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The Magento 2 Product Kits module lets you create product bundles for customers to complete. Urging them to buy the entire kit instead of a single product is a great way to increase your average order value.

It expands on the default Magento functionality in so many ways that you'll never want to go back.

  • Take advantage of bundling and cross-selling
  • Automate the kit population
  • Receive kit content suggestions
  • Let customers personalize their bundles
  • Create elaborate discounts
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Feature Highlights

Business Value

Opportunity: Bundles are a tried-and-tested method for increasing your average order value. Offering your customers products that go well together is also great for cross-selling.

Problem: Magento does let you sell product bundles in the default version, but the options provided are far too rigid. They don't work for cross-selling because they have a separate product page. Customers have to commit their own time to finding and completing the bundle. You can only assign the products to the bundle manually. On top of that, there's no option to discount products within the bundle.

Solution: The Magento 2 Product Kits extension is significantly more flexible, and offers more features. The customers don't need to switch pages to add more products from the bundle, so it's a great option for cross-selling. The module can populate bundles automatically. You can add discounts to each product in the kit, too!

Anything the standard bundles can do, the module can do better.

How Does It Work?

The extension displays a kit that bundles the customer's original choice along with additional products on the product and cart pages. Customers can add the other products to the cart without leaving the page.

A product kit in Mirasvit Magento 2 Buy Together - Product Kits module

Boost your sales by offering your customers more choices with Product Kits for Magento 2 extension
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great extension
David  from United States
Looking forward to more designs and applications.
Kits work
from United States
Increases sales with combo offers and works well
Best Extension ever
Vakhtang  from United States
Quality of this extension and customer support are awesome
Great Feature to boost sales
kas  from Ethiopia
I believe this is a Great Feature to boost sales.
Great , But lacks something i see important
jihad  from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
i purchased and used it for some time , i noticed that i cant see how the kits are performing because there is no reports for that , i decided to disable it because i dont know how to get its statics .. hopefully it will will be implemented soon
The Best Extension if You want to Create Bundle Promotion
Jason  from Indramayu, Indonesia
I compare several similar extensions, but this one is the best of the kind. I really like it's smart kits feature and complex discount type. And also Mirasvit Support is very helpful and fast response too. Good job!
Great Extension!
Brandon  from Berkeley, United States
An excellent opportunity for an upsell. Mirasvit was extremely helpful as always. They even implemented a feature we requested in a matter of days. Great service!
CBlue  from Florianópolis, Brazil
Great extension great support and features. So far all works very well.
Great extension!
Abby  from United States
The module works really well for me. Looks good and produces good results, especially smart kits. Very easy to install and setup, very flexible settings.
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Frequently asked questions

Can the Product Kits configure a fixed bundle kit that becomes out-of-stock if any of the included products has lower inventory level than the bundle specifies?

Our Product Kits module allows a Magento 2 shop to sell several products or services together as a combined unit - a bundle kit. Often the purpose of making such kits is to offer a lower price per item in the bundle in comparison to the cost of that particular item when it is sold separately. This allows them to make new propositions to the customers using the same existing product catalog of the store. It also helps encourage customers spend more at your store. However, it does not manage inventory.

Can product kits be created programmatically via API?

The Product Kits module provides a graphic user interface in Magento backend admin panel as the main way of creating the product bundles.

Additionally, our module provides a programmatic way of creating product kits using API. This is done through the GraphQl query language. The GraphQl is a separate module that should be installed into the Magento store separately. Access to this module is provided without any additional charge to existing users of the Product Kits module.

Does the extension allow the application of coupons or price rules?

The Product Kits module does not apply any price rules or coupons for carts that include products kits. Still, this module allows you to highlight products in the product bundle with a special label, which can be used for discounted product bundles displayed on the cart page. The discount can be set exclusively for the product bundle as a fixed sum, percentage, or relative percentage. Get more information in module's documentation

Is it possible to bundle a product as a free gift with Product Kits?

Using this module, a Magento 2 store can offer customers a bundled product as a free gift and visually inform the shopper about such options. The Product Kit extension provides an option for displaying a discount text, for example 'Free Gift', and overriding the price of the item with a value of $0.0.

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