate!

Feature Highlights

Proper Search Suggestions

Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro provides your customers with the most accurate and convenient suggestions ever!

Even if the shopper is not sure, whether he or she has spelled the item correctly, our extension will help them to make the confident choice, suggesting the suitable options in a split second.

Having matched the results, in a dropdown box, before viewing the search page, this helps your customer make the right choice on the spot.

You can easily manage how the search tips should look like.:

  • price
  • thumbnail
  • rating
  • description

Your customers will see the results in a dropdown box, looking exactly as how you want them to see them.

Also, your shop's visitors will see the word or phrase they are looking for in bold.

Easy Searchable Content Management

Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro allows you to manage all your searchable content. You can include the existing search indexes and edit their statuses and number of results appearing on the search tip's dropdown box.

You may add to the searchable content the following indexes*:

  • popular suggestions
  • products
  • categories
  • pages etc

The customer will see the dropdown tips like you want him or her to see them.

*This feature functions fully when you have already installed our Advanced Sphinx Search Pro or Sphinx Search Ultimate.

For example, you need a customer to see Popular suggestions or Sale contents first. To actualize this, you should drag and drop the Popular suggestions widget in the first position! Then you may place Products in the second position, etc.

Arrange your store's search tips easily and get more orders with Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro!

Clear And Intuitive Administrator Interface

Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro provides you with a totally transparent backend interface.

You can make all the extension settings fall within one screen.

Easily manage the following options:

  • minimum number of characters to start autocomplete & suggest
  • delay before start searching in milliseconds
  • the tip for the search box
  • the content to perform searching with
  • product looks in searching the results on the dropdown box

Make your customers shopping comfortable with Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro!

Easily Integrate to Your Store's Theme Template

Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro easily integrates to any template.

It supports all theme types, including responsive ones.

Stay confident in your online store's performance with our solution!

Supports All Mobile Devices

Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro works perfectly in any mobile device (tablet, smartphone, etc.) due to its responsive theme support.

Let your customers feel free using their favourite device while shopping on your online store!

Install Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro today and make your customers feel comfortable while shopping in your store!
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Less searching and more finding
Brian  from Bodmin, United Kingdom
This extension is great, it allows our customers to quickly and easily find what they are looking for and more importantly buy the product quickly and easily right from the search. The results are quick and accurate.
Great extension
Daniel  from Gurgaon, India
This extension is easy to install and really works well. Results are returned very quickly and accurately. We had another extension but it did not have the accuracy for multiple word phrases that this one does.
very useful extension
jkb  from Poznan, Poland
very useful extension
Allan  from Shepperton, United Kingdom
This extension is easy to install and really works well. Results are returned very quickly and accurately. We had another extension but it did not have the accuracy for multiple word phrases that this one does.
Great extension
Hervé  from Molsheim, France
This extension do the job, customer, reactif customer service. Thanks
Great Ext.
Brijesh  from Ghaziabad, India
It is very useful and accuracy is almost met the requirements.
Great extension, go for ultimate though
Brian  from Penfield, United States
This extension works great for what it does, the only issue is without the other enhancements, Magento's built in search is poor. For an extra $99 get the ultimate search by Mirasvit instead.
Magento 1: *****
Nikos  from Greece
Magento 1: Search the shop and get instant results
Thijmen  from Netherlands
The extensions is great and add a lot of value to the magento store!
Magento 1: Very good Plugin
Jerry  from Gilbert, United States
I am happy with my purchase
Installed also: Advanced Newsletter
Magento 1: Excellent App
Steven  from Walton on Thames, United Kingdom
Easy to integrate and great support when needed.
Installed also: RMAFull Page CacheAdvanced SEO Suite
Amazing Support
Elliot  from Stourbridge, United Kingdom
Had a few issues installing as we were brand new to Magento, but the support were amazing. Within moment of raising a ticket they responded positively and politely, even offered to install it for us!
Luckily, we managed to sort it by ourselves, but knowing how responsive and accommodating they were filled us with confidence in the product. And rightly so, as it did not disappoint!
Magento 1: Great extension
Mihai  from Oradea, Romania
The extension works great and it's easy to use.
Installed also: Advanced SEO Suite
Magento 1: Good Good
turgay  from United States
This extension would definitely recommend this company even had some problems were almost solved thanks to
Magento 1: awesome, but could be better
Konstantin  from United States
The speed of the searches are amazing once they are cached, wish there was some sort of cache warmer/crawler that would cache the search results based on previous entries.
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Grovet Admin
Sep 24, 2020
It works now. Thank you
Michael Sandström
Sep 24, 2020
Best support, keep up the good work!
Galeria LueLue
Sep 23, 2020
Thank you <3
Omega Yuen
Sep 22, 2020
Doesn't help
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