Advanced Product Feeds

How to create a new data feed


Pre-installed templates may require additional attributes and settings due to specific information related to the items being sold or country location. Make a point of checking a given product's attribute requirements using marketplace specifications.

To create a new data feed, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Catalog → Advanced Product Feeds → Feeds. Press the button Add Feed.
  2. Select one of the existing templates to create a feed. To create an empty feed, select Empty Template.
  3. Press button Continue.
  4. Fill in the following requirement fields:
    • Name - name of the data feed.
    • Filename - name of the data feed file. The file will be located at [magento_path]/pub/media/feed/filename.
    • Store View - the store view for which a data feed will be generated.
    • Is Active

Feed Editing

Additionally, if you selected **Empty Template**, you will need to fill in these fields:

* **File Type** - there are three file types available for the data feed.
    * [**CSV**](/feed/csv) - comma-separated values where each item is placed on a new line. The file extension is *.csv*.
    * [**TXT**](/feed/csv) - same as for a CSV file, but with a *.txt* extension.
    * [**XML**](/feed/xml) - uses tags to define blocks of content. Information about your items is enclosed within these tags, which are indicated by angle brackets. The file extension is *.xml*.
  1. Press the button Save and Continue Edit.
  2. To generate a data feed, press the button Generate at the top right corner of the page.