GeoIP Redirect for Magento 2

Show your customers related information based on their location.

This module automatically switches currency, language, store appearance based on the settings and visitor's country.

Improve your store users' experience and grow your business worldwide.

  • set up store rules for any country
  • get automatically displayed currency, language, and store appearance
  • automatically redirect your users from specific countries or IP addresses to particular pages
  • display a pop-up message with confirmation or permission
  • you can even ban users from certain countries if you wish
  • the extension is compatible with Varnish Cache
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Feature Highlights

How can the Geo IP Redirect module enhance your customers' user experience?

Every store owner is eager to develop a fully global customer base. Thanks to the internet, it has become increasingly easy to serve customers from all over the globe.

The more international customers we have, however, the more problem with clarification and providing necessary information to every visitor we can expect.

How much does it cost in my currency? Do they ship to my country? How long does it take? Are there other localizations? These and many other questions often pop up from customers.

Sometimes customers can find essential information, but sometimes not. If there is any uncertainty, it is better to close the browser's window and find a more intelligible store. Isn't it a reason to cope with this issue and make your store as much understandable as possible?

The purpose of the GeoIP Magento 2 extension is to deal with this matter.

How does the Geo IP Redirect extension perform?

After the installation process, you have to tune in to your new module.

It's possible to use the following criteria when constructing rules:

  • visitors' country
  • visitors' browser locale
  • visitors' IP-address

Based on selected criteria, define the rules:

  • which currency to use in displaying prices;
  • which language to use;
  • whether to show specific information;
  • redirect to a precise landing page;
  • display a message about changing a store view
  • or ban certain users, if you have reasons for this.

GeoIP for Magento 2 will use your rules and redirect visitors according to your requirements.

What Experts Say?

I was surprised by the speed and precision of the extension. We used the Internal IP database in tandem with an external service. This approach allowed us to get the most accurate result of users' locations on the market.

Alex Drok CTO at Mirasvit

Key features

Redirect users to a suitable store view

You can improve users' shopping experience by showing them a store in their local language with localized information. Advanced GeoIP redirect extension for Magento 2 will forward each customer to the most suitable store view.

Switch currencies based on customers' location

Depending on the users' country, currency, and language, the Advanced GeoIP redirect extension for Magento 2 can switch automatically. This makes your store more friendly for customers without any single click.

Display a confirmation message before changing a store view or redirection

It's great to show a confirmation message about changing the store's view or redirection to a particular page, to encourage easy communication between a customer and your shop.

Restrict access to your site from specific IP addresses

You can choose certain special rules for visitors with particular IP addresses, whether you choose to ban them, redirect to an assigned page, or display something funny. For example, it's an excellent opportunity to show your love to your competitors😆.

Ignore traffic from search engines and user agents

There's no reason to redirect traffic from search spiders and user agents. You can decide which of them should be ignored. By default, the extension ignores traffic from the most popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

Use the rule "The first time redirect only."

Sometimes it is necessary to redirect a user to a specific page once only. Use the option "the first time redirect only" for this purpose.

Use GeoIP in Magento 2 store to manage your traffic flows with a set of rules. This module can be used as a smart solution to a wide range of tasks.

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Nice extension
Gokhan  from Ankara, Turkey
I love mirasvit. All extension very useful
Good extension with nice UI
Wu  from Nanning, China
The extension works as expected. The first version I got block the POST request from the payment gateway so I reached out to the team. Mirasvit team fixed it quickly.

If the extension can support path exception, it will be perfect.
Top extension
Davide  from Milan, Italy
Great Geo IP module with a splendid admin interface.
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