You can easily create a positive impression on your customers, direct them to your most compelling offer, etc. what will benefit your income by implementing is an onsite Promo Banner campaign.

Follow to Marketing > Promo Banners > Banners to manage or create new banners.

Banners grid allows managing by ID, Name, Status, Position, Action, and Analytics.

Let's start from Add New Banner:

General Information

  • Active - Turn-on / off the banner.
  • Internal Name - Internal banner name.
  • Active From - Starting date of the banner's displaying.
  • Active To - Ending date of the banner's displaying.
  • Store Views - Sets which store views (stores) to display a banner.
  • Customer Groups - Sets which groups of customers to display a banner (NOT LOGGED IN, General, Retailer, Wholesale).
  • Placeholder - Places on the page where to display the banner on the site. You can add your own Placeholdes.
  • Priority - Priority of each banner.


At the Conditions tab, you will see a conditional block, which allows you to filter attributes, to which Promo Banners should be applied.

Attributes can be different for each store - depends on whether the attribute participates Cart Attributes or Product Attribute or Page Attributes. It has a number of options apart from Magento's default options (leave the conditions blank if you want to apply for all products).


  • URL - adds the link where visitors will be redirected by clicking on the banner.

Edit banner's text or image content with a default Magento Using the Editor.


Our special tool to track Impressions and Clicks per banners. Analytics count in real-time, no need to set up cron for this. If some unique visitor sees your banner +1 Impression, he clicks on it and follows the link you added + 1 Click. As a result, you get the percentage value per each banner.

Extremely useful to know what's interesting for your store visitors and customers.