Command Line Interface

Usage: php -f bin/magento [options]

  • mirasvit:cache-warmer --warm - warm the pages which you can see in SYSTEM->Page Cache Warmer depending on Performance configurations
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer --remove-all-pages - remove all pages from the module
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl - crawl all store pages
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --unlock - unlock if it was finished incorrectly
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --customer-group-id 1 - crawl all pages for customers with group ID 1
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --cycle_limit 5 - set the cycle limit for crawl command, where the default value is 100. During the first cycle, the crawler visits the Home Page and gathers all the links. The second cycle visits all links from the pages gathered during the first cycle of crawling.
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --store-id 2 - crawl all pages for store with ID 2
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --base-url - crawl all pages for the store with the base url
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --ignore-query - crawl all pages except pages with query parameters (?)
  • mirasvit:cache-warmer:test - for the purpose of a module test

Note that arguments for the mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl command option can be combined.

Example: mirasvit:cache-warmer:crawl --ignore-query --unlock