Advanced Product Feeds

Category Mapping


What is category mapping?

The category names you are using in your Magento store aren't always the same as those used by Comparison Shopping Engines to reference your products.
This means you have to find out which Shopping Engine categories are most closely aligned with your store's categories.

To create a new category mapping, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Catalog → Advanced Product Feeds → Category Mapping. Press the button Add Category Mapping.

Category Mapping

  1. Fill in the mapping Name.

  2. Fill in the new names related to your store categories.
    If the child category doesn't have its own related name, it will use the related name of the parent category.


    When you start typing the category names, the extension will automatically show all the available categories from the Google Shopping taxonomy txt file.
    You can add other txt files with taxonomies to use it for category mapping in the folder magento_root/vendor/mirasvit/module-feed/src/Feed/Setup/data/mapping
  3. Press the button Save.

Now you can use the new category mapping in your feeds. You can select the newly-created Category Mapping attributes from the drop-down list of template attributes.


  • For CSV feeds, at the attribute selector, you need to select the attribute Category Mapping: Name
  • For XML feeds, you should use the pattern, {{product.mapping:mapping_id}}


For example: {{ product.mapping:1 }}

Where 1 is a category mapping id.