GeoIP Redirect for Magento 2

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Show your customers related information based on their location.

This module automatically switches currency, language, store appearance based on the settings and visitor's country.

Improve your store users' experience and grow your business worldwide.

  • set up store rules for any country
  • get automatically displayed currency, language, and store appearance
  • automatically redirect your users from specific countries or IP addresses to particular pages
  • display a pop-up message with confirmation or permission
  • you can even ban users from certain countries if you wish
  • the extension is compatible with Varnish Cache

How can the Geo IP Redirect module enhance your customers' user experience?

Every store owner is eager to develop a fully global customer base. Thanks to the internet, it has become increasingly easy to serve customers from all over the globe.

The more international customers we have, however, the more problems arise with clarification and providing necessary information to every visitor we can expect.

How much does it cost in my currency? Do they ship to my country? How long does it take? Are there other localizations? These and many other questions often pop up from customers.

Sometimes customers can find essential information, but sometimes they can't. If there is any uncertainty, it is better to close the browser's window and find a more intelligible store. Isn't that a good reason to figure out how to manage this issue and make your store as easy to understand as possible?

The purpose of the GeoIP Magento 2 extension is to deal with this matter.

Each element comes with various custom options, and you can add, copy, or remove form fields.

Choose any type of question (open-ended questions, closed-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, etc.) to match your survey format.

How does the Geo IP Redirect extension perform?

After the installation process, you have to tune in to your new module.

It's possible to use the following criteria when constructing rules:

  • visitors' country
  • visitors' browser locale
  • visitors' IP-address

Based on selected criteria, define the rules:

  • which currency to use in displaying prices
  • which language to use
  • whether to show specific information
  • redirect to a precise landing page
  • display a message about changing a store view
  • or ban certain users, if you have reasons for this

GeoIP for Magento 2 will use your rules and redirect visitors according to your requirements.

What Experts Say?

I was surprised by the speed and precision of the extension. We used the Internal IP database in tandem with an external service. This approach allowed us to get the most accurate result of users' locations on the market.

Alex Drok, CTO at Mirasvit

Key features

Redirect users to a suitable store view

You can improve users' shopping experience by showing them a store in their local language with localized information. Advanced GeoIP redirect extension for Magento 2 will forward each customer to the most suitable store view.

Switch currencies based on customers' location

Depending on the users' country, currency, and language, the Advanced GeoIP redirect extension for Magento 2 can switch automatically. This makes your store more friendly for customers without any single click.

Display a confirmation message before changing a store view or redirection

It's great to show a confirmation message about changing the store's view or redirection to a particular page, to encourage easy communication between a customer and your shop.

Restrict access to your site from specific IP addresses

You can choose certain special rules for visitors with particular IP addresses, whether you choose to ban them, redirect to an assigned page, or display something funny. For example, it's an excellent opportunity to show your love to your competitors 😂

Ignore traffic from search engines and user agents

There's no reason to redirect traffic from search spiders and user agents. You can decide which of them should be ignored. By default, the extension ignores traffic from the most popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

Use the rule "The first time redirect only"

Sometimes it is necessary to redirect a user to a specific page once only. Use the option "the first time redirect only" for this purpose.

Use GeoIP in Magento 2 store to manage your traffic flows with a set of rules. This module can be used as a smart solution to a wide range of tasks.

Boost your sales by showing customers information for their location with GeoIP Redirect for Magento 2!
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Simple integration of great feature
Anzi Verified Buyer
Again one of great modules from Mirasvit. Very easy to integrate on site.
Also installed: Follow Up Email,  Improved Sorting,  Push Notifications,  Elastic Search Ultimate,  Google Tag Manager
Perfect Extension
Faisal Verified Buyer
The extension works well as expected. And the support team are very helpful and will help you solve any issue that would arise!

Also installed: Automatic Related Products,  Google Tag Manager,  Advanced Product Feeds,  Advanced SEO Suite,  AI Assistant
Nice extension
Gokhan Verified Buyer
I love mirasvit. All extension very useful
Also installed: Advanced Product Feeds,  Elastic Search Ultimate,  Follow Up Email,  Help Desk MX,  Reward Points,  Sphinx Search Ultimate,  Full Page Cache Warmer and 8 more
Good extension with nice UI
Wu Verified Buyer
The extension works as expected. The first version I got block the POST request from the payment gateway so I reached out to the team. Mirasvit team fixed it quickly.

