Smart Kit

Smart Kit allows for creating a kit using rules.

To create a new Smart Kit, go to the Catalog > Product Kits and press the button Add New Kit and select the option Is Smart.

The Edit page of the product kit consists of three sections:

General Information

  • Active - kit status.
  • Internal Name - kit name. Used only for internal purposes.
  • Priority - sort order for appearing on the frontend.
  • Store View - store view where the kit can be applied.
  • Customer Groups - customer groups where the kit can be applied.
  • Is Smart - kit type.
  • Number of products - number of products in the kit.


  • Title - the title of the kit block. Visible on the frontend.
  • Label - label for the product kit discount. Visible on the shopping cart page.
  • Override Cent Values? - allows modifying the final price of the kit. For example, the final kit price is $25.67, but you need to make it $25.99, so you set this option to ##.99.


Each product has the following options:

  • Is Options - defines a product that must be added in the cart.
  • Discount - allows you to set a discount for the product in this kit. Two types of discount are allowed:
    • Fixed - defines a strict amount of discount;
    • Percent - defines a percent from the product price.
  • Qty - the number of products in the kit.
  • Apply the rule only for the following products - the section that permits setting conditions used for the kit formatting.