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Chargebacks and frauds are common issues of any online store. The Fraud Detector extension prevents fraud by calculating a fraud risk score for every order.

Our solution has a score-based algorithm to evaluate every order risks on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the score, the riskier the order is, and the more reason to cancel it.

Avoid time and money losses with a Fraud Detector solution!

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Fraud Detector: Easily Minimize Every Order Fraud Risk!

Store managers may reject both genuine transactions and suspicious ones - that's just an everyday workflow. You lose money canceling 'good' orders and time checking 'bad' ones.

Here are the most critical reasons why stores use to cancel any order:

  • Non-existing delivery address
  • Delivery and billing address differs
  • Non-deliverable postcode
  • Destination country is way too far from the store

Every time your service team members manually evaluates all the factors above, literally, the notorious 'human factor' increases risks.

Magento Fraud Prevention extension allows you to minimize the main risks and do away with the human factors by automating all activities of checking orders and informing managers about dangers.

Depending on a fraud score, the extension will select one of these statuses: accepted, manual review, rejected. However, service and support team members will still be able to review each order's score and make the decision to cancel it or not.

Our solution is flexible so that you can configure it according to your business model and goals.

Furthermore, you are free to add your fraud score calculation settings, depending on your business experience and knowledge of your store customers' specific aspects.

Fraud Detector - automate your store's orders' risk-checking!

8 Advantages You Get With Fraud Detector

  • Avoid canceling cleared orders.
  • No more suspicious transactions!
  • Use human factor pros: get fraud risk scores and decide whether or not to check it out manually.
  • Your online store-related configuration: add your settings to comply with your business model.
  • Automate a huge scope of work and save time!
  • View the physical map of your customers' destinated country and estimate the risks in a glance.
  • Get the deepest insight about your customers' by viewing their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles!
  • No recurring fees: one-time extension fee and no additional charges for transactions or monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Fraud Score at a Glance

The Fraud Detector extension has an intuitive and clear interface allowing you to view every order risk score in a glance.

You may see the Orders tab for the score estimates and decide on your further actions: Cancel, Hold, Unhold.


View the fraud risk score to revise it manually if you believe this case is worth your attention, and the order was rejected unfairly.

Fraud Detector - be aware of every order status without any effort!

Flexible Fraud Risk Score Configuration

Magento Fraud Prevention allows you to tune the risk scores to match your store's business model and goals.

Our solution has the following out-of-box test set:

  • Distance between shipping and billing addresses
  • Customer's location
  • The total order should be within the normal range of orders for this store
  • Phone number looks real
  • Customer's email looks real
  • Customer's order history
  • IP history

Furthermore, you may configure each test's importance for the final fraud risk score!

Advanced Customer Profile

Magento 2 Fraud Prevention allows you to view advanced customer profiles. This feature is critical in case of a manual revision of order risk status.

Explore the following key indicators for each customer:

  • Orders history
  • IP history
  • Google Map of the customer's shipping or billing addresses and customer's location.

Visualizing the distances lets you catch the possible fraud risks in a glance!

Easily Adjust Fraud Detector to Your Business Model

Fraud Detector allows you to easily manage the most important risk indicators by allowing you to create your rules with conditions.

For example, one of the common risks of any online store is high-risk countries - the countries situated far from your store or having a high shipping rate.

To cover this issue, you may create a rule and set shipping countries to Review status (or any other, you may choose it) automatically.

You are free to add any other rules for Fraud Detector solutions to comply with your business model!

It is irreplaceable to save your team time and focus on risky orders!

Check Even Customers' Social Accounts

Fraud Detector allows you to inspect high-risk orders providing you with the deepest customer insights!

Our solution displays URLs of buyer social accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

If your manager needs to get that deep, they've got it! Observing the social accounts of your customers gives you key information for making the final decision.

Magento 2 Fraud Detector - flexible management on an insight level!

Get fraud risk free orders and save your time and money with Fraud Detector!
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Good fraud detection system.
Karl  from Sittard, Netherlands
Good fraud detection system.
Has saved us already lot of money!
Works perfect, great support
wrc  from Antalya, Turkey
Really great extension for fraud prevention. Very good and easy to use. Thank you.
Tom  from Kenosha, United States
Very useful extension, this extension does things I normally check so helps me speed up the process. I saw this extension check social accounts but the accounts that show up aren’t necessarily the correct ones. They should check against email addresses, at least you can do that with facebook. Good extension none the less
+Great start but needs more!
Henry  from Longwood, United States
This is right on track and many good ideas to spot fraud but nothing to flag bad customers, emails. address, phones so they don't get you again. As said Its a great start but only a 1/2 useful extension. If you want a big merchants help Mirisvit happy to help for free :)
Very good and easy to use.
Steve  from Ontario, United States
Very good and easy to use.
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Jacques Cardinal
Sep 30, 2020
Excellent support in general and for Advanced Reporting in particular. Many thanks
Grovet Admin
Sep 24, 2020
It works now. Thank you
Michael Sandström
Sep 24, 2020
Best support, keep up the good work!
Galeria LueLue
Sep 23, 2020
Thank you <3
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