Compare BSS Magento 2 SEO Extension vs. Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite

Information about the extensions

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What extensions are compared

Magento SEO extension by BSS

The Magento SEO extension from BSS Commerce boosts the SEO efficiency of your website. It allows you to automatically create metadata for all pages by using templates. Colored lines that appear in templates will guide you to adjust the length of meta content for better ranking.

You can tag all the links to other websites on your store as "no follow" automatically. Certain website addresses can be forbidden from being explored by robots. This prevents search engines from leaving your site when they're crawling through it.

You can also create custom rules for crawlers to follow on certain pages. Schedule for sitemaps regeneration can be edited, to keep the search engines updated on the structure of the website at your pace. You can check the SEO health of your store through a pre-built report, to find all errors on the pages.

Magento SEO module by Mirasvit

The Magento SEO module by Mirasvit assists in making your website more viable for search engines. It adds tools that automatically improve your SEO in the Magento store, like human-friendly URLs.

It can also assign canonical links to complicated pages to prevent duplicates, which lower the website's search ranking. SEO templates allow you to set special information for all your store's pages. You can adjust short and full descriptions and make SEO descriptions that will be visible in search results for any page.

Custom redirects from any page to any page can be created to turn crawlers away from moved or empty pages. XML and HTML sitemaps will also help crawlers discover your store's structure. So as crosslinks, which turn keywords into clickable links for robots to follow. The SEO toolbar and built-in reports will assist you in understanding how effective your optimization is.

The integrated GPT AI can then utilize that information to fix metadata errors automatically.

Key Benefits of Mirasvit’s SEO extension

The Magento SEO plugin by Mirasvit allows you to create cross-links – turn certain keywords into clickable links. This will add weight to the page in the eyes of search engines, boosting its position in search results. Crawlers can follow these links when inspecting the page and understand its structure better. You can choose which pages must be linked, set up keywords and URLs, and then the module will automatically create cross-links. The extension also allows you to limit the number of links on one page to avoid overloading.

The Mirasvit’s Magento 2 SEO extension provides more control over specific details of SEO optimization. You can set up redirections not only for 301-error pages but for any URL you want. With this feature, you can help users and crawlers navigate your store. Built-in rewrite manager can allow you to overwrite metadata manually. You can also set up priority for rewrites and templates. With these tools, you can fine-tune a website's metadata for any specific needs.

Feature Comparison

The Magento 2 SEO extension from BSS Commerce focuses on additional improvements for basic SEO features. Sitemaps can be regenerated automatically in intervals, set by user. When editing templates, you can see a colored line that will assist in adjusting the length to the proper standard. Rich snippets for products can have custom structure properties. It allows experienced users to tailor the looks of snippets to their liking. Custom instructions for crawlers can also be created to help them rank the website higher in search results.

The SEO extension by Mirasvit brings in cross-linking of the store’s pages. It increases the importance of pages for search engines by automatically converting keywords into links. You can also control the number of automatically added links on each page. Mirasvit’s extension also allows custom redirects, which help to avoid broken or moved pages. The module also utilizes GPT AI to help you correct common SEO errors. It uses the data from the SEO audit tool and automatically fixes duplicates, empty tags, and long lines.

Key Features of SEO Suite Modules

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  • SEO reports
    Use dedicated reports to search your website’s pages and discover any SEO errors. Google and Bing search consoles that show clicks and conversions are also available. When editing meta titles and descriptions, the module will show colored lines that assist in writing SEO-appropriate metadata. They will advise the best length for the line. If the color switches to green – the meta content is of optimal length.
  • Rich Snippets Custom Properties
    Rich snippets can show different data in search results, such as the rating of an item or social media links. Default options for snippets can be chosen through a drop-down menu. However, experienced users can also create custom properties for product snippet structures. This way, you can get unique snippets for your store.
  • Sitemap Regeneration Control
    Define how often sitemaps will be automatically updated. You can set time intervals in hours, days, months, or years, depending on the type of sitemap. After that, the system will automatically generate new Google XML sitemaps, saving you time.
  • Custom Robot Instructions
    Experienced users can add custom commands to a file that defines crawler instructions. This feature lets you fine-tune the robot instructions to help search engines rank your store higher.
  • SEO External Links
    Automatically mark all external links on your website as "no follow". You can also add specific domains that will be excluded from crawling. This allows you to stop search engines from wandering off your website while crawling. It helps the store to appear higher within search results.

mirasvit logo Mirasvit

  • Detailed SEO Templates
    Edit meta titles, keywords, short, and full descriptions in SEO templates. Enable and edit SEO descriptions for each page, which will show up when your store is searched for. Take more control over page contents and help search engines with ranking your store.
  • Template Preview
    Use the preview feature to see real-time content changes when editing templates. The preview displays 5 different pages where the template is used, showing various examples. SEO variables are also highlighted in color for easy identification. Unlike other modules, changes are visible throughout the editing process, and not only after they're applied.
  • Crosslinks
    Add more weight to your store’s pages by automatically turning specific keywords into links. You can also limit the amount of such links per page to enhance search engine ranking further.
  • Flexible Redirecting
    Set up redirections from any page to any URL you desire, not only from 301 error pages. This feature gives you more control over redirections and helps search engines avoid error pages for better website ratings.
  • Manual Rewrites
    Skilled users can manually modify metadata and URLs to optimize them for specific needs.
  • Relationship Tags
    You can use 4 different relationship tags, including "hreflang". Tag "alternate" allows to redirect users to the different versions of the same page. The "next" and "prev" tags indicate complexes of the page to help crawlers correctly read them without seeing duplication of content.
  • GPT AI Helper
    Data from the SEO audit tool can be used to fix common errors using GPT AI automatically. This way, you can save time wasted on manual fixes. You can also deactivate this feature anytime if you want to make manual adjustments.

Side-by-side features comparison

Differences in features are crucial when choosing the best SEO extension for Magento 2. The simplest method to discover them is to directly compare the key features of both extensions in a side-by-side table.

Mirasvit SEO BSS SEO
SEO templates
Template preview
Rules for template application
Metadata editing
SEO description
Rich snippets
Custom structure properties for product’s Rich Snippets
Open Graph
Automatic 301-page redirects
Custom redirects
Canonical URLs
SEO-friendly URLs
Custom robot instructions
Rules for rewrites
Manual rewrites
HTML & XML sitemaps
Sitemap regeneration schedule
SEO Toolbar
SEO Health Checker
GPT AI automatic error correction
Relationship Tags
Automatic marking of external links as "no follow"

Find the module that suits you most

The modules that extend the SEO toolkit allow you to improve your store’s relevance for search engines. SEO templates help to add tags that increase page ranking. Redirections help to avoid moved or empty pages. Sitemaps allow crawlers to learn your store’s structure easily. They also help to catch user’s eyes with rich snippets and Open Graph links in messengers.

All SEO modules follow the standard rules of SEO optimization. Each extension, however, provides distinct functions that set them apart. Module by Mirasvit adds cross-links that add weight to the pages. It provides more control over rewrites and redirections and brings in AI support to automatically fix common SEO errors. The BSS Commerce extension allows you to manage time for automatic sitemap regeneration. It also helps to adjust the length of meta titles and descriptions. With it, you can also automatically mark external links with a "no follow" tag and create custom rules for robots.

Compare features of modules by Mirasvit and BSS Commerce. Using comparison tables, understand the contrasts between them, and choose the best SEO module that suits your store.

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