Command Line Interface

Usage: php -f bin/magento [options]

  • mirasvit:cache-warmer --warm - warm the pages which you can see in SYSTEM->Page Cache Warmer depending on Performance configurations
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer --remove-all-pages - remove all pages from the module
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl - crawl all store pages
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --unlock - unlock if was finished incorrectly
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --customer-group-id 1 - crawl all pages for customers with group ID 1
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --cycle_limit 5 - set cycle limit for crawl command, where default value is 100
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --store-id 2 - crawl all pages for store with ID 2
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --base-url - crawl all pages for store with base url
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --ignore-query - crawl all pages except pages with query params (?)
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:test - for purpose of a module test

Note that arguments for the mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl command option can be combined.

Example: mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --ignore-query --unlock