Mirasvit Last Updates - April 2024

Spring is picking up the pace, and so is Mirasvit’s work to enhance our modules. In April, our efforts were focused on improving existing extensions. This article gathered all the important updates to our modules, excluding bug fixes. Dive in and see what’s new!

Automatic Related Products

🔥 Improvement: reduced indexing time

With an update, the indexing time for loading products decreased. The system will process items faster, so the extension will work faster overall.

Backend Search

🔥 Improvement: compatibility with Elasticsearch 8

Backend search now uses Elasticsearch version 8. This version of the search engine improves the search process's speed, relevance, and security. You will receive results faster, and they will be more precise.

Banner Slider

🔥 Improvement: disable collecting banners' impressions and clicks

With this new option, merchants can switch the analytics on and off the banners page. If turned off, the statistics about clicks and impressions will not be gathered and shown.

🔥 Improvement: updated translation file for SearchAutocomplete

The translation file was updated, so more phrases and words are translated correctly. All titles and messages within the module that were updated lately are now properly translated.

🔥 Improvement: improvements in the QuickStat load speed

With this update, the speed of the search report loading was increased. This is achieved by changing the priority of loading and indexing fields used in queries.

Improved Asynchronous Reindexing

🔥 Improvement: cronjob auto cleanup for old records

Now, there is an automatic deletion process for old indexation history. These records can occupy enough space if you use the extension for a long time. Instead of cleaning them manually, the system will do it automatically via the cronjob.

Fraud Detector

🔥 Improvement: added distance unit config

Now, merchants can choose distance units in which the module will show the distance. This will affect the distance between the shipping and billing address and the customer’s location. For example, if you are used to using kilometers, you don’t have to convert miles manually.

🔥 Improvement: removed debug log messages

Earlier, a debug message about time spent on a calculation caused the Health & Performance Monitoring Suite to show a warning when you opened orders. Although harmless, this message was removed to avoid false error messages.


🔥 Improvement: Google Consent Mode v2

The extension was updated to include Google Consent Mode version 2. This new feature to the module brings extended consent mode. Now, we will collect user data when they agree or disagree to give their consent. If a user decides not to allow the use of their data, Google tags will gather data using pings, not cookies.

Google Analytics 4 with GTM

🔥 Improvement: user data variables for the Purchase event

This update improves the accuracy of the conversion measurements. User data is secured, hashed, and sent to Google for processing. This allows the extension to provide more accurate measurements.

Inventory or Stock Management Extension & Planner

🔥 Improvement: added inventory indexer

The module's indexing logic was changed. Now, it operates more like Magento itself, using separate indexes. Moreover, postponed updates were implemented. This means that the process of saving items will be faster now.

Product Attachments

🔥 Improvement: adding global attachment position

Now, you can enforce a placement order over attachments. For example, if you want a certain attachment to appear third, you can type “3” in a dedicated field. This addition will help admins with sorting attachments.

Advanced SEO Suite

🔥 Improvement: SEO audit optimization

Before this update, page content was stored in the database. Now, all this data is stored in separate files, which shifts load from the database and significantly increases the performance. Simply said, the module is working faster now.


🔥 Improvement: custom payment methods

Now, you can create custom labels for different payment methods. With them, you can inform your clients which payment service they can use to receive their withdrawals.


If you want to see all the changes and bug fixes for yourself, open the manual for a module you are interested in. There is a changelog section that recounts all updates. You can find our modules on the extension page on our website. See you next month!

Anton Gurtovoi


Anton works as a content creator at Mirasvit. For the last 7 years, he constantly perfected his writing skills, diving into different topics and technics.
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