Help Desk MX

Spam filters

The Help Desk MX allows you to filter incoming emails automatically and cuts off spammers. It is done via special patterns to which emails are compared, and if a match is found - the corresponding message moves to the Spam folder.

How to Create Spam Pattern

To create a new spam pattern, go to Customers > Help Desk MX > SPAM Pattern. Press the button Add New. You will see the following properties:

  • Title - Internal title of spam pattern.
  • Is Active The period from which the spam pattern starts being active till it stops being active.
  • Scope - Sets an email field that will be checked for a matching pattern. You can set the following areas:
    • Headers - Service information that is generated by email client while sending the email.
    • Subject - Subject of the email.
    • Body - Main text of the letter or email.
  • Pattern - Expression in which an email is considered spam. The pattern supports regular expression, see Regular Expressions. Patterns must be covered in slashes A useful service in testing patterns can be found here.

Examples Of Spam Patterns

  • Spam filter for all emails with the domain

    Scope: Headers
    Pattern: /[^@][email protected]/

  • Filter for users who have emails which includes user, works for any domain.
    Matches with: "[email protected]", [email protected]", "[email protected]".

    Scope: Headers
    Pattern: /.*user.*[@](?!domain\.com).*$/

  • Filter block for emails beginning with the word "free" or containing the base word "free" after space.
    Matches with: "free", "free money!", "free discount".
    Doesn't match: "freeze", "nofree".

    Scope: Subject
    Pattern: /^free[ ].*|^free/

  • Filter block for emails with text: Special offer.
    Matches with: "$pecia1 Offer", "!!special Offer!!", "Special

    Scope: Body
    Pattern: /.*[\$Ss]pecia[l1]\W[Oo0]ffer.*/