All Store Credit transactions are located in the Sales -> Store Credit -> Transactions section. Each of them provides the following information:

  • Transaction # - ID of the transaction.
  • Customer Name - the name of the customer, to whom the refund of Store Credit was issued.
  • Customer Email - email of that customer.
  • Date - date of transaction. The filter, available from the grid's header, allows you to show customer transactions only for the selected period.
  • Balance Change - the amount added or withdrawn from the balance by the current transaction.
  • Balance - total Store Credit balance of the customer.
  • Action - action, by which the transaction was created. Below are the following possible cases:
    • Refunded - adding to the balance created using Credit Memo, with a Refund to Store Credit option.
    • Earning - adding to the balance as the result of triggering of an Earning Rule.
    • Purchased - adding to the balance by purchasing a special Credit Product.
    • Refilled - adding to the balance by purchasing a special virtual Refill Product.
    • Used - withdrawal from the balance as payment to order.
    • Manual - manual transaction. It can be both adding and withdrawal. More on this case can be found below.
  • Additional Message - provides additional transaction information, i.e. Order id, Credit memo id, and shortcuts to appropriate documents.
  • Has Been Notified? - displays if the balance update email has been sent to the customer.

Creating Manual Transaction

A manual transaction can be created both for adding and withdrawal from the balance. Generally, it is used for mass actions and correcting customer balances.

However, it can also be used as a powerful tool for promotional purposes - such as crediting customers for Black Friday, for example.

To create a manual customer transaction, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Sales -> Store Credit section, and click the Add New transaction button.
  2. Store Credit Balance Change - the sum of money that should be added or withdrawn from the balance.
  3. Additional Message - additional information about a new transaction. It will be displayed on the Grid, so it should be logical.
  4. In the customer's list below, select the customers that are eligible for this action.
  5. Save the transaction to apply it (if you have selected more than one customer, it will be propagated to each as different transactions).