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Details on compared extensions

Magento SEO module made by Mageworx

The Magento SEO module made by Mageworx promotes your website in the search results by improving the SEO content on the pages. With it, you can create and use templates for metadata, such as titles and descriptions.

Randomized variables that cycle through several words can be used in templates for text to appear more diverse and human-like. Metadata, crosslinks, and robot meta tag placement can be managed in bulk through special tables.

You can also customize the breadcrumbs of the website to your liking. Rich snippets allow you to mark its content as readable via text-to-speech through Google Assistant. This extension will automatically add any third-party pages to the XML sitemap. It includes blog modules from Mirasvit, Mageplaza, and Aheadworks.

Mirasvit’s Magento SEO extension

Mirasvit’s Magento SEO extension helps improve your website's visibility to search engines and clients. It allows store owners to easily improve the SEO in Magento store by using metadata templates.

Customizable redirects divert crawlers from error pages. Crosslinks, sitemaps, and robot tags help search engines navigate your website and rank it higher among search results.

URLs can be automatically converted to a human-friendly format, also raising the store’s score. And if you need to fine-tune any aspect of SEO optimization – manual editing is always an option for templates, rewrites, URLs, rules, and crosslinks. The rich snippets and Opengraph links work to appeal to customers, providing eye-catching store representation.

With SEO audit and toolbar, you can monitor the effectiveness of the optimization and catch errors on pages. And the integrated GPT AI will automatically fix common problems for you.

Key Benefits of Mirasvit’s SEO extension

The SEO module by Mirasvit helps you track SEO efficiency and find page errors. It provides two tools for this goal – SEO audit and toolbar. The audit appears as a pre-built report showing the website's general health score, error distribution, and individual issues. Moreso, you can switch on the SEO toolbar for the website's frontend. It can show you information about metadata, templates, snippets, and Opengraph for any visited page. The access to the toolbar can be limited via the user's IP.

The Magento SEO plugin from Mirasvit also enables GPT AI to correct common page errors automatically. The AI relies on information from the SEO audit to identify fixable issues. It can fix common metadata errors like repeated content, empty titles, and absent tags. Moreover, the GPT AI can modify the length of meta tags as needed. If you prefer, you can turn off the automatic error correction and do all the fixing manually.

Feature Comparison

The SEO toolkit provided by the Mageworx extension offers mass editing of different processes. Robot tags can be added to multiple pages through lists for certain tags. Crosslinks can be viewed and edited in one grid, where you can also set up their priority. Metadata, the priority of breadcrumbs and redirects, tags, and the status of the pages can be changed in bulk. All third-party pages will be automatically added to the sitemaps. The module also allows you to change the breadcrumbs length.

Mirasvit’s SEO suite module helps users keep track of their stores’ performance. The SEO toolbar allows manual inspection, showing data about each visited page. General website performance can be seen with the help of an SEO audit tool. It scans all the store's content, rates it, and shows all errors that can be fixed to improve its effectiveness. Then, AI can be used to correct most of the common mistakes. And if you prefer to do things manually, templates, rewrites, rules, and other features allow fine-tuning by hand.

Key Features of Magento SEO Extensions

mageworx logo Mageworx

  • Robot Meta Tags
    Set up tags for crawlers to specify how to interact with pages. Hide the pages from search engines or forbid to follow links from them. Unlike other extensions, you can add pages that need specific tags to a list for them to be automatically changed. Usually, users have to set these robot tags for pages individually.
  • Template Randomizers
    When creating templates, you can use randomized variables to make content more human-friendly. These variables include a few synonymous words that will be used on different pages. For example, the system can cycle through the words "buy", "order", and "purchase" when the corresponding variable is written.
  • Third-party Pages
    The module automatically adds third-party pages to the XML sitemap without manual settings. This includes blog posts, topic pages, categories, and author pages. Blog modules from Mirasvit, Mageplaza, and Aheadworks are supported.
  • Flexible Redirecting
    Set up redirections from any page to any URL you desire, not only from 301 error pages. This feature gives you more control over redirections and helps search engines avoid error pages for better website ratings.
  • Cross-linking Management
    Create crosslinks from keywords to help crawlers map out your website. With this extension, you can view and edit existing linkings using the management grid. Unlike with other modules, it allows you to set up the priority of links. You can also see and edit on which pages crosslinks are applied.
  • Breadcrumbs
    Customize breadcrumbs on your website to appeal to users and search engines. Use category priority in breadcrumbs and choose their length. The shortest will exclude minor subcategories from the path, while the longest will show it entirely. You can also leave the default Magento length and form of breadcrumbs.
  • Mass Edits
    Use the category grid to apply changes for several categories at once to save time on individual editing. Mass change metadata, robot tags, breadcrumbs and redirect priority, crosslinking, and more.

