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Bring flexibility to payments in your store and offer your customers better service during their shopping experience.

This module is a supportive tool for organizing a convenient system of making any additional payments that might occur on purchases. Use this extension to ease order management in your store by tying extra payments to the orders.

Offer customers a convenient way to monitor in their accounts' additional fees regarding their orders and let customers make payments with the payment method that is the most convenient for them.

  • Get an easy way to issue additional payments on additional services your store provides on orders
  • Provide a simple interface for customers to pay an extra fee for the product replacement or advanced shipping
  • Build customer loyalty by presenting transparency on extra payments
  • Give customers the flexibility to make extra payments with the most suitable payment method for them
Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.7
2.3.* - 2.4.7
Magento Cloud

Business Value

Get a transparent way to charge additional fees for additional services on orders

  • Opportunity: Stores can make any shopping experience more delightful by providing a convenient system for customers to conduct extra payments on their orders. Money may be required to cover extra services like gift packaging, enhanced insurance, special deliveries, or for updated shipment fee, product exchange, etc.
  • Problem: Default Magento 2 does not provide convenient tools to leverage the option for additional fees on orders. In order to obtain such functionality in their store, a merchant has to utilize a third-party solution.
  • Solution: Our Extra Payment extension for Magento 2 is a convenient yet powerful tool for providing a flexible system on additional payments that may occur for any order. It enhances the shopping experience for shoppers who can track extra fees on their orders from their customer accounts. Store admins gain an easy way to monitor the statuses of additional payments in a single panel.

Why might your store need an extension for managing extra payments?

A placed order may require additional services for its processing. These services can be extra options provided by the store, like packaging or gift wrapping, specific insurance, shipment or payment methods, a fee surcharge, special delivery conditions, etc.

Existing Magento 2 tools don't provide a convenient way to manage such additional services. A store owner can either create a new order for such services, or edit an existing order which requires an additional fee. Both approaches have their drawbacks that make their usage for managing extra fees on orders rather inconvenient.

In order to have a reliable and convenient system for managing extra payments on orders, it is necessary to have a dedicated interface which will allow customers and store admins to easily track such magento 2 extra fees. With such an interface, it becomes possible to get a function of Magento 2 that adds an extra fee programmatically to the existing orders.

Benefits of making extra payments in a store

A store can gain several perks from conducting extra fees on its own platform. They enhance the shopping experience for customers and simplify the order administering routine for the store staff.

The advantages on making extra payments via the store shopping system include:

  • The customer is free to make the extra payment required with any payment method they find most suitable
  • All extra payments are included in sales reports, which receive their own individual order number.
  • Shop admins receive instruments to quickly access the extra payments, with which they can easily monitor the statuses of issued additional payments.

Extra Payments tab in admin panel


Our Extra Payment for Magento 2 module provides an easy way to track all extra payments on the orders of a particular store. On the Extra Payments tab, store admins can get all necessary information on the additional fees. They are able to view the customer's name, order number, extra payment status, and extra payment order number.

Moreover, the extra payment grid allows you to display information on the items that were the subject of the extra payment and the their price, additional description of the extra payment for internal use, and a description note for the customer.

The Direct Link button available on this tab allows you to see how exactly the surcharge will be presented to the customer.

Additionally, you can use the filtering functionality to find extra payments with specific parameters, for example, for a certain customer.

Easy issuing of new extra payments


Store admins can easily issue a new extra payment order, and our module will make every extra payment bonded to that particular order and customer.

A new extra payment can be issued on the order's page in the additional section of the Order View page. Alternatively, the extra payment can be created on the Customer Information page.

Automatic extra payment status change

Store staff can issue an extra payment, and our module will do the rest. It will track the status of the payment and automatically change it when the customer clears this financial liability.

Sales reports include extra payments


From a sales viewpoint, any issued extra payment is an ordinary sale of a virtual product with SKU E_PMNT. Therefore, in a Magento 2, any additional fee on an order is consider a typical order and is available in the general list of orders available in the backend admin panel of the store.

Transparency for extra payments


Customers and store staff can know the exact purpose of the extra payment. Our extension allows you to add memo notes for each issued extra payment. There are two notes visible separately for the store staff and customers.

Add an explanation and details on the issued extra payment to bring full transparency around such fees in your store.

Extra Payment tab in customer account


Extra Payment for Magento 2 makes extra fees issued on orders transparent for any customer. customer can easily track all extra payments that were issued for his or her account in the My Extra Payment tab. This tab allows you to view the date and time the extra payment was issued, its status, and items the fee is charged for. One issued extra payment can contain multiple items, so for the customer's convenience, a total sum is displayed.

With a click of a button, the customer can easily navigate from the extra payments page to a shopping cart page and finish the payment process. This process is a simple purchase of a virtual product with a price that is equal to the sum of issued extra payment.

Our extension additionally offers the functionality to view details for the orders the customer has already paid extra payments towards.

Extra payments support for guest customers

Our module helps to provide additional services on the orders in your store even for shoppers without accounts. You can easily issue an extra payment for any guest customer. Simply generate a new extra payment and send a link on it to the customer without an account

Using this link customers in a guest mode can navigate directly to a shopping cart and finish the process of extra payment as simple as usual purchase.

Existing customers can track their extra payments in their accounts.

Use any available payment method for extra payments


Conducting extra payments inside the store enhances the customer experience since they get the freedom to choose the most suitable payment method. Additionally, they can apply discount codes if such are available for those particular transactions.

Increase the transparency of extra fees on orders with Extra Payment for Magento 2!
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Frequently asked questions
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How are the extra payments processed in the Magento 2 system?

Our module is fully compatible with Magento 2. In order to meet the workflow of this platform, additional fees are presented in the system as a virtual product with the name Extra Payment Product, SKU E_PMNT and price equal to 0.0.

The E_PMNT product can be found in the product catalog of the store. However, it is not visible to customers. Only the store admins may see it because of its non-visible status.

Any extra payment for the customer is simply a standard purchase of the E_PMNT product. Each such purchase obtains its own order number, which is attached to the main order the extra payment was issued for.

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Can the coupons be used for making extra payments?

Extra payment is presented in Magento 2 system as a simple purchase of a virtual product. Therefore, the option for applying a discount coupon is available.

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How is the order number for the extra payment issued?

When a shopper makes an extra payment, he or she literally buys a virtual product Extra Payment Product. Its purchasing process is no different from buying any other product in a Magento 2 shop.

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Can one issued extra payment order contain several items with extra fees?

Our extension gives a Magento 2 store flexibility in conducting extra payments on its platform. For stores that have business processes with the model of one payment - one order, each extra payment can contain a single item. Stores that allow multiple items in the order can include several extra payments in one extra payment order. Our extension supports an unlimited number of extra payment items in each extra payment order.

Version 0.1.7Mar 21, 2024
Note for customer selection in payment form
Version 0.1.6Dec 11, 2023
Improved email notifications for customers
Version 0.1.4Feb 22, 2023
Error "Argument 1 passed to Mirasvit\ExtraPayment\Block\Payment\Listing::getViewOrderUrl() must be an instance of Magento\Sales\Model\Order, null given"
Version 0.1.3Dec 27, 2022
Display of the "Add Extra Payment" button
Version 0.1.1Jun 20, 2022
remove db_schema_whitelist.json
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