Configuration settings

Settings, that allow to tune-up GDPR extension are located at Stores -> Configuration -> Mirasvit Extensions -> GDPR, and breaks into the following sections:

General Settings

Option Description
Enabled If the option is disabled, all extension features are hidden from the frontend interface.
Option Description
Enabled If enabled, for each new visitor extension will show cookie bar, with cookie agreements
Policy Text Cookie bar policy text with a link to the list of cookies
Option Description
Registration Form Enables consent checkbox on the Registration Form
Subscription Form Enables consent checkbox on the Subscription Form
Contact Us Form Enables consent checkbox on the Contact Us Form
Checkout Form Enables consent checkbox on the Checkout Form
Checkbox text Unified consent checkbox text

Personal Account Options

Option Description
Download Personal Data Enables the ability to download personal data (user info, address information, orders information) on the account page
Anonymize Personal Data Enables ability to anonymize personal data (replaces real Firstname, Lastname, Email, Date of births with anonymized text)
Remove Personal Data and Account Enables the ability to request personal data removal. After receiving the request, the administrator can accept or reject it at the Customer's Requests