Google PageSpeed Optimizer for Magento 2

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The loading speed of an online store has a major impact on customer experience and search engine ranking.

Google PageSpeed Optimizer module can significantly improve store performance. Generally, the PageSpeed score is 90 out of 100.

  • Advanced JavaScript Bundling
  • Lazy Load Images
  • HTML, CSS Minification
  • PageSpeed Monitoring Tool
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Feature Highlights

Website speed is one of the major factors affecting modern online store performance.

Google considers the speed of the online store when ranking a site in the search results. Thus, the online stores with a higher speed will be more likely to get in the top of the Google search results for important key requests. Google has even made a tool available at, which allows you to estimate store speed, that is, PageSpeed score.

The default Magento installation in this tool is 55 for the desktop version and 5 for the mobile version. Since the maximum score is 100, such results are far from perfect. When it comes to a real online store, it could perform even worse because of the custom theme, third-party plug-ins, and non-optimized images.

Test your store right now! What's your PageSpeed score?

Google PageSpeed Optimizer module will increase your store speed and certainly raise the PageSpeed score. Default Magento, along with our module, shows the PageSpeed score of 100 for the desktop version and 99 for the mobile version. PageSpeed score of customized Magento installations is increasing as well.

Advanced JS Bundling

Unfortunately, the default Magento collects a great part of the code in its JS files that are not required on virtually every page.

This code significantly increases the number of JS files up to 120 and their size up to 7 MB.

This problem has now been solved. Our module combines only required JS files.

This reduces the number of files by 3 times and the file size by 7 times! As a result, the loading speed of the JS files is much higher.

Move JS Files to The Bottom

In Magento, JS files were included in the heading of the page by default, prior to version 2.3.3. As a result, they were loaded first. It blocked the loading of the main part of a page. Users were waiting for JS files to load.

As recommended by Google, our module moves the content of JS files to a website footer. In this way, it takes less time to load and display a web page.

Lazy Loading of Images

Magento loads website images by default along with the main HTML, CSS, and JS files. As a result, the page will be displayed wrongly and will not work until all the images are fully loaded. It negatively impacts customer experience and reduces the PageSpeed score of a website.

Our module allows you to postpone loading of images to the very end.

First, the module uploads the most important files and shows customers a page with accurate placeholders instead of the images. Customers start using the website. Meanwhile, the module loads the necessary images in the background.

Image Optimization

On average, 50% of page size are images. By optimizing images, you can reduce page size by up to 20%.

The page speed optimizer extension can automatically optimize images for all common formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG.

Additionally, page speed optimizer automatically can convert images to modern .WEBP format.

Other Optimizations

Google provides a wide range of recommendations, approaches, technologies and various manuals for improving a website load speed score during the PageSpeed test.

Using provided recommendations and knowing the drawbacks of Magento, we’ve developed a series of optimizations and incorporated them in the Google PageSpeed Optimizer module. All the optimizations ensure great performance.

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worked great - site is now much faster
Ben  from Canada
My dev asked me to buy this for our site. He installed it with support fom the publisher and our site is now much faster than before. Worth the money.
Extremely powerfull
Per  from Copenhagen, Denmark
The best and most powerfull extension I have tested and used.
Gökhan  from Ankara, Turkey
I use over 5 plugins of Mirasvit company. I am very pleased with all of them
excelent module, even better support
Claudiu  from Buftea, Romania
I need to thanks you folks for the great job, excelent module and even better support.
I strongly recommend it to magento professionals!
Good improvement
Kingtoys  from Haarlem, Netherlands
This module is a good improvement for our shop. almost 50% better score.
Great results and service
Mr  from Manchester, United Kingdom
I've been looking for something like this for some time but was always worried extension like this wont work but I was so wrong. Totally changed my speed from 20 desktop to 82 after and increase on mobile speed also. Great service also!
EV  from Netherlands
Especially lazy loading has good effect. Extension is not silver bullitt but it is worth it
Kasper  from Aabybro, Denmark
This is goooooooooooddddddddd :)
Was a bit sceptical about this extesion but must say i'm impressed.
Have a desktop ranking on around 95 from 56.
Amazing and I have not tested its full potential yet.
Wow I must say.
Reliable Vendor!
wrc  from Antalya, Turkey
Very professional team, good documentation, answering all my questions. Thank you very much for everything, worth the price!
Great extension, great support  from Netherlands
We run over 14 shops in a multistore setup and thanks to this extension all shops run very fast and smooth. Support is great and fast. Within 2 hours it was installed and working. Keep up the good work!
Great improvement
Robert  from Oppegard, Norway
Google pagespeed results improved from 17 on mobile and 33 on desktop to 31 on mobile and 80 on desktop. Highly recommended!
Great extension
Furio  from United States
I run a magento 2 multistore with 25 domains which all had around 60-80 google page speed ratings, after this extension and some tweaking from the great support team we managed to get ratings close to: 70-90. I recommend this to all magento 2 owners! Its a must have for this slow piece of software.

Check it for yourself: (
Christoph  from Germany
We installed this module in a heavily customized Magento store running on a quite slow server. Before installing this module we made some experiments with nginx and pagespeed - with very little success (mobile: 20, desktop: 39). After installing this module (which was very easy compared to the nginx variant) we saw an immediate success: after running this module for approx. 1 hour we have pagespeed values of 48 (mobile) and 92 (desktop). Overwhelming...
Andrew  from United States
Mobile: 12
Desktop: 21

Mobile: 51
Desktop: 84
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