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Advanced Sphinx Search Pro for Magento 2

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Compatible with: Community: 2.0-2.2.*
Enterprise: 2.0-2.2.*

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro is the most adaptive Magento 2 search engine! It gives customers search needs in a split second and provides highly relevant results. Stop your store search issues with our solution: no more empty results! Get more orders with the Extension and watch how your conversion grows!

The Fastest and the Smartest Store Search Engine

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro is fast enough to perform search and provide search results within a moment: the searching speed is over 500 queries/sec against 1,000,000 skus! At the same time our extension is smart enough to turn all your customers search queries into relevant results.

Advanced Search solution allows your store users to receive correct search results for words, containing dashes or any other non-alphabetic symbols, - called Long tail search.

Moreover, you may manage the order of products in the search results and set desired items higher, than other ones, using an attribute weight feature.

Our extension also resolutely deals with the issue of the words useless in searching, like “a”, “and” etc. Such words will simply be removed from the search phrase!

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro allows you to manage synonyms: built-in synonyms dictionary already contains 60370 items (for English language), and you are able to add additional ones of your own!

The more convenient the search you use for your store, the more satisfied customers you get!

10 Advantages You Get With Advanced Sphinx Search Pro

  • Highly relevant search results in no time!
  • Search by multiple content types
  • Long-tail search option.
  • Easy synonym managing.
  • Extremely high indexing speed.
  • Manage the search results order to sell more products!
  • Automatic stop words skipping.
  • Searching by product categories, IDs, child products etc.
  • Wildcard search option.
  • Excellent shoppers experience.

Feature Highlights

Incredible relevant results

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro suggests to your store customers user-friendly search logic.

They will be able to search by the entire key phrase or by separate words. Search results received by shoppers are highly relevant! It's almost as if our extension reads your store customers’ thoughts!

The more relevant the search results are, the more returned visitors you get!

Let your customers feel cared for with Advanced Sphinx Search Pro!

Multi Search Feature

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro allows you to get results from multiple store entities!

Our extension is so smart, that your customers will see the answers for their search queries from:

  • products
  • categories
  • wordpress blog
  • other content (policies, terms etc.).

Give your customers in-depth search results and take them closer to their next purchase in your store!

Clear Search Settings Interface

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro interface is quite clear and intuitive, so you can change any setting quickly and easily.

You may use different types of search engines:

  • built-in Sphinx engine;
  • external Sphinx engine;
  • MySQL.

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro is a fully featured and flexible solution! Make all the necessary settings with ease and comfort!

Flexible Search Index Options

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro allows you to enable or disable, at any moment, the following options for search indexes:

  • searching by parent category names
  • searching by child products (for bundle and configurable products)
  • searching by product ID
  • searching by custom options (if you created any)
  • pushing Out of Stock products to the end of search results list.

Our solution lets you meet all your customers needs and gives them the most relevant search results ever!

Separate Settings For Different Content Types

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro has an option to create separate search indexes for each type of store content.

You can create the following search indexes:

  • products
  • categories
  • blog
  • CMS pages
  • forum entries
  • catalog attributes
  • catalog search queries.

Or create your own unique search index!

Return the Most Important Attributes to The Top

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro allows you to manage not only the positions of search indexes in the results, but also handle the order of different attributes!

If you need some attributes to prevail over the others, just set a weight value from 1 to 10 to arrange their priorities in searching.

For example, you want the search engine to search by Product Titles first. Therefore, assign the Title attribute Weight to 10 and enjoy your search results!

Take control of your searching flows and provide your customers with highly relevant results!

Singular and Plural Searches

Regardless of key phrase form (singular or plural) your customers will get the most relevant results!

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro allows you to relax and be confident that your store's search engine will not let you down! Get the most out of your store's search results and make your customers shopping experience smooth and refined!

Stemming Support

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro supports stemming option!

This means our search engine will reduce (literally cut) the keyword entered to the search string to its base form and provide the results containing this root form of the word.

For example, if a customer searches for ‘cats’, he/she gets the results containing ‘catlike’, ‘catty’ etc.) as based on the word of ‘cat’.

The advantage of this feature is your customers will see the fullest list of results and most likely pick out some items!

Check Search Engine Status Within a Second

Advanced Sphinx Search Pro's backend interface allows you easily check if the engine is functioning right.

Just click Check Status and you will get the checking results in a split second (feature available for External Sphinx Engine)!

If your engine works fine, you will see the green check mark and detailed report right in the same window.

Wildcard Support

Another useful feature is Wildcard search: if you enable this option, your store customers will be able to perform inquiries based on a character pattern, matching between the characters specified in a query and words in store content, that contain those character patterns.

For example, if your customer enters ‘sweat*’, he/she gets the results, including all items, beginning with ‘sweat’.

This feature also covers single and plural searches.

Install Advanced Sphinx Search Pro and easily get more sales!
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