GeoIP Rules

GeoIP Rules define the action that should do the extension if a visitor came from the specified country. Additionally, the extension can separate visitors by their Browser Locale or IP address.

All rules are located at System -> GeoIP Redirect -> GeoIP Rules.

Please, check demo with common rules configuration.

How to create a new Rule

Visit System -> GeoIP Redirect -> GeoIP Rules and press Add New Rule button.

You will be brought to the Rule creation page, which consists of 3 key subsections:

General Information

  • Name - internal name of the rule.
  • Is Active - whether the rule is active.
  • Priority - the sort order for apply rules (if a visitor's location follows 2 or more rules). 0 - the lowest priority. 100 - the highest priority (apply it first).
  • Notes - additional internal information about the rule.

When to apply the rule

  • When visitor - defines what property of visitor rule should validate:
    • Country - visitor country (based on IP). You can choose one or more countries to redirect customers from those countries to each corresponding store view. When one country is allocated to a few of them, customers are redirected to the store view with the lower ID.
    • Browser Locale. Customers will be redirected to the store view automatically based on their browser language settings.
    • IP Address
  • Country is / Locale is / IP is - based on previous option, you should enter appropiate values for one of this fields.

What to do

In this section, you enable actions that should do the extension if a visitor follows the previous condition.


They are two similar actions: Redirect and Restrict access. The difference in the workflow. Redirect option, redirect visitors only once (first open).

Restrict access option permanently redirects the visitor to some page (/504, for example).