Help Desk MX

Quick Start

Our Help Desk MX extension is a simple yet powerful extension for building and boosting your customers' support. Most of its functions work out-of-box, but for full productivity, several settings can be tuned up.

  1. Start by establishing an organizational structure for support. All staff members (they're regular backend users, defined at System -> Permissions -> All Users) should be registered in their corresponding Department. Each staff member's Permission can be defined to ensure proper duties separation.

  2. Establish an Email Gateways service. This allows customers to place tickets and communicate via email. It will include two additional steps:

    • Enable IMAP access on your mailbox(es). If you're using a two-step authorization service (which is provided by GMail, for example), you also will need to create a special password for application, which you will use in Gateway;
    • Set your Gateways mailboxes as Sender Email in the corresponding Department. It is crucial that you create a full cycle of email flow.
  3. Create a ticketing workflow. Each stage of ticket resolving is marked by corresponding Status. Our extension provides a set of legal statuses out-of-box, but you may also extend or even define your statuses.

  4. Create a ticket ranking system. Our extension provides a Priorities dictionary, which contains standard priorities that allow it to rank tickets by their urgencies. You may also extend it or define your set of priorities.

  5. If you have a set of standard questions or situations that require typical answers, create Quick Responses to help speed up support in these cases.

  6. If you need customers to supply additional information upon ticket submission, use our Custom Fields. In the same vein, you can create additional internal properties for tickets that can speed up your staff members' interoperability - for example, case details, intermediate results, and so on.

  7. Observe your tickets flow, and if you encounter spamming, eliminate it by adding Spam Patterns. They will be used by our email fetch submodule to cut off spammers.

  8. Automate your regular tasks with our Workflow Rules, with an extensive set of conditions allowing you to automate almost every routine task.

  9. Review your support productivity, using our Reports, and adjust your policy, making your support correspond with customers' demands.

This should be a good beginning.

Refer to appropriate sections of our manual to find out more info.