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Gift Registry for Magento 2

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Compatible with: Community: 2.0-2.2.*
Enterprise: 2.0-2.2.*

Let your customers' wishes come true with Gift Registry extension! Our solution makes your customers happier: by sharing and referring friends to their Gift Registry, they receive the gifts they really want. Regardless of your store's product mix, you can grow your conversion rate, since specified gifts from your store will probably turn to fast orders!

Flexible And Powerful Gift List Solution!

Gift Registry is a flexible and advanced extension for implementing a customer gift list. If your store specializes in toys, clothes, sporting goods etc. - this is the perfect solution for you!

Everyone wants something special for their important occasions (Baby Shower, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary etc.), but sometimes it is not easy or convenient to ask friends to give a specific gift.

Gift Registry helps your customers make their dreams come true in 3 easy steps:

  • сreate a gift registry
  • choose the desirable gifts and put them into the gift list
  • share the list with their friends!

It is the perfect decision for every shopper, who wants to give a polite tip about their own wishes to their friends!

Moreover, with Gift Registry your store Conversion Rate will grow, since friends or relatives are invited to buy gifts directly in your shop. Generally, they are the most feasible converters.

Grow your returning customers number and store conversion rate with our Gift Registry!

10 Advantages You Get With Gift Registry

  • Customers can select their wishes and manage them easily
  • Shoppers may share their Gift registries with friends or relatives to receive desired gifts from them
  • Customers can share their gift registries via Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Customers friends do not have to guess any more: everything is handled for them!
  • Add an unlimited number of events and occasions for your visitors gift registry.
  • Customers can add their own events and occasions
  • Add different gift priorities to help customers in ranking their gift importance
  • Customize your Gift Registry look easily
  • Get more new customers (friends and relatives are the best converters)
  • Drive more sales to your store!

Feature Highlights

Create Multiple Gift Registries For Different Occasions

Gift Registry allows your customers to create multiple gift lists for different events or even a few lists for the same occasion!

For instance, our extension lets your shoppers create several lists for a Birthday or Wedding Party. It could be useful if a customer wants to group all desired gifts on some specific characteristic:

  • clothes
  • bags
  • shoes etc

It could be convenient for customers who do not like to group all gifts together.

Gift Registry extension lets every customer organize their wishes the way he/she wants!

Clear And Intuitive Customer Interface

Gift Registry's frontend interface is clear, intuitive and user-friendly. Every customer can easily manage all gift lists:

  • create new gift registry
  • manage items in each list
  • share with friends or relatives
  • view how friends / relatives / guests see the list

Our extension allows your customers to specify in their gift registries the following important details:

  • event type
  • occasion description
  • date and location of the event
  • registrant and co-registrant names (very convenient for weddings to specify bride and groom names, for instance)
  • shipping address (delivering gifts)

Gift Registry allows your customers to arrange their gift lists fast and easy!

Manage Gift Registry Item Properties

Gift Registry provides your customers with the ability to manage their gift list item features.

All your shopper has to do - just the mouse over each item and enter the desired characteristics:

  • select item priority
  • desired quantity
  • and some notes!

So your customer friends or relatives now can see, whether 1 or 2 items are wanted and how important each gift is.

Share Gift Registry in 1 Click

The most important Gift Registry feature is sharing gift lists with friends!

Your customers can share their gift registries in just 1 click, using the following ways:

  • share via Facebook (just click on FB icon)
  • post in Google+ (click on G+ icon)
  • tweet via Twitter (use Twitter logo)
  • enter direct emails of all friends to share via email message

All these sharing options a 1-click reach and common to every customer.

Gift Registry - excellent sharing features!

Add Products to the Gift Registry Easily

Gift Registry perfectly integrates to any Magento theme (including responsive ones) and allows your customers to add items to their gift list in just 1 click!

Every product card will contain the option of adding the current item to gift registry. All your customer need to do is just click on ‘Gift Registry’ and choose the list to add it (or create the a new one).

Simple and Fast Search Through Gift Registry

Gift Registry extension has a search feature. Two searching modes are available for your customers:

  • finding public gift registries by registrant's first and last name
  • access private gift registries by gift registry identifier

This might be useful if your customer has a lot of different (private and public) gift registries, but needs to find the specific one.

For example, a shopper wants to find some public registry. He or she should just enter the registrant's first and last name and receives the search results

Or, for instance, your customer wants to access some specific private registry. Thus he or she should enter into the search box a unique registry ID assigned while creating the gift list.

Gift Registry gives your customers a smoother shopping experience!

Simple Guest View Mode

Gift Registry provides your customers with a clear and transparent Guest view mode.

Guest view is supposed to present customer’s friends or relatives with a specific occasion gift list. All ‘Guests’ receive the link on this view after a customer shares it publicly via social networks or by email.

So, every guest can buy customer’s desired items right from this page! Just mouse over any gift and click Add to cart!

Gift Registry solution is convenient both for the customer, and for his/her friends. Not to mention, a customer’s friends or relatives invited to buy gifts from your store are the highest converters.

Drive more sales to your shop with Gift Registry!

Manage Item Priorities Easily

Gift Registry allows you to manage all important gift list settings easily, using a clear and transparent backend interface.