If the extension can support path exception, it will be perfect.
Top extension
Davide Verified Buyer
Great Geo IP module with a splendid admin interface.
Also installed: Sphinx Search Ultimate,  Elastic Search Ultimate,  Advanced Product Feeds,  Advanced SEO Suite,  Advanced Reports,  Follow Up Email,  Google PageSpeed Optimizer and 17 more
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Frequently asked questions

chevron-down chevron-right What is geo IP redirection and why would a store want to use it?

The internet is a global medium, yet customers may find more benefits when shopping locally, or in stores that support their local peculiarities. The most prominent examples of such local features is the language of the store frontend and the currency used to display product prices, products available in the user's country, etc.

Redirection based on the customers’ geographical location can become a big competitive advantage for a store since it helps to improve the browsing experience for visitors. Additionally, geo IP redirect can be beneficial for SEO optimization of the store since Google is locale aware and crawls websites from IP addresses from different countries.

The information on user's location is taken from his or her IP address, and additionally the language setup of his or her browser is used to determine the preferred locale. Using this data, the store redirects customers to the pages that have the most relevance for his or her location.

chevron-down chevron-right How does the GeoIP Redirect extension conduct the redirect?

The magento geoIP redirect module allows redirecting to the selected URL based on country, IP address and user's language setup in the browser. Simply specify the redirect IP address in the module's rules to activate the redirection. The module doesn't allow excluding countries from the selection, and all required countries should be added to the rule manually. You can try creating ip address redirect rules with the geoip demo.

The module allows for switching store views - they are not related to the URL. It is possible to change the store view without changing the URL. Choose the desired store view redirection from a drop-down list of available store views. This drop-down list becomes visible only when the option Change Store View is activated. Additionally, the module can automatically change the store's currency on redirection. After activating the control Switch Currency, the drop-down-menu of available currencies will be shown.

The redirect to the required store/currency/url can happen automatically on the basis of the backend rules. Alternatively, the user has an option of manually selecting the desired redirect on the store's frontend. They can separately select the store view and store currency.

chevron-down chevron-right Where can a user be redirected when the store uses GeoIP Redirect module?

Our module is designed for redirecting mainly inside a Magento store. The current version of this magento geoip extension allows for redirecting to another website only if this site is the instance of the current Magento installation.

The module allows redirecting and switching store-view/currency for the whole store, not on separate pages.

chevron-down chevron-right What are the GeoIP Redirect rules capable of?

The GeoIP Redirect provides a flexible system of redirecting users that is based on the rules. Each rule can be applied for a country, browser locale, or IP address. It can also take into account the store view the user visits.

Every redirection rule can do the following: change store view and redirect to URL, switch currency, restrict access

Each rule has a priority level that helps users avoid rule conflicts in the situation when several rules can be applied simultaneously.

chevron-down chevron-right Why might the GeoIP Redirect not work?

When adding new rules, they may not work as expected because of caching tools used in your Magento store, for example, Varnish. To overcome the issue, enable the Ajax Mode so the module can process geo-related data by AJAX and in that way, caching can be prevented.

chevron-down chevron-right Why might customers get redirection pop-ups even when they have already selected a preferred redirect during their firs visit?

The answer which the user gives to the redirect pop-up is stored in the current session. The session is a temporary entity, and once the session is destroyed - the extension has no source of information on the preferred redirect of the particular user so it will show a pop-up again.

By default Magento has the session time limit at around 15 minutes. This duration can be configured in the store's backend admin panel according to the requirements. Here is the detailed Magento guide on how to do it on the Magento Commerce User Guide

chevron-down chevron-right Is it necessary to buy a licence for a third-party service MaxMind, which is used by GeoIP Redirect?

The GeoIP Redirect extension uses an external database of IP addresses and their geographical locations from the third-party service MaxMind. Our module uses maxmind-db Reader to read the database, and it uses the current MaxMind DB. MaxMind has different types of databases: a free and a paid one. You can use the GeoIP Redirect module after installation without additional payment.

Since our module uses maxmind-db Reader to read the database, you may select the most suitable database according to your requirements - our module should work with it.

Version 1.2.7Apr 21, 2023
Ability to apply debugging to only one ip address
Version 1.2.6Apr 10, 2023
Compatibility with Hyva theme
Issue with displaying popup with redirect notice
Version 1.2.5Jan 31, 2023
Added support of Magento 2.4.6
Compatibility with php8.1
Version 1.2.4Aug 19, 2022
Url on redirect
Version 1.2.3Aug 16, 2022
Ability to select location of remote ip address
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Compatible with:
Community: 2.3.* - 2.4.6
Enterprise: 2.3.* - 2.4.6
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