Manage Synonyms

The extension enhances the functionality of native Magento synonyms and provides an additional capability for importing synonyms.

To import synonyms, follow these steps:

  • Create your custom CSV file using the following file structure.


    The name of this file should be equal to your language code in capital letters. Codes can be found here, use column 639-1 for that. For example use the "EN.csv" file name.

  • Place your custom CSV file into the [magento_root]/var/synonyms/ folder.
  • Go to System -> Search Management -> Manage Synonyms and press the Import Synonyms button.
  • The Dictionary field defines locale (language) to which synonyms are imported. All dictionaries should exist and have at least one record since imported data are appended to existing.
  • Store View defines the store views where imported synonyms will be applied.
  • Press Import to import and apply synonyms.