Help Desk MX

Quick Responses

Quick Responses are message templates which are used to give stereotypical answers to queries about tickets. They are visible only by staff and used only as answers to customers' questions, which are found at the backend Ticket Edit Page.

For detailed information on how to use Quick Response, refer to the How to Reply to a Ticket section.

Creating Quick Response

To create a new quick response, go to the Customers > Help Desk MX > Quick Responses backend page. Press the button Add New. You'll see the following properties:

  • Internal Title - the internal title of the quick response. Customers will not see it.
  • Is Active - whether this Quick Response is active will be displayed at the Ticket Edit page.
  • Template - text of the quick response. This text will be inserted into the reply field. You can use the following variables here:
    • [ticket_customer_name] - Customer's full name.
    • [ticket_customer_email] - Customer's email address.
    • [ticket_code] - Ticket number (eg. #TX-234234).
    • [store_name] - Name of the store.
    • [user_firstname] - Agent's first name.
    • [user_lastname] - Agent's last name.
    • [user_email] - Agent's email address.
  • Stores - Store views where this quick response can be used. If you have multiple languages, you need to have different quick responses for different store views.


If, for some reason, a Quick Response is not visible on the Ticket Edit page, jump to the Additional tab, and check the Store View field. The same shall be selected in the Stores field of that Quick Response.