mirasvit logo Mirasvit

  • SEO Templates Management
    Gain the ability to change metadata, such as titles, descriptions, and keywords inside SEO templates. With this feature, you can gain more control over meta content, usually left for automatic generation. You can also create and edit SEO descriptions for pages. They are shown in search results when your website is being searched.
  • Live Template Preview
    Changes made in templates will automatically be shown in a live preview. It will show 5 pages with different content to which the template is applied for you to see a few examples of the end result. You can also see all the SEO variables highlighted in color to know exactly where they were used. Other modules usually show only one example of the applied template if they have a preview feature.
  • Manual Rewrites
    The metadata and URLs of the pages can be changed manually. This way, experienced users can fine-tune meta content for their specific needs.
  • SEO Audit
    The automatic crawler examines each page on the site and shows the general score of SEO effectiveness. You can find out how many pages are optimized and the number of mistakes in a ready-to-use health report. You can also look at individual problems, such as broken links and missing tags. This tool helps you stay informed about your website's SEO status without paying for an outside review.
  • GPT AI Fixer
    The module supports GPT AI and allows it to correct common SEO mistakes to free time from this tedious task. AI will collect data from the SEO audit to locate the errors. It can fix missing tags, empty lines, duplicated content, and inappropriate length of the lines. This feature can also be turned off if a user needs to make a manual correction.
  • Custom Template Rules
    Create rules for the application of the templates to control their usage better. Define the priority of individual templates, halt certain rules from processing, and choose specific situations when templates need to be used.
  • SEO Toolbar
    Enable the SEO toolbar for the website’s frontend to review the state of each page. The toolbar shows canonical and robot tags, the state of the metadata, applied templates, rich snippets, and Opengraph. Checkmarks will let you know if some variables have errors. You can also pick the IP of users that will be able to see the toolbar on the page.

Side-by-side features comparison

The best SEO extension for Magento 2 can only be found through a side-by-side comparison of the features. Discover the capabilities of each module, compare their strengths through a simple table, and decide which extension you like the most.

Mageworx SEO Mirasvit SEO
SEO templates
Template preview
Different examples of templates in the preview
Rules for template application
Template randomizers
Metadata editing
Mass metadata edits
SEO description
Rich snippets
Open Graph
Automatic 301-page redirects
Custom redirects
Canonical URLs
Canonical URLs
SEO-friendly URLs
Robot tags
Robot tags application in bulk
Manual rewrites
HTML & XML sitemaps
Third-party pages are automatically added to the sitemaps
Venia PWA storefront support
SEO Toolbar
SEO audit
SEO reports
GPT AI automatic error correction
Relationship Tags
Breadcrumbs customization

Find a suitable module for your store

To achieve the best SEO efficiency, modules use a variety of tools. They add templates for metadata to ease its management. Human-friendly URLs and canonical links for complex pages help increase your website's score for search engines. Crosslinks add weight to the pages. Sitemaps help robots to navigate your store and index it better. And the rich snippets and Open Graph feature create eye-catching store representation.

SEO modules may have similar tools and core functionality. However, each extension has unique tools that highlight it among others. Mirasvit’s extension adds an SEO audit and a toolbar to keep in touch with the website's health. GPT AI then uses this data to help you automatically fix mistakes found on pages. The module by Mageworx brings management tools to edit metadata, crosslinks, tags, and other content in bulk. It also adds randomized variables to the templates, which help the text to look more human.

Compare the features of modules offered by Mirasvit and Mageworx through comparison tables. Discover their differences and pick the module that fits your store's needs.

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The Module is easy to install and upgrade, just follow our step-by-step user guide. Additionally, the extension is ready to use with the Hyvä theme.

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