Credit product

Credit Products are special types of products that allow customers to deposit or refill funds in their balances.

They consist of two types:

  • Credit Products - allows customers to deposit money to the Store Credit balance at a price.
  • Refill Virtual Product - allows customer to directly deposit a certain amount of money to his/her balance.

Their creation is discussed below with a set of ready-to-use Examples.

Creating Credit Product

Go to Products → Catalog and create a new Credit Product (take a look at the screenshot below):


  1. Fill in the standard fields, such as Product Name, SKU, and Quantity.
  2. Assign this product to the proper categories.
  3. Proceed to the Credit Price Options subsection and select Price Type. There are three possible options:
    • Single - creates a simple product, which allows customers to deposit a certain amount to his/her balance. It triggers the following options:
      • Price Options - can be either Fixed or Percent.
      • Price - price that customer should pay to deposit credit funds. Suppose the Fixed option is selected, then the customer should pay exactly that amount. If Percent is selected, this field contains a percentage from the Credits value.
      • Credits - a monetary amount should be added to the Store Credit balance after order completion.
    • Fixed - creates a configurable product with a set of possible deposits. Each option has the same options, as in a Single price type.
    • Range - creates a product with a dynamic price that can be set by the customer. It triggers the following additional options:
      • Price - contains a conversion rate per 1 credit.
      • Min Credit Amount - minimal Store Credit funds that can be deposited to the balance.
      • Max Credit Amount - maximum Store Credit funds that can be deposited to the balance.
  4. Save the product and make it enabled for purchasing.


It is better to have a separate Category for all Credit Products. To create one, go to Products -> Category.

Creating Refill Virtual Product

Unlike Credit Products, which make a deposit at a certain price, Refill Virtual Product allows you to store funds to the Store Credit balance at no assigned price. After an order is complete, the purchase is completely sent to the Store Credit balance.

There can be only one product of this type.

To create such a product, go to Products -> Catalog and perform the following steps:

  1. Press the Add New drop-down button, and select Virtual Product.
  2. Add any appropriate properties, apart from the following that should have these values:
    • SKU - CREDIT
    • Price - 0
    • Tax Class - None
  3. Jump to the Customizable Options subsection, and add the appropriate options, which will act as vouchers for depositing money. For detailed information on how to proceed, refer to this section of Magento 2 manual.
  4. Save the product and make it enabled for purchasing.

Credit Products Examples

  • Credit product, which deposits $50 to the balance for a fee of $20

    The customer will pay $70, and $50 will be transferred to his/her balance on order completion.

    Create a Credit Product with the following options:

    • Credit Price Options:
      • Price Type: Single
      • Price Options: Fixed
      • Price: 70
      • Credits: 50
  • Credit product allows the customer to deposit custom money amount from $100 to $400 at a fee of 20%

    The customer will pay $10 for each $8, transferred to his/her Store Credit balance.

    Create a Credit Product with the following options:

    • Credit Price Options:
      • Price Type: Range
      • Price: 1.2
      • Min Credit Amount: 100
      • Max Credit Amount: 400
  • Create a set of vouchers for depositing $100, $200 and $300

    The customer will select a voucher from the drop-down list, and on order completion, he/she receives the full purchase amount on Store Credit balance.

    Create a Refill Virtual Product and create an option in the Customizable Options subsection:

    • Option properties:
      • Option Title: Vouchers
      • Option Type: Drop-down
      • Required: Yes
    • Option 1:
      • Title: $100 Voucher
      • Price: 100
      • Price Type: Fixed
      • SKU: CREDIT-100
    • Option 2:
      • Title: $200 Voucher
      • Price: 200
      • Price Type: Fixed
      • SKU: CREDIT-200
    • Option 3:
      • Title: $400 Voucher
      • Price: 300
      • Price Type: Fixed
      • SKU: CREDIT-300

    Here is a screenshot for your reference: Vouchers