Customers' Balances

Customers' Balance Grid

All customers' balances can be seen in one place, using the Sales -> Store Credit -> Customers grid.

The grid contains the following information:

  • Customer Name - customer name.
  • Customer Email - customer email.
  • Balance - current Store Credit balance of the customer.
  • Updated At - last activity on the customer's balance.

Each record is a shortcut to the corresponding customer account, where you can see more detailed information on store credit transactions.

Customer Balance Tab

Our extension allows you to access and manage all customer balance information directly from his/her account record using the additional Store Credit tab.


This tab contains a summary of the balance under Balance Information label, where you can see:

  • Current Balance - current cash sum deposited in the balance.
  • Last Change - date of the last transaction related to this customer.
  • Subscribed to email notifications - allows you to see whether a customer opted to receive email updates. The additional Add New Transaction button is a shortcut to a simplified Manual Transaction edit dialog, which allows you to quickly add or withdraw funds from the customer balance.

There's also a filtered Transactions Grid, which contains all transactions related to this customer.