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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks around. It’s becoming more and more ecommerce-friendly with its seamless shopping experience. Expanding your presence on the network is an excellent business opportunity. However, seamless shopping means you have to get your products there first.

Magento 2 Instagram Feed lets you create a product feed for Instagram, schedule feed generation and delivery, analyze its results with an analytics suite, and more.

  • Generate an Instagram product feed
  • Create as many feeds as possible
  • Get straight to business
  • Use conditions to filter products
  • Automate the generation and delivery
Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.7
2.3.* - 2.4.7
Magento Cloud

Business Value

  • Opportunity: Instagram says it has more than 1 billion users. This social network is gaining the lead in ecommerce, too. Its shoppable posts let users buy products without even leaving the app. 70% of shoppers in the US use Instagram for product discovery, according to Facebook. In other words, Instagram is perfect for sales and advertising.
  • Problem: Seamless shopping experience means you have to export your products to Instagram before you can sell there. You also have to be able to update them regularly.
  • Solution: Magento 2 Instagram Feed lets you quickly and easily generate a product feed for Instagram, tweak its content and automate its generation and delivery.

How It Works

Instagram takes its products from Facebook Shops. This feature lets you create a feed with a ready-to-go template for Facebook which you can then use in your Instagram account.

Main Advantages

Create as Many Feeds as Possible

There are no limits to the number of feeds or products inside them. You can generate as many of them as you need, which can be as large as required for your business.

Get Straight to Business

This feature offers a preconfigured Facebook template so you don’t have to waste time setting it up. However, we also offer advanced pattern and variable customization options if your business requires them.

Use Conditions to Filter Products

You may not need to export the entire catalog. You can single out only the exact products you need with Magento conditions. They support both product attributes and product performance data.

Automate Generation and Delivery

If you update your catalog often, you can set the feed generation to a specific date. You can also automate feed delivery to Facebook via FTP or SFTP.

Lifetime access to source code
Access to free support and updates for 1 year
Updates and support prolongation - $108

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Then $108 for updates and support services per year.

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Frequently asked questions
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Can I generate the feed for a different service?

Yes, you can. Besides manual generation, this module includes templates for **50+** ecommerce services, including Amazon and Google Shopping.

Version 1.4.4Apr 26, 2024
Added "Strip style tag" modifier
Fixed preview in CSV feeds (conflict between jQuery and lib/web/legacy-build.min.js)
Version 1.4.3Apr 18, 2024
Add a script for reports only if the reports feature is enabled in the configurations
Fixed the issue with incorrect feed URL
Version 1.4.2Mar 21, 2024
Check that the feed is generated before delivery
Added ability to get the "Manage Stock" attribute
Fixed the issue with custom static attributes
Fixed the issue with export generation on Magento PWA
Version 1.4.1Mar 4, 2024
Fixed the issue with an empty first line in CSV/TXT feeds when the header is excluded
Fixed the issue with getting stock status for a bundle product
Fixed the issue with feed email notifications not being sent
Fixed compatibility with PHP 7.1
Version 1.4.0Feb 21, 2024
Added ability to manage feeds in remote storage
Remove modifier arguments if no modifier is set (CSV, TXT feeds)
Get categories in a feed only for the selected store
Optimized the loading of the "Content Settings" tab when the number of product attributes exceeds 1000
Added a patch to fix CSV and TXT feeds where modifier arguments were stored incorrectly
Fixed the issue with getting the lowest category for a product
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