Advanced Seo Suite - Quick Start

Our Advanced Search Engine Optimization Suite (SEO) extension is a powerful tool, which allows you to perfectly tune up your store for maximum search indexing performance. After instlling extension we recommend to consider following steps:

  1. Check out SEO Templates to configure headings and meta-information of your pages. Templates are very flexible and can fit your policy using complex condition subsystem. Meta-tags also can be overridden by Rewrites. Unlike Templates, described above, rewrites act on top of all other templates, used on your page. It is a powerful tool for precise metadata policy. The main part can be implemented as Templates, since one template can handle multiple pages. Individual (or exceptional - promotional, for example, or some action-related) pages can be then additionally optimized using Rewrite. Ability of using wildcards allows to alter metadata even on search results and other dynamic pages.

  2. Google allows to display information about products and stores, where they are sold, on search result pages (SERP). To use this ability, you need to provide web crawler with additional info, which are called snippets. Add these snippets to your pages, and Google crawler may utilize them. Just the same way you can provide additional information for Facebook sharing.

  3. Our Redirects allows you to create special redirects from one page to another (point to point), and flexibly manage 404 pages, directing customers to different sections of store. These redirects can be generated separately, and imported to our extension as CSV file.

  4. The advanced cross link functionality for Magento 2 helps to build a solid site linking architecture to interlink all thematically relevant pages, so it's also worth checking out. 100% search engine friendly. This can be done via our Autolinks.

  5. After fine-tuning of meta-information using tools above, manage and improve your sitemap with our Extended Sitemap functionality.

This should be a good beginning.

Refer to appropriate sections of our manual to get more info.