Magento 2 Social Login Extension

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Let your potential and existing customers sign in or sign up quickly and easily using social media login options. Improve your users' experience and collect visitors' data in just one click.

  • works with Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, PayPal, Twitter, and Yahoo
  • select the desired place on a page to display the authorization form
  • analyze the statistics of how often users use the social login option
  • set the destination URL to forward to a user after authorization
  • set one of the two display options - buttons or icons
Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.7
2.3.* - 2.4.7
Magento Cloud

What does Magento Social Login extension do?

Every experienced internet user knows how annoying it can be to sign up for or sign in to a site.

Some users experience this regularly, while others do not. A frustrating sign in experience can alienate customers and scare them away from your store. Is there an easy solution to an issue of this nature?

For us, the answer is a resounding 'yes!' How can the authorization process become more comfortable? Is there a way it can help increase the number of authorized users? Research has shown that more than eighty percent of visitors are likely to sign up or sign in if there is an option for authorization via social networks.

This Social Login for Magento 2 module aims to provide a comfortable and straightforward way for transforming store visitors to your store customers. This extension is ready-to-use; all you have to do is select the desired options after installation, and improve your customers' experience instantly.

There are two options for understanding how well the Magento login extension works. First, you can try to look deep into the internal module statistics which shows how often users make use of a social network. Secondly, learn the statistic provided by Google Analytics. How has it changed the bounce rate and abandoned carts? We promise you will be pleasantly surprised with the results you'll see.

Full Magento 2 Social Login features lists

  • Diversity of supported services (Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, PayPal, Twitter, Yahoo)
  • Internal statistics
  • Forwarding to a particular page after authorization
  • Two display options - buttons or icons
  • Display the social media option on the shopping cart or wherever else you please

Wrapping up

This module is a must-have solution for merchants looking for ways to improve their users' experience and boost sales in their stores.

Magento 2 Social Login feature comparison

The Mirasvit Magento 2 Social Login extension offers a competitive set of features especially when compared to its counterparts from other vendors. This tool is designed to streamline the user login and registration process on e-commerce store by leveraging social media accounts. This Magento 2 Social Login extension supports popular social media platforms, enabling quick and easy login or sign-up, which can lead to enhanced user experience, reduced bounce rates, and increased registrations. Key features of the Mirasvit Magento 2 Social Login extension include:
Features Mirasvit's Magento Social Login extension Competitive Magento Social Login free extension
Google support
Magento Facebook Login extension support
LinkedIn support
Twitter support
Instagram support
PayPal support
Amazon support
Yahoo support
Social login block for the checkout
Hyva compatibility
Pace Magento 2 Login with Facebook anywhere
Social login usage statisics
Lifetime access to source code
Access to free support and updates for 1 year
Updates and support prolongation - $60

Pay today $99 for the first year.

Then $60 for updates and support services per year.

Cancel anytime.

30 days money back guarantee
See it in action!
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ZS Verified Buyer
From Reda, Poland
Using the module for almost 1 month
Works as it should
Initially, module had some issues but after contacting support, it has been quickly patched...
Also installed:
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From United States
Must have
Amazing extension with all essential features.
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Frequently asked questions
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Why magento login with facebook extension is important for e-commerce?

Magento login with Facebook extension is crucial for e-commerce due to its ability to simplify the registration and login process, improving user experience and increasing registration rates.

By offering a familiar authentication method, it reduces friction for users and enhances trust in your brand. Access to user data through Facebook integration enables personalized experiences and targeted marketing campaigns. Additionally, social sharing features can drive engagement and referrals, further benefiting your business./p>

Integrating Facebook login into your Magento e-commerce platform can lead to higher conversions and stronger customer relationships.

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Why Magento 2 social login free edition may not be enough for e-commerce?

While free version of Magento 2 Social Login extension offers basic functionality for integrating social login capabilities into an e-commerce website, it may not suffice for certain businesses due to several limitations.

Firstly, free versions often come with limited features and customization options. Additionally, free versions may not provide access to advanced analytics or user data, limiting the ability to personalize marketing efforts.

Therefore, for businesses with more extensive requirements, investing in a comprehensive and feature-rich social login extension for Magento 2 may be necessary.

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How forwarding to a particular page after authorization after using social login helps business?

Forwarding users to a specific page after authorization through social login can benefit businesses in several ways.

Firstly, it allows businesses to direct users to a targeted landing page, such as a personalized welcome page or a promotional offer, maximizing the chances of conversion or engagement.

By guiding users to relevant content or offers immediately after login, businesses can enhance the user experience and increase the likelihood of desired actions, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

Additionally, forwarding users to a particular page can facilitate smoother navigation and reduce the likelihood of users getting lost or confused within the website, improving overall usability.

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Why a choice between buttons or icons for social login can be helpful

Offering a choice between buttons or icons for social login can be helpful for businesses because it caters to the peculiarities of its frontend design. Some may prefer clear, text-based buttons that explicitly state the social media platform to login with. On the other hand, icons offer a more streamlined and visually appealing option for those who are familiar with social media platforms and recognize their logos instantly.

By providing both options, businesses that use this Social Login extension can accommodate their preferences and ensure perfect design and usability match. This can increase the likelihood of successful social logins, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction.

Version 1.2.1Jul 5, 2024
Email status is automatically set to “Confirmed” if the customer registers via a social network
Version 1.2.0Jun 25, 2024
Added dependency on hybridauth/hybridauth package
Version 1.1.5Dec 13, 2023
Deprecated creation of dynamic property in OAuthConsumer.php
Version 1.1.4Jun 12, 2023
Additional checks when linking a social account with a customer
Version 1.1.3Feb 27, 2023
Added support of Magento 2.4.6
Сompatibility with php8.1
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