Quick Start

Extra payments for Magento 2 is a supportive tool that provides a convenient way for making accompanying financial transactions on existing orders. Such fees may occur for many reasons, for example, when a purchased item needs to be returned for a replacement.

Go to Sales > Extra Payments to view all issued extra payments in your store. The extra payments grid provides the following paramaters:

  • Customer name
  • Order number the extra payment was issued for
  • Order number of the issued extra payment itself
  • Extra payment status (paid, pending, draft)
  • Items for which the extra payment was issued for
  • Direct link to the checkout cart with a particular extra payment
  • Extra payment edit button


On this page, you can use filters to sort out irrelevant issued extra payments and edit existing records.

Alternatively, you can get all extra payments issued on a particular customer on the Customer Information page. Go to Customers > All customers, choose a particular customer and click Edit on their account. Next, navigate to Customer Information > Extra Payment.