Google PageSpeed Optimizer for Magento 2

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The loading speed of an online store has a major impact on customer experience and search engine ranking.

The Google PageSpeed Optimizer for Magento 2 can significantly improve the Magento page load speed and store performance. Generally, the PageSpeed score is 90 out of 100.

  • Advanced JavaScript bundling
  • Lazy-load Images
  • HTML, JS and CSS Minification
  • Image optimization and conversion to WebP
  • PageSpeed Monitoring Tool

Business Value

Opportunity: Google considers the speed of an online store when ranking a site in the search results. It has even made a tool, which allows you to estimate your store's PageSpeed score. Stores with a higher score will be more likely to get to the top of the Google search results for important key requests.

Problem: The default Magento gets only the orange mark for the desktop version and red mark for the mobile version in this tool. Check Google Page Speed score of your store.

Solution: Our module will increase your store's page loading speed and greatly raise the PageSpeed score. Default Magento, along with our module, shows the PageSpeed score in the "good" green mark with scores close to the highest possible for the desktop version and score with an orange mark for the mobile version.

How does it work?

The extension applies optimization to your store's CSS, JS files, HTML and images. It reduces the size of the initially loaded content, improves the speed of loading, and removes resources that block fast page loading. Eventually, it will greatly improve the user experience and Google PageSpeed Score.

Conduct a Magento 2 page speed test without leaving your store. Specify which URLs of your website you need to track for page speed performance.

The Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2 extension has a built-in PageSpeed Monitoring tool that allows you to see the changes of your store's page speed score over time.

No need for manual checking of each page to configure your Google PageSpeed score. The extension will collect the data on each specified page automatically by cron. The results will be displayed for desktop and mobile versions of the pages with a separate score history chart on Google Page Speed Magento for each of the page view types.

PageSpeed Monitoring Tool

Our extension allows you to conduct frequently used tasks for checking and optimizing the page loading speed with the help of the Command Line Interface (CLI). By using CLI, you can run some tasks without waiting for the cron job to launch.

Use CLI to:

  • Run a Google PageSpeed test for the specific page of your store
  • Launch the process for image optimization
  • Validate the software required for image optimization
  • Restore original images
  • Make a copy of images
  • JavaScript Optimization:
    • Run pre-fly checking
    • Enable JavaScript Optimization
    • Defer YouTube videos
    • Merge JavaScript files
    • Minify JavaScript
    • Move JavaScript To Page Bottom
    • Ignore URL List
    • Lazyload iframes
  • CSS Optimization:
    • Merge CSS Files
    • Minify CSS Files
    • Move CSS To Page Bottom
    • Add styles to HTML from CSS resources
    • Defer Google Fonts
    • Additional CSS Styles
  • Image Optimization:
    • Total Scanned Files
    • Optimized Files
    • Webp Files
    • Processed Size
    • Saved Size
    • Image Quality level
    • Image optimization strategy
    • Use WebP images
    • Use WebP on product pages
  • Image Lazy Load:
    • Enable Lazy Load
    • Preload first N images
    • Do not use lazy load for images
  • HTML Optimization:
    • Minify HTML
    • Preload resources
  • Command Line Interface:
    • Run a Google PageSpeed test for the specified web page
    • Validate the software required for image optimization
    • Run the image optimization process
    • Restore the originals of the images
    • Run process for creating copies of images in .WEBP format
  • Responsive images:
    • Generate a set of responsive images
    • Clean up the created responsive images
    • Configure the file naming patterns
  • Google Page Speed Insights:
    • Google PageSpeed Desktop Score
    • Google PageSpeed Mobile Score
    • Run Google PageSpeed Test
    • Specify URLs for monitoring in PageSpeed
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Maarten Verified Buyer
I really like this module. I use it in a lot os shops, ander is one of the best modules for this problem.
Also installed: RMA,  Sphinx Search Ultimate,  Advanced Reports,  Advanced SEO Suite,  Product Labels
All in One
Sny Verified Buyer
This extension is a must for every store
Also installed: Reward Points,  Product Kits
Must have
Yulia Verified Buyer
The extension is "must have"
Also installed: Reward Points,  Elastic Search Ultimate,  Advanced SEO Suite,  Automatic Related Products,  Improved Sorting,  Advanced Product Feeds,  Google Tag Manager and 7 more
Good tracking for GA4
Jerry Verified Buyer
I got this content to make sure I can accommodate the changes happening from GA UA to GA4, so far the tracking seems to work fine and well. Will be keeping a close eye, but the installation and setup was easy. I wish it has more custom event setups out of the box.
Also installed: Advanced Reports,  Event Watcher & Notification,  Sphinx Search Ultimate,  Full Page Cache Warmer,  Automatic Related Products,  Health & Performance Monitoring Suite,  Follow Up Email and 16 more
Great extension to make your site faster
Ronny Verified Buyer
this should be magento default .... but the guys of Mirasvit have made a great extension.
Configure it, and you don't have to look at it anymore ... webp out of the box and faster loading
Also installed: Extended Shopping Cart Rules,  Reward Points,  Google Tag Manager
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Version 2.0.5Sep 5, 2023
Fixed the issue with error on configurable product page when the product has many configurable options (WEBP images)
Version 2.0.4Aug 16, 2023
Fixed the issue with review block in Breeze theme caused by WebP feature
Version 2.0.3Jul 28, 2023
Do not scan iopt dir for images to optimize
Version 2.0.2Jul 25, 2023
Fixed the issue with error when generating WebP images for images with file extension in uppercase
Version 2.0.1Jul 24, 2023
Fixed the issue with image optimization cron tasks running simultaneously
Optimize image with relative urls
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