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If you update your products regularly, you know how time-consuming these changes can get. Streamlining them is in your best interest.

Magento 2 Product Mass Action adds essential bulk update options to the product grid, boosting your efficiency.

The module will improve your daily routine so much you won't know how you got by without it!

  • Optimize your product update workflow
  • Change categories and related products in bulk
  • Copy product images and custom options
  • Edit attributes and make price changes easier to enact
  • Set up cronjobs for particularly large updates
Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.7
2.3.* - 2.4.7
Magento Cloud

Business Value

  • Opportunity: If you have to update your products regularly, these routine changes can add up and take too much of your time. You'd be wise to optimize them. Updating the most important product variables in bulk is the best optimization strategy.
  • Problem: Magento's bulk update options are restricted to product removal, enabling/disabling the products, changing their attributes, and managing inventory sources. They're too limited to be efficient: you can't even assign products to categories in bulk!
  • Solution: Magento 2 Product Mass Action adds many crucial options to the product grid. With this extension, you can assign products to categories, edit related products, copy product images and custom product options, update product attributes, and make price changes far easier in bulk. Last but not least, you can set up cronjobs to let the store handle larger tasks by itself!
With this module, product updates will be a breeze!

Excellent UX

Say goodbye to redundant clicking

We made sure every change requires as little clicking, scrolling and page loading as possible. These minor steps add up, especially with something as frequently occurring as product updates.

We know how annoying dropdowns can be

Magento 2 Product Mass Action adds clickable buttons to the bottom of the grid. You can just click them instead of scrolling through the dropdown bar every time you'd like to change something.

Time saved is money saved

The faster can you and your team deal with remedial work, the more time will you have to spend on growing your business and increasing your profits.

New Product Actions

Category assignment doesn't have to be daunting

You can add products to categories or remove them with just a couple of clicks.

Implementing the perfect category structure for your site will be a piece of cake.

Updating product galleries with Mirasvit Magento 2 Mass Product Update extension

Make child products look great

Get a Magento mass import product image from several existing products in your store or mass remove images.

This is great for setting up configurable, grouped or bundled products.

Updating gallery images with Mirasvit Magento 2 Product Mass Action module

They'll work for multiple products

You can copy the custom options from different products.

It'll be as simple as copying a template!

Updating custom product options with Mirasvit Magento 2 Mass Product Action module

Secure the higher average order value

Magento 2 Mass Product Update makes setting up related/up-sell/cross-sell product sections much more straightforward. You can:

  • Add or remove specific products
  • Copy the related products from a different SKU
  • Cross-link the products you add and the products you select
  • Remove all products
Updating related products with Mirasvit Magento 2 Product Mass Action extension

Improved Product Actions

Stop moving back and forth

With this extension, you can update attributes in bulk far more easily. You'll be able to select only the attributes you need and alter them in a pop-up.

There's no need to load a new page or scroll through a long attribute list anymore.

Updating invidivual product attributes with Mirasvit Magento 2 Mass Update Attribute module

Reclassify the products instantly

Magento 2 Mass Update Attribute lets you change product attribute sets, too.

That will help you establish a more elaborate product taxonomy in no time.

Updating product attribute sets with Mirasvit Magento 2 Mass Update Attribute module

Fewer clicks, more control

Get a Magento 2 updated product price in mass . With this module, you will be able to change costs and special prices by adding a different value, adding or subtracting a fixed sum, or adding or subtracting a percentage of the total.

This is particularly great for sales or seasonal goods.

Updating product price with Mirasvit Magento 2 Mass Product Action module

Easy Updates

Make the updates right here, right now

The module processes all pre-constructed Magento mass product actions right after you click the Process button. You don't have to wait until Magento completes the task via Cron. Still, you have the option of planning out a Magento mass product options update by Cron so as to lower the load on your server and conduct an update when the load is minimal.

Queue particularly large changes

Making a bulk update of several thousands products can take a lot of time. You can offload these jobs to cron so that they don't lock you out of the other backend tasks.

Boost your productivity with Magento 2 Mass Product Action right now!
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sb Verified Buyer
From Hasselt, Netherlands
Using the module for 6 months
Can't do without
It is a must have for mass product changes. Easy,quick to use!
Also installed:
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Matthew Verified Buyer
From Montreal, Canada
Using the module for almost 1 year
Huge time saver
This add-on is a time saver, allowing us to manage our massive catalogue efficiently.
Also installed:
Elastic Search Ultimate,  AI Assistant
wrc Verified Buyer
From Istanbul, Turkey
Using the module for almost 1 month
Saves much time! Quick support!
With the module, we can update products in a few minutes compared to hours. It is very easy to use and saves an incredible amount of time. If you have a large catalog of products that needs updating then this extension is definitely for you.
Thank you again!
Also installed:
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robin76 Verified Buyer
From Corciano, Italy
Using the module for 8 months
I currently use it to manage all mass updates. Very useful and a must for those who have hundreds of items
Also installed:
Advanced Reports,  Improved Sorting,  Customer Segmentation Suite,  Order Management,  Affiliate
ahmed Verified Buyer
From Cairo, Egypt
Using the module for 11 days
good extension
Help me adjust prices faster
Also installed:
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Manual & Support
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Frequently asked questions
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Can Mass Product Actions be used simultaneously with multivendor marketplace modules for Magento 2?

