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Your site is not the only place to advertise and sell your products. Facebook offers humongous marketing opportunities. Taking advantage of them is a smart choice for any business.

Magento 2 Facebook Feed lets you easily generate product feeds for Facebook Dynamic Ads or Facebook Store.

  • Generate product feeds for Facebook Dynamic Ads or Facebook Store
  • Export as many feeds and products as you need
  • Use ready templates or create your own feeds
  • Filter variables with conditions
  • Schedule feed generation and delivery
Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.6
2.3.* - 2.4.6
Magento Cloud

Business Value

  • Opportunity: Facebook has over 3,59 billion active users worldwide with 33 minutes of average time a user spends on this social media platform. It is a perfect Find a new audiAds on Facebook have one of the most advanced targeting options on the market, too. You can take advantage of both Facebook’s traffic and its tools by either marketing your products with its Dynamic Ads or creating your own Facebook Store.
  • Problem: You have to regularly export your products to Facebook in order to advertise and sell products there. This means that you have to generate a product feed and automate it.
  • Solution: Magento 2 Facebook Feed is a comprehensive solution for product feed generation and automation. It lets you generate product feeds for either Facebook Dynamic Ads or Facebook Store, customize them, automate their generation and delivery, use analytics to track their performance, and so much more.

How it Works

This feature lets you generate a product feed for Facebook Dynamic Ads or Facebook Store. Get a Facebook Shop integration Magento 2 feed which you can then import to the social network. We have templates that work out-of-the-box but you can extensively customize them or even create your own ones. Feed generation and delivery can be automated, and there is also an extensive analytics suite.

Main Advantages

Export as Many Feeds and Products as You Need

Concentrate on your business, not your quota. You can update with as many products as you need to as often as you need to.

Facebook’s unlimited product import feature ensures that businesses, whether they are recently launched startups or established endeavors, can keep their product catalogs in sync with market dynamics. The result of using the Facebook product feed Magento 2 is a digital storefront that can promptly respond to changing consumer preferences, emerging trends, or seasonal shifts.

Use Ready Templates or Create Your Own Feeds

This feature includes ready-to-go Facebook Dynamic Ads and Facebook Store feed templates. Just set up the extension, choose the corresponding marketplace, shopping engine or advertisement network, and generate the feed to start marketing.

If you need more control over the feed, you can further customize it with our advanced set of patterns and variables. For example, instead displaying the regular price it may be required to display the Final Price with Tax or a Special Price.

In any case, our Magento 2 Facebook shop extension offers full freedom on configuring the product feed. Create an individual feed template from scratch to adapt the product feed to any sales channel.

Filter Variables with Conditions

Consider a scenario where an online store offers a vast array of products. Each its product category has specific attributes, and tailoring the shopping experience for customers becomes imperative.

Our Magento 2 Facebook shop integration extension offers robust filtering options. Businesses can effortlessly filter out specific products based on a multitude of conditions.

Whether it's about showcasing a dedicated product set to a specific demographic during a particular season, or a response to market trends - this feature enables businesses to curate their offerings with surgical precision.

Program Feed Generation and Delivery

Do you update your products regularly? Manually updating product feeds can be a time-consuming task, prone to errors and inconsistencies.

Our Magento Facebook plugin simplifies the task by offering a feed generation schedule based on Cron system utility.

Furthermore, our module continues feed automation with an automated feed delivery support. Easily configure to deliver the product feed to Facebook via FTP or SFTP, ensuring the secure and efficient transmission of product catalog data.

Magento product feed Facebook reports

Get additional view on the Facebook feed Magento 2 success. By tracking the number of clicks and orders made after customers are redirected from the marketplace, businesses gain insights into the effectiveness of the product feed.

Our extension provides comprehensive reports that break down data by Feed, SKU, Day, Week, Month, and Year.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a Magento Facebook shop integration?

Facebook allows businesses to dynamically showcase their products or services to a highly targeted audience, enhancing visibility and driving sales.

The Magento Facebook product feed essentially acts as a bridge between an online store's inventory and Facebook's advertising platform. By implementing Magento 2 Facebook store integration using this feed, businesses can seamlessly display their products on Facebook, reaching potential customers with tailored advertisements.

Does the Magento 2 Facebook feed require manual update?

What makes our Magento 2 Facebook product feed extension exceptionally powerful is its ability to automatically update the feed. This means that any changes made to the inventory, such as new products or updated prices, are reflected in the ads, ensuring that customers always see the latest offerings.

Does the Magento Facebook extension provides a product feed efficacy report?

Our Magento Facebook store integration tool offers tracking capabilities for the Magento Facebook feed via special arguments, which are appended to the product URLs.

The feed efficacy report includes such columns as Number of Clicks, indicating how many times customers redirected from the marketplace to your site.

Number of Orders quantifies the conversions that occurred after customers were redirected. Knowing this figure not only gauges the effectiveness of your marketing but also helps in inventory planning.

Revenue signifies the total earnings from the orders placed after marketplace redirection. Understanding your revenue trends can aid in strategic decision-making.

Revenue per Click is a metric that calculates the average revenue amassed for each individual click. This metric is a testament to the quality of your incoming traffic. A high revenue per click indicates that the visitors are not just browsing but making substantial purchases. This insight is invaluable as it enables you to focus your marketing efforts on channels that bring in high-value customers.

Can this Magento 2 Facebook business extension generate a feed for a different service?

You absolutely can! In addition to Magento Facebook integration, our module offers **more than 50** templates for popular shopping services, including Amazon, Google Shopping, and eBay.

Version 1.4.2Mar 21, 2024
Check that the feed is generated before delivery
Added ability to get the "Manage Stock" attribute
Fixed the issue with custom static attributes
Fixed the issue with export generation on Magento PWA
Version 1.4.1Mar 4, 2024
Fixed the issue with an empty first line in CSV/TXT feeds when the header is excluded
Fixed the issue with getting stock status for a bundle product
Fixed the issue with feed email notifications not being sent
Fixed compatibility with PHP 7.1
Version 1.4.0Feb 21, 2024
Added ability to manage feeds in remote storage
Remove modifier arguments if no modifier is set (CSV, TXT feeds)
Get categories in a feed only for the selected store
Optimized the loading of the "Content Settings" tab when the number of product attributes exceeds 1000
Added a patch to fix CSV and TXT feeds where modifier arguments were stored incorrectly
Fixed the issue with getting the lowest category for a product
Version 1.3.19Jan 26, 2024
Using plain JS for compatibility with the Hyva theme (Reports feature)
Fixed the issue with incorrect product URLs in review feeds
Fixed the issue where the product filter was not being applied to review feeds
Fixed display of "Filters" on feed edit page
Fixed the issue with the export cron (TypeError: strtotime(): Argument #1 ($datetime) must be of type string, null given)
Fixed the issue with the append filter (TypeError: Mirasvit\Feed\Export\Filter\NumberFilter::append(): Return value must be of type string, null returned)
Version 1.3.18Jan 18, 2024
Creating a secure SSL-FTP connection when using the "FTP / FTPS" protocol in the "FTP Settings" tab of the feed
Fixed the issue with the getParents function in Magento B2B
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