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Customer Segmentation Suite for Magento 2

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Compatible with: Community: 2.0-2.2.*
Enterprise: 2.0-2.2.*

Customer’s segmentation is one of the main principles of marketing. It allows to use the communication channels with customers in the most effective way. Also it will decrease the financial resources for marketing.

Customer’s segmentation is one of the main principles of marketing. It allows to use the communication channels with customers in the most effective way. Also it will decrease the financial resources for marketing.

Customer Segmentation extension allows you to split customers into segments according to the rules and then use this segments in the other extensions.

Customers may (can) belong to the few segments. Extension works both with registered and non-registered customers (those who placed the order without registration).

Extension allows to create segments based on the rules.

The rules can use the following data about client for segmentation:

  • Customer Attributes (e.g. gender)
  • Billing/Shipping address attributes (e.g. country, state)
  • Order Address Attributes
  • Total/Average Sales Amount
  • Number of Orders
  • Purchased Quantity
  • Status/date of the last order
  • Amount of the current shopping cart
  • Number of products in the current shopping cart
  • Number of products in Shopping Cart / Wishlist / Gift Registry
  • Products that were bought before
  • Products that were viewed before

Extension allows to use segments in the cart price rules. Thus you can give the discount to your customer depending of the segment he belongs to.

Also extension allows to move customers between different customer groups depending on the segment they belong to.

You can check the history of particular customer’s moves between different segments.

Extension allows to build the report by total sales amount for each segment.

Customer Segmentation extension has integration with the following extensions:

  • Mirasvit Follow Up Email- you can send different emails based on the group customer belongs to.
  • Mirasvit Advanced Reports- you can use segments for building different types of reports.
  • Mirasvit Gift Registry- you can assign customer to the segment depending on which products are in his Gift Registry
  • Mirasvit Reward Points (coming soon)- you can use customer’s segments in the Earning and Spending reward rules.
  • Mirasvit Product Labels (coming soon) -you can show different product labels for different customer groups
  • Mirasvit Push Notifications (coming soon)- you can use segments in the rules for push notification sending

We’re keeping adding integrations with Magento and Mirasvit extensions. Feel free to contact us if you need the specific integration for this extension.

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  • remove constructor from interface




  • add basic documentation




  • fix error during compilation




  • compatibility with Magento 2.2




  • fix incorrect dependency error during compilation




  • Set correct permissions for segment tabs




  • Fix permissions to show segment tabs 'Matched Customers' and 'History'




  • create schema for virtual table in friendly way




  • Integration for Mirasvit Report: fast filter by customer segments for reports
  • Integration with Mirasvit Email - customer segment condition for trigger's rules
  • Integration with Mirasvit RWP - customer segment condition for rules




  • Refresh Segment Data by cron and collection guest customers
  • Change customers' groups after refreshing segment data

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