Installation via composer

  1. Back up your store's database and web directory.
  2. Login to the SSH console of your server and navigate to the root directory of the Magento 2 store.
  3. Copy the installation instructions from the page My Downloadable Products to the SSH console and press ENTER.
  4. Run the command php -f bin/magento module:enable Mirasvit_Core Mirasvit_Gdpr Mirasvit_GdprConsent Mirasvit_GdprCookie to enable the extension.
  5. Run the command php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade to install the extension.
  6. Run the command php -f bin/magento cache:clean to clean the cache.
  7. Deploy static view files

    rm -rf pub/static/*; rm -rf var/view_preprocessed/*; php -f bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

If the extension was installed by directly uploading files, you must also run the command composer require geoip2/geoip2:~2.0 to install the required libraries.

Install the extension for Hyva

  1. Run the commands:

        composer config repositories.hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-gdpr git [email protected]:hyva-themes/hyva-compat/magento2-mirasvit-gdpr.git
        composer require hyva-themes/magento2-mirasvit-gdpr
  2. Enable installed Hyva modules:

        bin/magento module:enable Hyva_MirasvitGdpr
  3. Update Magento database schema and data with the command:

        bin/magento setup:upgrade
  4. Compile the code of the installed extension:

        bin/magento setup:di:compile
  5. Run the command below to clean the cache:
        bin/magento cache:flush