Event Watcher & Notification for Magento 2

The extension performs the function of monitoring the various events that occur in your store (sales, reviews, code errors, etc.), and automatically notifies the responsible employees via your preferred convenient communication channels (Slack, email, messenger).

  • 20+ ready events and triggers
  • Multi-channel notifications
  • Slack notifications
  • Flexible notification rules
  • Custom events

Instant Notifications

Stay up-to-date with instant notifications about important events in your store.

instant notifications

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Feature Highlights

The extension's aim is to monitor the various events in the store (sales, reviews, software errors, etc.). Depending on the configuration, the extension automatically notifies the responsible employees via such communication channels as Slack, email, messenger.

The extension allows you to configure the events you want to monitor, and adjust responses to them. You merely have to create rules once, and the entire monitoring system will operate automatically day and night.

Automated Notifications and Triggers

The extension can track a huge number of different events and actions, and keep you notified about each one. You can create rules for when triggered notifications are sent.

You can edit notification text templates. Dynamic variables are used on the templates.

Depending on the critical level and responsible areas, notifications can be sent to different people via different communication channels. What's more, the extension can send notifications to Slack channels (Slack integration is implemented).

Instant Slack notifications

magento 2 slack integration

The extension can track and notify you on the following events:

Sales notifications

  • New order notification
  • Order status was changed
  • Order obtained "xxx" status

Use Magento 2 recent sales notification to be timeously informed about changes in the orders' statuses!

Site operations

These events allow you to detect online store issues at the early stages without waiting to be informed by your customers.

It minimizes possible losses, increases store operation stability, and informs you of a potential warning situation occurrence.

  • PHP error notifications
  • Database error notifications
  • Cronjob error notifications
  • Cronjob execution time having reached a threshold

Admin activity notifications

  • Admin user logged in
  • Failed login notifications

User activity notifications

  • Customer logged in
  • Customer logged out
  • Customer's birthday
  • New registration
  • Reviews notifications (New review was added)
  • The customer has subscribed or unsubscribed to the newsletter

Get valuable data about your customers' activity through notifications and increase their engagements in your store!

Catalog notifications

  • Out of stock notifications
  • Product quantity changes
  • Stock notifications

Magento 2 out of stock notification helps identify which items need to be restocked. For this, Magento 2 enables an out of stock notification in order to eliminate frequent checking of stock items. You can use Magento 2 back in stock notification in order to check stock items that are available for sale. Stay notified automatically and better understand which items are in high demand!

Multi-channel notifications

The module allows you to send notifications via the following channels:

  • Slack
  • Telegram
  • Email
  • possibly adding other channels

Event log

The extension tracks all events to verify the archive with all tracked events of your store.

The notifier extension will not bother with non-urgent issues, though it can wake your programmer up in the middle of the night if a critical error occurs and customers cannot access the store or place an order.

These days, modern online stores are constantly chanding. New features are being added, and new modules are being installed. Just think about how many orders you have possibly lost on account of being unable to detect PHP errors caused by code changes in a timely manner. Also, many problems can be eliminated if you stay informed about problematic situations before their formation.

Staying informed about customer activity, the flow of products, and their availability in the store are the main challenges many retailers face. Install our Event Watcher & Slack notifications, manage your Magento 2 stock notification effectively, and improve your customers' sales experience!

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Useful extension and easy to use
JERRY  from Walnut, United States
This is a great and useful extension that alerts me whenever customer writes a review for our products. Magento natively doesn't support notification, which is odd, and this is a great extension to fill that void!

Easy to install and easy to setup.
nice addition to every M2 store
HappyMagento  from Nairobi, Kenya
I do recommend to purchase this extension together with the Health Report extension. Maybe mirasvit should consider to create a bundle of these two extensions.
Event Watcher
Obinna  from Lagos, Nigeria
Very lovely extension and fast support with speed of light. Kudos to Mirasvit Team, you guys rocks.
I recommend 100.00000000000%
Must have!!
wrc  from Istanbul, Turkey
if you want to be aware of everything, must have Event watcher & notification :)
Failed login notifications and error notifications are most important for store owners.
So, again Mirasvit, again fantastic extension :)
Event watcher & notification
Allan  from Shepperton, United Kingdom
it work well and must have extension
Awesome Extension
Scott  from Coal City, United States
This is extremely underrated. Not sure if people aren't aware of how powerful this extension is or not. You will get notified for everything you setup by either email, slack, or telegram. Errors, orders, new customer reviews, any event you want notified for. Sync certain events to slack channels to keep your whole team in the know.
Slack integration
Dylan  from United States
I'm pretty happy with this extension.
Essential extension
Adrien  from United States
100% recommended. We use it for track payment errors and general php errors. Great Job!
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