The Mass Product Actions module provides functionality for a Magento site to assign and reassign attributes, sources, product prices, etc. For example, our extension allows mass assigning of manufacturers to products, or other product attributes on a marketplace with multiple sellers and their products.

Our module is compatible with the default Magento tools. If the marketplace module which was used to convert a Magento 2 into a marketplace also follows the standard practices and recommendations of Magento - it should be compatible with a Mass Product Actions extension.

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How can I configure the Mass Product Actions module before using it?

Our Module is ready to serve your needs right after its installation in your Magento 2 store. It doesn't require any prior configuration before use. This module also provides no parameters configurable by the end user that can be adjusted during its usage within the Magento 2 interface.

The Mass Product Actions provides a simple and intuitive interface for mass product actions which is available over the default Magento interface of the product catalog page. Check the documentation manual to learn about how to use the extension and get acquainted with its interface.

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What is the maximum product catalog size a Mass Product Actions module can handle?

Our extension directly works with the database of your store. You have the full freedom to use the Mass Product Actions for updating attributes of one or multiple products at once.

The work speed of the module depends on the speed of your server and its current load. To reduce the load on the server, our module offers a functionality to plan a mass update job by Cron schedule. The mass update of hundreds or thousands of products can be planned by Cron to lower the server load, and updates of small product batches can be done instantly.

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Can the Mass Product Actions plugin mass update the fields by product properties?

Using Mass Product Action to update products, it is possible to modify only the product attributes. Some product parameters, like the Search Weight parameter of the product attribute, may seem like its own attribute, yet is actually a field. Such parameters can be updated individually for each product on the product edit page.

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Can products in the store catalog be made related using this module?

It is possible with our extension to make a mass connection between products, such as related, up-sell or cross-sell items.

Our module provides several variant of how products can connect to each other. The sser has the option to simply specify the SKUs for products to connect to, or the list of such connected products can be copied from a pre-existing list for some product. A list of connected products can also be copied in both directions - from the source product to the product being updated and from this updated product to the source.

Additionally, Mass Product Actions offers functionality for removing all upp-sell, cross-sell and related products for the specified items in the store product catalog.

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How does Mass Product Actions handle custom options of the products?

In addition to the standard product attributes, Magento 2 offers a functionality for adding a custom option. As an example of such a custom option, a personalized engraving with the name of the buyer on a ring can be specified.

Mass Product Actions provides the functionality to copy the existing custom option from any SKU to the selected products. Since the product may already have a custom option, our extension allows you to replace it with a new one or add a new one to the existing one.

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Does Mass Product Actions provide a rounding option for mass price updates?

The Mass Product Actions provides several variants for mass price updating. It is a replacement of the current price for chosen products, adding or subtracting from the current price and percentage of the current price.

Regardless of the chosen variant, the final updated price value is calculated with rounding to the second decimal number. For example, if the price is 10.274 - it will be rounded to 10.27, and for the price 10.275 it will be rounded to 10.28. If the price is 10, and it must be corrected as 1.156%, the result price will not be 0.1156, but it will be rounded to 0.12.

The Mass Product Actions does not let the user interface change the rounding parameters via the Magento backend admin panel.

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Can Mass Product Actions update the product attributes for an individual website or customer group?

Default Magento 2 configuration allows you to set the product visibility for specific websites related to a store. Product visibility for the customer group can be set up using the third-party extension.

The Mass Product Action module does not provide a functionality for assigning products to the store view or customer group. These parameters of product visibility can be changed individually on the product editing page.

Still, it is possible to mass-edit product attributes for the specified store view by using a filtering option. Filter out items that belong to the particular website, and then update their attributes as usual.

Version 1.0.22Jul 13, 2023
Action "Update Gallery Image" for m2.4.6
Version 1.0.20May 30, 2023
Class "Magento\Framework\Filter\FilterInput" not found when save rule in admin
Action "Update Gallery Image" does not remove images
Version 1.0.19Feb 1, 2023
Added ability to calculate special price based on price
Version 1.0.18Jan 4, 2023
Action "Update Gallery Images"
Version 1.0.17May 30, 2022
Action "Copy Custom Options" cache
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