Magento 2 Product Finder

The Parts Finder extension is a great solution for stores that sell spare parts (e.g. for vehicles, cell phones or printers).

It adds a block with a set of filters like Year, Make, Model, and Category. Customers will apply filters step-by-step, quickly accessing the products that are most relevant to them and moving on with the purchase. This will improve your user experience and conversion rate.

  • Add a parts finder block to your site
  • Significantly enhance the user experience
  • Choose which attributes to show in filters
  • Easily work with a large number of products
  • Quickly import product attributes
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Feature Highlights

Searching through the catalog of an online store that sells large varieties of intricate products like vehicle spare parts or printer cartridges can be quite daunting.

It contains a large number of very similar products and the default search tool or layered navigation is not well suited for such a search.


Magento 2 Product Finder streamlines product searches with an easy-to-use all-in-one custom filter block. Once customers apply these filters, they'll only see the products that are relevant to them.

How it works:

Our extension adds a finder block with a filter according to your most important attributes (i.e. Year, Make, Model, Engine, Category) to your store. The customers will use it to filter the products that are relevant to them.

Significantly Enhance the User Experience

  • This extension combines filters from the most important attributes in a single block. Visitors can search for products much more quickly and intuitively with this extension than with default Magento filters.
  • It saves the search results in URL parameters. Your customers can go back to them, share them online by copying the URL, or save them for future use.
  • Visitors can search for products without filling in the entire filter list--even a single option will suffice.
  • The extension works great with any amount of data, even if you have 1,000,000 products in your store.

Configure the Product Filters for Your Needs

  • There's no limit to the number of filters you can add to a finder block, so that this extension will fit any types of products.
  • You can sort filter values in ascending or descending order to ensure optimal visibility.
  • You can also display the filters as labels or in a dropdown list, so the data is always displayed in the most advantageous way.
  • If you'd prefer that visitors always submit certain filters, you can make them mandatory.

Quickly Import Product Attributes

  • You can import the attribute values for filters using a CSV file, so you don't have to manually set them up.
  • You can overwrite the existing data or add new data.

Easily Make the Block Fit Your Site's Design

  • Magento 2 Product Finder blocks can be placed anywhere on the site. For instance, you can add it to the homepage to create an excellent CTA.
  • There's no limit to how many blocks you can add to a single page. The module will show the search results from the block the customer filled in.
  • You can customize the finder's template just like any other block.
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100% functionality, great support
erc77  from United States
The extension is working great and provides 100% functionality. And, I really like Mirasvit service and customer support.
Great module
Andy  from Lons-le-Saunier, France
Excellent product to help filter the items.
Perfect solution for thousands products
InkStoreUSA  from Cliffside Park, United States
We are using part finder extension to allow our customers to find products easily. With this extensions, customers are able to filter products by printer brand and printer family. Results are in seconds. Conversation rate increased rapidly
Unique Extension and very good support
TT  from Hofamt Priel, Austria
Bought the extension as it was the only one where you could use attributes for the filter! Setup is easy. Support was very quick with fixing an issue.
Excellent Product
Mario  from Rocky River, United States
Another great extension from Mirasvit. Easy to integrate, does exactly what it is supposed to, and is low-conflict with other extensions. I highly recommend!
Great Extension but improve with a Image
Mike  from United States
Nice Extension, great. Now improve the Dropdown with small images, it is simpler for the customers.
I&P  from United States
Another great extension from Mirasvit. Works as described and instant support is very helpful. +1
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