One of the most remarkable features you can take control of is Item Priorities. You may create any number of them and name them as you wish. The standard solution suggests 3 optional priorities:

  • low
  • medium
  • high

However, if your online store's corporate identity allows you to be less formal, you are free to rename priorities as you wish!

Gift Registry is a flexible solution for customizing your shoppers gift list!

Customize Gift Registry Frontend Grid

Gift Registry is flexible and powerful extension allowing you to customize the frontend gift list grid view.

Using a user-friendly backend interface you may activate/deactivate, add/delete fields for customer’s gift list. Also you may set the sort order and mandatory fields.

Our Extension allows you to create different fields for each event. For example, you may include a section titled, Co-registrant for a ‘Wedding’ event, while for other occasions this section might be disabled.

Manage all important options easily and make your customer experience smoother with Gift Registry!

Create an Unlimited Number of Occasions

Gift Registry solution allows you to create any number of different events to fit your store's specialization.

You are free to extend the occasions list to fit your store needs. For instance, if your shop specializes in baby products you can add the following events:

  • Baby Shower
  • Diaper Shower
  • Sprinkles
  • Blessingways
  • NewBorn Party etc.

With Gift Registry you can customize and extend the event list to comply with your store product mix and prompt your customers to add more items to their gift lists!

Install Gift Registry extension and increase your store's Conversion Rate!
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  • compatibility with PHP >= 7.0




  • Use proper serialization method for Magento 2.2
  • Fix problem validating quote during checkout in Magento 2.2




  • compatibility with Magento 2.2




  • more translations


  • Provide correct 'Guest View' link for Gift Registry in Registry Grid within admin panel
  • Properly retrieve orders associated with the gift registry




  • Properly show gift registry share message




  • Translate subjects in Gift Registry emails




  • Translate text in email templates




  • Do not show 'add to gift registry' dropdown dialog when another dropdown dialog activated


  • Translate select options for registry fields




  • Translate calendar information




  • properly set page title


  • Include translation file
  • Show totals for gift registry orders




  • Compatibility with Magento versions 2.0.x
  • allow to add new product from admin panel by users with custom permissions




  • Ability to show order gift messages on the gift registry guest page




  • Show global product name in admin




  • Resolve CustomerSegment module dependency (affects since 1.0.25)




  • Not all Gift Regisry products QTY udpated after placing order




  • Integration with Mirasvit Customer Segment extension, conditions to validate Gift Registry products




  • Translate all the available messages




  • Missed dependency (affects since 1.0.22)




  • Fix security issue




  • Do not overwrite Gift Registry ID when saving it in admin panel




  • Fix error when updating Gift Registry items with empty list




  • Ability to use multiple statuses to change Gift Registry ordered/received QTY




  • Correctly display product images in emails when CDN used (affects all)




  • Item QTY is not changed when order receives 'pending' status


  • Display item received QTY at the 'products' tab at the Gift Registry edit page




  • #11 Ability to create shipping address for gift registry using AJAX




  • Fixed issue with product and order searching at registry edit page in admin (affects from 1.0.14)




  • #8 Ability to add products to gift registry from admin panel




  • Correctly handle date for different locales




  • Poperly display values for custom registry fields
  • Correctly handle custom registry checkbox field




  • Fix small issues with the buttons at the checkout
  • Correctly display grid of orders in Orders tab for the gift registry




  • Fix date gift registry event date issue
  • Convert JS compatible date format to PHP




  • Fix error in order edit page within admin panel (affects from 1.0.8)
  • Correctly display grid with registries (affects all)




  • #2 Gift Registry information for the order pages




  • Change const to var for JS (issue in Safari) (affects all)




  • Support of Magento 2.1.0




  • Issue with checkout for guests
  • Update minicart on adding gift registry item to cart


  • Ability to search by co-registrant's name




  • GRY2-28 - Ability to show/hide public registries from search results by default


  • GRY2-29 - Process gift registries per website




  • GRY2-26 - Ability to set placeholder for new gift registries


  • Fixing small admin issues


  • added initial setup and settings




  • Do not allow to delete/disable system and required fields/sections


  • GRY2-21 Interface improvements
  • Interface improvements of search page
  • GRY2-23 Sample data & Backend




  • GRY2-18 Use correct date format in admin panel
  • GRY2-19 Add product to registry immediately, when the registry is only one




  • GRY2-14 Empty link for sharing gift registry
  • GRY2-11 Problem while saving registry in admin panel
  • GRY2-6 ing Highlight menu item in admin panel
  • GRY2-15 Close dropdown after adding product to registry
  • GRY2-16 Do not cache page for managing items


  • GRY2-12 ing Organize menu items in a consistent manner




  • Customer session does not contain customer data in blocks




  • Responsive css
  • no_action instead of set_null for FK
  • Install giftr_type table earlier than giftr_registry
  • duplication
  • Remove FK::ACTION_CASCADE and tmp disable function for config products




  • no_action instead of set_null for FK
  • Install giftr_type table earlier than giftr_registry
  • duplication
  • Remove FK::ACTION_CASCADE and tmp disable function for config products


  • All tests fixed
  • Fixing PHP-MD tests
  • Solving phpmd warnings
  • Complete unit tests
  • GRY2-3

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