Shipping Rules

Adding a shipping rule

In your Magento admin panel in the left column, locate the Stores button. Click on it and select Shipping Rule.


Add a new rule using button Add New Shipping Rule.

When adding a new shipping rule, include general information such as the name of the rule. Select shipping methods for which this rule should be applied.


Set the priority of the rule execution. The lower the number, the higher is its priority. Specify if it is necessary to stop the execution of other rules when this rule is applied.


Get flexible shipping rates by overriding default delivery methods fees. Set individual shipping rules for orders.

Setting rule conditions

In the Applying Conditions section, you can configure rules based on the following cart attributes:

  • Subtotal

  • Subtotal excluding tax

  • Total items quantity

  • Total order weight

  • Payment method

  • Shipping method

  • Shipping postcode

  • Shipping region

  • Shipping state/province

  • Shipping country

You can also create a use product attribute combination and product sub-selection as conditions for the rule.


Use extra conditions such as day of the week, time of the day, Shipping Area.

Example To create a rule which is applied when there is 1 item in a cart and the customer makes order on Wednesday, add the following conditions:

  • Total items quantity is 1

  • Day of week is one of  Wednesday

Setting rule visibility

Shipping rules can be applied to store views and customer groups. You can check multiple store views and user groups.


Setting shipping rates and thresholds

In the sub-menu Rates and Thresholds, set the parameters for overriding the default shipping rate of the chosen shipping method.


Fee Calculation defines how the default shipping rate will be overridden:

  • Re-calculate shipping fee. The default shipping rate is replaced by your value.

  • Add extra fee. Your value is added to the default shipping rate.

  • Subtract extra fee. Your value is subtracted from the default shipping rate.

The Rate types sets numerical value for Fee Calculation option. Such rate types are available:

  • Fixed rate per order
  • Rate per one item
  • Rate per product
  • Rate per unit of weight
  • Percent of the product price
  • Percent of the base rate

Set min and max thresholds to specify limits when the shipping rate is applied.

Shipping Area

Shipping Area is an extra condition you can apply to shipping rule. This options allows to spend less time creating similar shipping rules by for deliveries to different locations. Group a number of geographical shipping zones as one.

In your Magento admin panel find in the left column Stores button. Click on it and select Shipping Area.

Press button Add New Shipping Area to create a new one. Set the name for this area and activate it.


Set Applying Conditions for this area, for example shipping postcode, region, country, etc.

You can use the created Shipping Area as an extra condition for shipping rules.