Store Credit & Refund


Our extension allows you to generate reports about the Store Credit operations. It only provides general statistics, which can be seen at Sales -> Store Credit -> Reports.

The Report can be generated for the following time periods:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year
  • Custom period using the date selector located at the top of the Reports page.

Each report contains the following data that are visualized both as chart and grid:

  • Time period - dependent on the period, selected in the date selector, and can be Day, Week, and so on.
  • Delta - the difference between amount of funds that was deposited and withdrawn during the selected period.
  • Received - a total of funds that were deposited to the Store Credit balances
  • Spent - a total of funds that were withdrawn from the Store Credit balances
  • Number of Transactions - total number of transactions (regardless of type), made during a selected period.

These Reports are simplistic, yet they can be really handy in your crediting and refund policy evaluation.