Magento 2 Surcharge & Extra Fee Extension

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Make your prices more attractive while maintaining your profits. Offer lower base prices to all your customers, and surcharge additional fees for shoppers who choose expensive payment or shipping provider, their order is too heavy for standard delivery, etc.

  • Surcharges are applied though flexible rules based on cart or product attributes
  • Individual surcharges for customer groups and store views
  • Extra fee per order or per product
  • Fixed surcharge amount or percent of the price
  • Min and max thresholds for applying surcharge
Compatible with:
2.3.* - 2.4.7
2.3.* - 2.4.7
Magento Cloud

Customers pay for expensive payment or delivery options even if they do not use them for their order. This leads to higher shopping cart abandonment rate.


Offer lower base prices for your shoppers, and require surcharge only from those who actually use expensive payment or delivery options.

Why Surcharge extension is useful for your business

Make your base prices more competitive
Customers will select no surcharge and buy more
Generate extra revenue for extra customer service

Main features of Surcharge for Magento 2 module

  • Surcharge rate can be fixed or percentage of the order
  • Extra fee can be applied to the order or per item
  • Minimal and maximal thresholds for surcharge
  • Flexible set of rules for each surcharge to be applied
  • Priority level of each surcharge activation for getting a functional system of extra fees.
  • Surcharges can be applied for specific customer group

Extra expenses on order processing covered

Surcharge module allows to include extra expenses on order into final checkout.

Make every order in your store profitable

Some non-standard orders require additional expenses from a store on order processing. These expenses may not be covered by the order price. Include extra expenses into the order with Surcharge module.

Make your base prices more competitive

Lower your base prices by excluding the embedded fee for covering non-standard orders. With Surcharge module the customer with non-standard orders can pay additional expenses directly.

Surcharges by customer group

Avoid putting extra fees on customer groups that do not generate extra order processing expences. Target surcharges at specific customer groups.

Surcharge per order or product

Flexibly apply surcharges as a fixed price or a percentage. Apply extra fees per order or per each product in the order.

Flexible fee calculation

Use order attributes to set surcharge rates and thresholds flexibly


Surcharge rates

Choose how to set surcharge rate for the order. Select fixed rate per order, rate per product, per unit of weight, or percent of the product price.


Surcharge thresholds

Set the minimum and maximum values for the surcharge fee within the threshold option. You can establish both thresholds in one surcharge rule or opt only for one threshold.

Apply surcharges by conditions

Create a set of conditions for the surcharge fee to be flexibly applied.


Configure at what exactly conditions the surcharge should be applied. You can choose from product attribute combination, products subselection, cart attributes.

When using cart attributes as a condition you can select such attributes as subtotal (excluding or including tax), total items quantity, total weight, payment method, shipping method, shipping postcode, shipping region/state or province/country.

Use conditions combination for additional flexibility in applying the surcharge.

Target surcharge at customer groups and store views

Apply surcharges only for customer groups and store views that generate extra order processing fees.


Store admins can easily setup the surcharge for specific store view. Alternatively, a surcharge can be configured to be displayed everywhere for every store view of your Magento 2 store.

Extra fee can be targeted at customer groups that generate the extra order processing expenses.

This feature allows to apply individual surcharges for different store views and customer groups.

Surcharge full visibility to customers


Shoppers receive information on the surcharge applied to their order in the shopping cart, and on the checkout page. One order can include multiple surcharges, and customer will see them all on the checkout page.

Additionally, customers can view full surcharge info within order details page in their account.

Store admins can see the orders' surcharge details on the order view page in the backend.

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Version 1.0.21Mar 1, 2024
Changed Surcharge displaying in the email template and in customer account
Version 1.0.20Feb 28, 2024
Surcharge Group Label displayed only one Surcharge label in order/invoice emails
Version 1.0.19Feb 1, 2024
Custom attributes are not validated
Version 1.0.18Jan 2, 2024
Added percent type calculation per order subtotal
Version 1.0.17Dec 5, 2023
Added mst_surcharge attribute to the order object
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