Help Desk MX


Priorities are used to rank tickets by their urgency (or other metrics you are using). Our extension comes with three default priorities:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

If you think you can create your priority set, you also need to include them in your tickets workflow using the following options:

  • Set the initial priority for tickets assigned on their creation at Help Desk MX -> Settings -> General Settings -> Priority for new tickets.

You can also assign different priorities using Workflow Rules, or by setting a reminder for a ticket.

Creating New Priority

To create a new priority, go to the Customers > Help Desk MX > Priorities backend page. Press the button Add New. You will see the following settings:

  • Title - Label of the priority.
  • Sort Order - sorting order, in which priorities will display at the drop-down selection menu.
  • Color - the color of priority label (used for better visualization in a Grid)
  • Stores - sets the store's view or views where this priority can be used for ticket workflow.


Priority labels can not be translated using the standard Magento translation means.

If you wish to have the same priority displayed differently on other stores, use the Store View switcher to jump to other store views and put translation to the Title field.