Working with Fraud Risk Scores

A Fraud Detection extension checks all orders which come to your store, and rates them according to the Risk Score multi-factor check that is defined by indicators and rules.

It will be shown at the Sales -> Orders grid as a colored mark in the Fraud Score column, with a corresponding numerical rate value.

Order Fraud Column

The color of the mark corresponds with three possible Fraud Risk levels:

  • Green - Accept level, which marks orders as safe to complete. By default, it corresponds to a score from 0 to 20.
  • Yellow - Review level, which warns you about inconsistencies found in order's properties. By default, it corresponds to a score from 30 to 80.
  • Red - is the highest level Reject, equals to 80 - 100 points, and marks the order as dangerous.

The minimum possible score is 0 (all indicators and rules are passed) - not fraud. The maximum score is 100 - fraud (e. q. all checks failed).

This numerical value is calculated from a set of built-in indicators, which are summed and compared to the level definition. You can adjust level bounds, if you need.

Each indicator is a separate check, and the result of them are shown on respective tab, added to the Order Edit page:

Order Fraud Tab

Read more about these checks in the Fraud Indicators section.

How to adjust levels of Fraud Risk Score

To adjust the Fraud Risk Score levels, take the following steps:

  • Go to System -> Fraud Detection -> Fraud Risk Score and press the Configure button.
  • At the top part of the Configuration Page, under Statuses title, you will see a colored line, which defines Fraud Levels. Move the sliders to adjust bounds of levels.
  • Save the configuration.
  • After that, our extension will recalculate scores for the last 10 orders, which will be shown on the same page.

You can also adjust the indicator importance in the same Configuration page. Proceed to Fraud Indicators section to find out more.