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Issues watcher & notification for Magento 2

Compatible with: Community: 2.1-2.2
Enterprise: 2.1-2.2

The extension allows to detect online store issues in the early stages without waiting until your customers tell you about them. It minimizes possible losses, increases store operation stability and informs of warning situation occurrence.

There are constant changes in a modern online store. New features are added, new modules are installed. Just think about how many orders you possibly lose, due to the fact that you can not timely detect php errors caused by code changes. Also many problems could be eliminated if you were informed about problematic situations before their formation.

The module performs monitoring of various events that occur on the store (sales, reviews, software errors, etc). In case of a situation that requires attention, the extension automatically notifies the responsible employees via convenient for them communication channels (email, messenger, phone). The module will not bother on non-urgent issue. But it can wake your programmer up in the middle of the night if a critical error occurs and customers can not get an access to the store or can not place an order.

The module allows you to configure independently events you want to monitor and adjust responses to them. You create rules once and the entire monitoring system operates automatically day and night.


  • Capability to create rules, when triggered the notifications are sent
  • Depending on the critical level and the responsibility area, notifications can be sent to different people via different communication channels
  • Module allows to track following events:

    • Site operation

      • PHP Error/Warning
    • Customer activity

      • Logged In
      • Logged Out
      • Sign Up
      • Birthday
    • Admin

      • Logged In
      • Failed Login
    • Cron

      • Cron job status, last run time
    • Newsletter

      • Customer was subscribed
      • Customer was unsubscribed
    • Sales

      • Order status was changed
      • Order obtained "xxx" status
    • Catalog

      • Product QTY Decreased
    • Review

      • New review was added
    • Wishlist

      • Shared
      • New product added
  • The module allows to send notifications via following channels:

    • Slack
    • Telegram
    • Email
    • Possible adding of other channels.
  • You can edit notification text templates. Dynamic variables are used on the templates.
  • Event log. You can check the archive with all the tracked events of your store.
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Dec 01, 2017


  • CLI command to send notification for event ID from Event Log


Nov 30, 2017


  • ignore event if it does not exist anymore


  • troubleshooting: messages are not sent


Nov 27, 2017


  • extension documentation


Nov 27, 2017


  • Ignore recipients in the notification chain that do not exist anymore


Nov 23, 2017


  • Do not use keyword Test in the filename


Nov 20, 2017


  • support of php > 7.0


Nov 09, 2017


  • Extra parameter passed to parent construct


Nov 02, 2017


  • Use event handler to register error events instead of plugin
  • Move error event from module-event and add ability to disable error reporting


  • Add basic docs


Oct 30, 2017


  • integrate with MQ


  • error 'Area code already set'


Oct 26, 2017


  • Issue with CLI commands


Oct 18, 2017


  • reset previous transport before creating a new one
  • correct installation data


Oct 12, 2017


  • facebook messenger transport
  • Ability to send messages via telegram
  • use activate/deactivate switcher to enable notifications from notification listing


  • Notification 'Low Product Stock QTY'
  • Set up default data with module installation
  • ACL for events section
  • refactor notification handling
  • cron job for cleaning history from old events and queue


  • properly schedule notification sending


Sep 27, 2017


  • correct fields for foreign keys


Sep 27, 2017


  • Add tables foreign keys
  • set rule field of notification to null by default
  • compatibility with Magento 2.2


  • properly calculate scheduled at date for message


Sep 27, 2017


  • datetime to timestamp


Sep 27, 2017


  • ability to restrict number of send emails within time period
  • create/edit notification templates
  • register events and send notifications by cron


  • make it evident that notification creation comprised of 2 steps
  • UI improvements and small bugfixes
  • refactor UI director structure


  • require correct email transport builder class


Sep 19, 2017


  • Slack Library


Sep 11, 2017

  • Initial release

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